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Sleepy Hallow - A N X I E T Y (Lyric Video) feat. Doechii
Sleepy Hallow

Sleepy Hallow

Published on 2 weeks ago

Listen to "Boy Meets World" Here // https://sleepyhallow.lnk.to/BMW

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Motion Cover: @trillsxpp
Illustrations: @kightek

#SleepyHallow #Doechii #ANXIETY #BoyMeetsWorld

L. Pallidus

L. Pallidus . 7 hours ago

Danke, Lamdy 😢❤❤❤
Oceana Darling

Oceana Darling . 10 hours ago

My boyfriend put me on
Brianna B

Brianna B . 23 hours ago


uplandwtw . 1 day ago

shit got me trippin, fighting my demons but my demons is winning

Music . 1 day ago

Finna blow
Declan Potenzieri

Declan Potenzieri . 2 days ago

Here bf tik tok
Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson . 2 days ago

Great sampling from "Somebody That I Used to Know" guitar groove from Luiz Bonfa
Mailed Valenzuela

Mailed Valenzuela . 2 days ago

This song is something 🎉🎉❤
DK Gaming-US

DK Gaming-US . 2 days ago

What 🤯🤯
Romain Turner

Romain Turner . 2 days ago

TPK Photography

TPK Photography . 2 days ago

love this song!
Courtney Larka

Courtney Larka . 2 days ago


KC . 2 days ago

This hard asf 🔥🔥
Elizabeth Steve

Elizabeth Steve . 3 days ago

Sleepy Hallow is one of the best rapper alive. that's true *authentic v i e w s* gave him the boost just like many other famous artists but no one can deny the fact he is super talented!! Thumbs up who agree with me
Gabriella Kombouras

Gabriella Kombouras . 3 days ago

yup if you got anxiety you know the feeling

Biyu . 3 days ago

Shalaina Peet

Shalaina Peet . 3 days ago

This gotta be the whackest song I've ever heard from sleepy

YanTheLegend . 3 days ago

Instrumental be like somebody that used to know
Philosopher Sto

Philosopher Sto . 3 days ago

Keep on tryin' me
Feel it quietly
Tryna silence me, yeah
Shake it off of me
Somebody's watchin' me (Great John on the beat by the way)
It's my anxiety (Grr)

[Verse 1: Sleepy Hallow & Doechii]
Look, shit got me trippin'
Fightin' with my demons and my demons is winnin'
I feel like, don't nobody ever feel how I feel
And I ain't never sober, baby girl, I get high still
She said, "Boy, don't sip lean and pop pills"
It's fifty degrees and I can tell that you hot still
But I don't know what you on
Feels so right to do wrong
Can't buy love, it don't come with a coupon
And they'll never catch it like a nigga with no arms, uh
Baby, I'm trippin', my feelings been fryin' me, uh
I blame it all on anxiety
I had two chops with the sticks like I'm Chinеse
Gotta keep it, I know how this life be (Yеah, anxiety)
They showin' real love? That's unlikely
Fuck you, I ain't ask you to like me
Watch for that snake, he might bite me, uh
Watch out for anybody movin' spicy
Do what you do but just do it precisely, uh
They gotta talk to you nicely
Check on your head but it's nothin' like Nike
I just hope you ain't takin' it lightly (Takin' it lightly)
[Chorus: Doechii & Sleepy Hallow]
Keep on tryin' me
Feel it quietly
Tryna silence me, yeah
Shake it off of me
Somebody's watchin' me
It's my anxiety (Grr)

[Verse 2: Sleepy Hallow & Doechii]
Feel like I'm stuck in a maze
I just try not to feel too amaze
Stand where I live 'til I lay in a grave
Sleepin' on me, been up for some days
Like, how you gon' shit where you lay, uh
You keep the fame, I just wanna get paid
Jacques Cousteau with the wave, uh
Free all my niggas, the Harriet way
Like sometimes I feel like a slave to my feelings
I can't really even tell you how I'm feelin'
Bugged out, they gon' say I'm trippin' when I'm chillin'
Wonder who gon' hold it down until it's finished
This for the record, no Guinness, uh
You must be drunk if you think I won't drill 'em (Yeah, anxiety)
Prayin' but they know you sinnin', uh
You gotta lose a lot before the winnin'
And most of the time, I be stuck in my mind
Made mistakes, ain't no way to rewind
But fuck it, we get over shit over time
It's all love 'til you get out of line
Like you knew one day you would shine, uh
You knew one day you would read through the lines
If they fuckin' with you, it's fine, uh
You just make sure you get back like a spine, uh
[Chorus: Doechii & Sleepy Hallow]
Keep on tryin' me
Feel it quietly
Tryna silence me, yeah
Shake it off of me
Somebody's watchin' me
It's my anxiety (Grr)

[Outro: Doechii & Sleepy Hallow]
Somebody's watchin' me
It's my anxiety (Grr)
Jira Grey

Jira Grey . 3 days ago

Une masterclass
Bread My Boi

Bread My Boi . 4 days ago

Tell me the instrumental don’t sound like “Somebody that I used to know”
Joker Shakur

Joker Shakur . 4 days ago

Anxiety rappers that keeps me calm . Juice wrld 🌍 sleepy 🥱

PS_ZACK . 4 days ago

1 million

Flez_Ivar23 . 4 days ago

Monday Monday

Monday Monday . 4 days ago

Somebody that I used to know sound

TooKoldAcee . 4 days ago

Slowly gettin sturdy to this shii🔥🔥🔥🔥

LTC 4E . 4 days ago

This sounds like “Somebody I used to know” beat

Boogie . 4 days ago

Y is it not free on SoundCloud😢
Tony MIx

Tony MIx . 5 days ago

lucien gary

lucien gary . 5 days ago

is it bad that im addicted to this song?

Jonah . 5 days ago

The chorus and the beat ruined it. Lyrics and flow hard tho

Josh . 5 days ago


Mitch_999 . 5 days ago

This shit fire
Cikerzy Cikerzy

Cikerzy Cikerzy . 5 days ago

whoever produced this is a genius
Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher . 5 days ago

White girls and Tik Tok new wave
Ashley Bermudez

Ashley Bermudez . 5 days ago

Song fire though
Ashley Bermudez

Ashley Bermudez . 5 days ago

Sleepy why you in jail 😢
Camdehn Munroe

Camdehn Munroe . 5 days ago

Camdehn Munroe

Camdehn Munroe . 5 days ago

Shi fire asf 🔥🔥🔥
August Pease

August Pease . 5 days ago

“Do what you do but just do it precisely” yessir🔥🔥
Suzanne Doney

Suzanne Doney . 5 days ago

this shit is the vibe <3
Samar B

Samar B . 5 days ago

"I got two chops with a stick like im chinese" 🔥
Samar B

Samar B . 5 days ago

Sleepy Hollow really the most underrated artist rn.

3WINA . 5 days ago

100 likes and imma make a remix

GangsterboogieHO . 5 days ago

Prymrr Monroe

Prymrr Monroe . 6 days ago

The new Tiktok trend this shit is 🔥
Akila Phillips

Akila Phillips . 6 days ago

This song is too clean
Dominique Daniels

Dominique Daniels . 6 days ago

Somebody that I used to know hip hop rmx
Michael John

Michael John . 6 days ago


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