All for Ayanga

All for Ayanga

Published on 5 months ago

20191110 Ayanga performs "Halo" with Russian soprano Aida Garifullina on Shanghai TianMao Double 11 Carnival Gala.

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Ky Wong

Ky Wong . 16 hours ago

Halo女生的低、中聲區,音準是個大問題,高音是可以唱到很高,但由於頭腔共鳴不到位的關係,仍持續跑調狀態,讓聽者步步驚心啊。這哪能欣賞?聽慣的《聲入人心》和《歌手》等好聲音,切換這種 簡直強差人意 ,對不起!我實話實說了,😙😥😥。
Lana Andryuchshenko

Lana Andryuchshenko . 2 months ago

Join @mickelina81 PLEASE DONT LIKE THIS VIDEO NO MATTER HOW DEEP YOU’R IN LOVE W GG 🙏❤️🙏 lets not support such terrible situations when dreat musicians are stupidly paired with such dilettantes 😢 THANK YOU!
Olly Olivca

Olly Olivca . 3 months ago

Ayanga is perfect!! 😍 😭 Poor Aida! It seems to me that she had a cold at that time, after the ice show on the anniversary of Igor Krutoy. That's where she was in amazing singing form !! It would be better if she refused to sing this time, everyone is disappointed.

usa911x . 3 months ago

so messed up.
Black Jasmine

Black Jasmine . 4 months ago

Very handsome and powerful, Ayunga always shines with beauty and talent, even near the "pearl of Russia"! I love and I appreciate you for your artistic evolution! Congratulations Ayunga your're The Best !
Bo Gao

Bo Gao . 4 months ago

Туяна Дугарова

Туяна Дугарова . 4 months ago

Бедный Аянга, с кем ему пришлось выступать! Зачем китайцы пригласили Гарифулину , это просто отстой!
Туяна Дугарова

Туяна Дугарова . 4 months ago

Позорное выступление Гарифулиной, у нее элементарно нет голоса ! Кто ее пр игласил и зачем? Это просто позорище!!! Убожество , фуу!
777 777

777 777 . 5 months ago

anu stein

anu stein . 5 months ago

Not bad at all!
加一の狂想曲Jiayi's Rhapsody

加一の狂想曲Jiayi's Rhapsody . 5 months ago

donna bouldin

donna bouldin . 5 months ago

I don't know anything about this Gala but whoever put those 2 together (producers or whoever) was not thinking too clearly at all. She sings opera and sings it well but this was not opera so she should not have been trying to sing this song with Ayanga!! He did not look comfortable with it and at the end he looked at her in disbelief. So did I. Ayanga and Aida should never have been paired up for this performance!!!!!!!!!! Just my opinion.
Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata . 5 months ago

Ayanga did a great job on his part. He really can excel under the pressure. Looking forward to your next performance, Ayanga!
Mish K

Mish K . 5 months ago

Ayanga had a crazy schedule this week, but still performed with full energy. Maybe he really does not need much sleep. 11/4-5. Wuxi - “Our songs” program recording then fly back to Beijing. 11/6. Beijing - Valentino party performed “Heart”. 11/7. Valentino fashion show. Then fly to Xian ( 9pm flight delayed to 3am. He arrived next morning at 6am) 11/8. Xian Art concert with members of SV. - rehearsal during daytime and performed 3 songs at night. 11/9. Fly to Shanghai at 6am ( practice song with Da Long all night and fell sleep while waiting for plane. The gate broadcasted for them multiple times). Rehearsal for double 11 gala. 11/10. Press interview at 2-3 am after dress rehearsal. 7pm- 12pm. Two performances then “Hot Pot” interview and promotion for products from poor counties. 11/11 leave for Wuxi and practice for “our songs”. 11/12-13 “Our songs” recording, then fly to Beijing...........
Alice Ngo

Alice Ngo . 5 months ago

She is a terrible singer. Totally off. Poor Ayanga

Mickelina81 . 5 months ago

Did NOT like this! Their voices dont fit together and she was constantly off pitch. The song didnt suit her voice at all. At least Gazi was great as always!
Mish K

Mish K . 5 months ago

The video is beautiful but I like the sound quality in fancam better. Here is a link of fancam with Ayanga focus. When she started to sing, he was singing quietly in the dark too. After the song, they kissed cheeks and he helped her with her skirt when they walked down. They looked very happy. Aida posted on her ig of this performance and thanked her new friend Ayanga.
Jh Zh

Jh Zh . 5 months ago

There's no harmony between the two. Most members from Super Vocal can do a lot better than this arrangement. A pitty for Ayanga.
ting lei

ting lei . 5 months ago

Ayunga is such a great singer
Geraldine Zaremba

Geraldine Zaremba . 5 months ago

The only thing missing are his wings.😇 I’ve never been a big fan of this song but if he is singing it I’m listening. Hope he’s having fun and will Stay Healthy—Stay Happy—Stay Loved 💖👑💖🇺🇸💖
Neimao Chen

Neimao Chen . 5 months ago

女生 唱得太差了!受不了!
Sabrina Lam

Sabrina Lam . 5 months ago

Thank goodness Ayanga is solid like a compass

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