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Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government
D'Angelo Wallace

D'Angelo Wallace

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government
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Comments :

D'Angelo Wallace

D'Angelo Wallace . 2 weeks ago

Shout-out to U.S. Politicians for managing to be not-terrible for at least 2 minutes??? I'm in shock. Also shout-out to Vessi for sponsoring this video (couldn't have made the donation at the end without them) https://vessi.com/dangelo ((use code "dangelo" for $25 off while you're there))

Lincoln Moanei

Lincoln Moanei . 51 minutes ago

https://youtu.be/AAwQvRyn5is https://youtu.be/yp79tB45fOk

Black Cat001

Black Cat001 . 2 hours ago

Already gave it a like just for the Ben Shapiro joke🤣

Badger Mcblasty

Badger Mcblasty . 2 hours ago

Never even seen anything by you ever. Fantastic review. Like you suggested, I haven’t watched this, nor will I. I cancelled my Netflix subscription. For this, and the fact they hiked their prices without notice this month too.


cahmeal . 4 hours ago

to me the movie exposed how overexposure can lead to hyper-sexuality in young girls i reallyyyyy feel like some of you didn’t watch the movie at all


diaryofseresha . 4 hours ago

hahahah the intro of this video "people are mad again on the internet- YAY"


K B . 5 hours ago

They should have just shown a film long version of WAP, then everybody would have been happy, especially Cardi


TackyGal . 6 hours ago

im so tired of people arguing for this movie based on the intended message. like yeah i agree we need to hear childrens stories and we need to talk about the sexualization of children. but not while simultaneously sexualizing real life children, that is where the problem lies.

5 Minute Mom

5 Minute Mom . 6 hours ago

Great review of Cuties and summary of the hype surrounding this movie!

Lorena Fernández

Lorena Fernández . 6 hours ago

if the critique to society was well made it could been a good movie I mean if you go on tiktok watching 6 years old twerk is not rare

Comrade Beaverhausen

Comrade Beaverhausen . 7 hours ago

I actually cancelled my subscription to Netflix the moment I heard about this. I won't even watch it.

Tyler Gill

Tyler Gill . 7 hours ago

Why would anyone want this movie to exist also director be herbert from family guy Seriously he has to be herbert just why I really do want the director's explanation for this things existence

Magilla Gorilla Security Patrol

Magilla Gorilla Security Patrol . 7 hours ago

The movie wasn't even that bad wtf??

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf . 7 hours ago


James Trombley

James Trombley . 9 hours ago

After just seeing the poster I had no interest in watching that pornographic exploitation of children. I hope to see Netflix and all involved facing criminal charges.


Grumpywinter . 9 hours ago

I like this video, but I got a big kick of the RackaRacka FBI OPEN UP ending.


AllyB0o22 . 10 hours ago

I never heard of cuties. I bet it’s gone now, Which I am happy about. 👍

Lily Antonia M.

Lily Antonia M. . 10 hours ago

Precious is such a good movie everyone should watch it

Big Nose

Big Nose . 10 hours ago

Yo ill give you some holy water just reply

PoliticallyIncorrect Videos

PoliticallyIncorrect Videos . 10 hours ago

I’m surprised this wasn’t rate R for R Kelly


IT WAS ME DIO BRANDO ! . 11 hours ago

and also islamophobic

Kat B

Kat B . 12 hours ago

How does exploiting children become political?

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne . 12 hours ago

so nice of him to take a break from playing for the timberwolves


JustinTheGame . 13 hours ago

5:22 Ew. Jimmy Kimmel talking about 'everyone thinks that way' when referring to Megan Fox at 15 years old having to be exploited under a waterfall. That must have been so upsetting for her, and for Jimmy Kimmel to validate her experience as 'normal' that's really fucked up.

tang roro

tang roro . 14 hours ago

I don't get why are people so triggered, it's a documentary film that's meant to expose this disgusting culture in the West. Hate the things that are exposed, not the movie (tbf I didn't watch the film, so I'm not sure if it's exposing them or glorifying them)


Wox . 14 hours ago

Please stop calling pedophiles maps they came up with that name themselves and we shouldn't give them that shitty label

Nino Bandido

Nino Bandido . 14 hours ago

Movie was great!!

Abigayle Thompson

Abigayle Thompson . 14 hours ago

Thank you for this, you're pretty awesome

Farhaan Ali

Farhaan Ali . 14 hours ago

This is one of the best examples of why not everything is debatable. Somethings have an absolute right and wrong with no middle ground and this is one of them.

Devil's Advocake

Devil's Advocake . 16 hours ago

One thing missing from the exposition they've written. They say "the cuties use peer pressure to get her to do this" No, SHE is the one that teaches THEM how to do the sex dancing. SHE brought the Cuties down.

OG Austin

OG Austin . 16 hours ago

Well done sir!

Random Art Student

Random Art Student . 16 hours ago

They cancelled Age of Resistance for Cuties. Real great idea Netflix 🙄

Jayme Horne

Jayme Horne . 16 hours ago

Feels odd that these is absolutely none of this conversation around Dance Moms... but okay


Lymmar . 16 hours ago

I haven't seen such a blatant example of a movie being the exact thing it's supposedly critiquing since Sucker Punch.

Shane Mangold

Shane Mangold . 17 hours ago

this kid is great

Darla Elliott

Darla Elliott . 17 hours ago

isn't the show Baby that Netflix also has up this month pretty much the same type of content? I only watched the trailer but it seems pretty much in the same arena

Runi navazy

Runi navazy . 18 hours ago

So many of this disturbing scenes ad nothing to the story.they just there for no reason.All this zoomed in butts and twerks for what??

Slevin Channel

Slevin Channel . 18 hours ago

Please Boycott the Critics that Defend this Pedophile Shit that people are rightfully mad about. Their Logic means literally nothing and they defend terrible Stuff. With the same logic as pure idiots, they proclaim that being against Child Abuse is Evil. Logic like this, i quote: "Lol, Cuties is great, you just dont get it. Cuties is great, it just 'talks' about Oversexualized children, it's not actual waht it portrays. Would a Movie about Murder be guily of Murer too, lol?" All sane People: YES IF THE MURDER IS ACTUALLY REAL AND JUST RECORDED! THAT MAKES ALL THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE! Cuties IS Child Porn and the Actors ARE Abused!"


___ . 19 hours ago

Black power!!!


BillowsPillow . 19 hours ago

Not a fan of either side using this to push their agendas, but let’s be honest for a moment about what “the left” actually did. They tried to wave away actual child exploitation and say that the right-wing was over reacting. They have tried to praise and promote this film as art. You don’t have to be a rightie to find that more disgusting than conservatives digging into their conservatism.

Alvaro Quiceno

Alvaro Quiceno . 19 hours ago

but the director said "It’s Bold, It’s Feminist". So yeah, is left agenda even if you dont like it.

sam yes

sam yes . 20 hours ago

When are filmmakers gonna realize that you don't need to show something on film in order to critique it

julia testa

julia testa . 20 hours ago

hey, could u talk about ed sheeran? idk just ur opinions i guess?


Heaven&Hell . 20 hours ago

My GOD is NOT your GOD.. We shall NOT force GODs upon your GODs, as long as you do NOT force your GODs upon US! Lets get RID of this FKN SIN once and for ALL! 'nuff said..

Christopher Edelweiss

Christopher Edelweiss . 20 hours ago

How DARE you assume my feet stink!... (Shamefully hide away due to smelly feet)

Caspian Solstice

Caspian Solstice . 20 hours ago

Why are all the videos on this channel the exact same length

Tiia Mannix

Tiia Mannix . 22 hours ago

Kill Bill has that scene with O-Ren Ishii taking her revenge. Scene involves her, at 11 years of age, just having had sex with a pedophile. How did they show that? It's all animated. Things like these can be shown in art (even tastefully, like the Kill Bill scene). But it should never hurt real people. It can be debated how dark make-believe scenes should kid actors endure, but exploitation isn't even make-believe. They're not running away from an actor who plays a killer, knowing they're not in any actual danger. All this shit is actually happening. I honestly don't even want to think what it's going to be like when these kids grow older and start understanding how they were exploited. This whole film sounds like such a can of worms.


Sklaverey . 23 hours ago

It's very easy to explain why existence of "Cuties" is wrong is you use an analogy. Let's say I want to make a film about animal abuse. Usually your mind goes to documentaries, slaughterhouses, stuff like that. You don't adopt a dog from a shelter and torture the dog on camera and then ask the camera "did you feel sick watching this? if you did, that's awesome! that means you hate animal abuse just as much as I do!"

Randall Slone

Randall Slone . 23 hours ago

I really loved the movie


SC123 . 1 day ago

The major problem with this is movies can't be greenlit by just a single person. There's multiple people who looked at this and actually said 'Yeah, that looks good'

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