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What could go wrong? Riding mountain bikes with an RC car
Berm Peak

Berm Peak

Published on 2 weeks ago

Yes, I know nobody asked for these RC videos. I think I got it all out of my system for the time being. Today, we attempt to jump a mountain bike and RC car over a tabletop at the same time. It turns out that this isn't nearly as easy as sending the car or bike alone, as they actually travel at different speeds to clear the same jump. After some technical problems and a steep learning curve, we finally figure out that a bigger battery makes it much easier to time.

Here's the car Traxxas sent us
If you're interested in the Maxx, just go to your local hobby shop and they will probably have it. You'll also need a charger, battery, and probably some tools. This thing is an absolute beast! It might need a little polishing after landing upside down about 300 times.

Thanks to James from Squatch Bikes for driving https://www.instagram.com/squatchbikes/ , Elliot for riding https://www.instagram.com/smelliot12/ , and Heather for shooting pictures https://www.instagram.com/heather_shredder/

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Comments :

Xtreme outdoors

Xtreme outdoors . 13 minutes ago

Can you do another fat ripper bike video For all of the OGs

Sebastian Taretto

Sebastian Taretto . 55 minutes ago

Hey men, you have a great channel. I am waiting for my new bike ( first one that I am not buying out of big chain stores) and I am really excited. Thank you for all the tips and fun!

asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 1 hour ago

RC Car: Rolls Down a Hill 50 times in a row and isn’t broken Seths Derailleur: Explodes after landing a jump


SmokinLogs . 2 hours ago

should've called kevin talbot

Alex a war pigeon

Alex a war pigeon . 5 hours ago

Can you make a video about: how to see difrent by xc and trail bike and cross contry pls include hardtails

Janet Smith

Janet Smith . 7 hours ago

He need to stand at the lip and start the car back so when you jump you can see

Patrick Badua

Patrick Badua . 9 hours ago

Where do you get your 1x11 groupsets?

G.I.O Evolution

G.I.O Evolution . 9 hours ago

Remember when this channel was called Seth’s Bike Hacks?


thelazywhitedog . 9 hours ago

hey seth, quick question. do you know any good ways a 14 year old can earn enough money to buy a hardtail?


Hugh NICOLL . 11 hours ago

good ad for box

Green Horizon

Green Horizon . 16 hours ago

He's the god of productiveness in quarantine

Extreme MTB Life

Extreme MTB Life . 16 hours ago

I also have a Traxxass but it is a Traxxass Slash

Extreme MTB Life

Extreme MTB Life . 16 hours ago

Thanks for inspiring me to got build my own MTB trails you are my favorite YouTuber and when I watch your vids I don’t feel like I am watching I feel like I am there

Linus Takee

Linus Takee . 22 hours ago

Super Top video jajajajaj. Now I feel big motivated to get on the trail myself, what gets me going the longest while bike is *Delta Parole* or other rokk music!

Bam Bo

Bam Bo . 22 hours ago

@ 0:32 you can really see how short he is right there lmao


YahyaYA . 1 day ago

RIP Seth

Jasper Rey

Jasper Rey . 1 day ago

Imagine seth Building a trail specificaly for His Rc cars

chris Palmieri

chris Palmieri . 1 day ago

RIP seths leg may it rest until shred worthy...

Max Nieper

Max Nieper . 1 day ago

Please can you do more trail building videos, I miss them

Vicky Banas-e

Vicky Banas-e . 1 day ago

Hey.i wish you can read this. But ahhhhhhh... can i have your spare parts or parts u dont use.. but im at Philippines i know...


reedridesbikes . 2 days ago

Seth: *gets a traxxas max* Also Seth: *sends it over massive jumps*

Devashish gairola music production and others

Devashish gairola music production and others . 2 days ago

Love from india 🔥❤️❤️


gymmygunit1 . 2 days ago

Please do this again

Shrek flys jets

Shrek flys jets . 2 days ago

Seth can we have a good ole fashion, 10 bike hacks video. I'm talking the same music, just a good old fashioned ten bike hacks video for us OG subscribers!?

Melih Rides

Melih Rides . 2 days ago

I actually did this with BMX bikes once. It worked surprisingly good but that’s probably because we didn’t go like 10 feet in the air

Tim Miller

Tim Miller . 2 days ago

I knew it. That’s awesome he’s getting a large variety of sponsors.

Local Host

Local Host . 2 days ago

The reason why the rc kept bumping after the jump is the suspension was set to soft

bocoy noiu

bocoy noiu . 2 days ago

One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them ♦️Non-Duality

Caleb Ells

Caleb Ells . 2 days ago

You need and EREVO for that

Wade Snyder

Wade Snyder . 2 days ago

I luvvvvv ur vids I just have a simple question/request can u make how to do ... or I will teach u how to do ... but all of those things will be bike tricks but every once in a while u can do other things like how replace ... on ur bike or how to put ... one ur bike. Anyways I’m a huge fan of ur work. Keep it up 👍🏼

Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson . 2 days ago

Hey Seth, become a big fan after happening upon one of your vids. I want to mountain bike in the worst way but I have no experience. My question for you is, I’m turning 45 is it to late for me to start riding like you guys do?


Benny . 2 days ago

so i forgot you even existed for a while (sorry) and didnt realise you renamed your channel! hope your having fun! edit: bike parks could easily make small RC trails, but thats my opinion

Jeremy Schnurr

Jeremy Schnurr . 2 days ago

I love your voices seth

Dire 16

Dire 16 . 2 days ago

Any tips for a guy getting into MTB?

Alida Rivera

Alida Rivera . 2 days ago

Hey Seth I hope you are doing fine. The break looks pretty bad as far as i can tell. I hope you arent in to much pain. I know its not your first serious injury and wont be your last one. Take your time and focus on recovery. We have plenty of old videos to watch/rewatch Get well soon. We love you very much❤

Brady M

Brady M . 3 days ago

Hi Seth! Love your vids! Keep up the great work.

Collin Enders

Collin Enders . 3 days ago

dang sad to hear you broke your leg get better soon

Jonathan Wolinski

Jonathan Wolinski . 3 days ago

Get well soon

Humphrey Rebutazo

Humphrey Rebutazo . 3 days ago

Can you make a video how to make your hubs very loud. Plssssss Thank you

Hi Hello

Hi Hello . 3 days ago

What happened to Seth? On his Instagram he had a knee wheel chair did he hurt himself?

Greenleaf Biking

Greenleaf Biking . 4 days ago

video idea: get Curtis to start/try mountain biking and go to a bike park or something


Masterboogwai . 4 days ago

Why did seth change his channel name ? cause i miss Seths Bike Hacks

Henry Donatello

Henry Donatello . 4 days ago

Hey Seth. Did you get hurt? Is that why you have the one knee bike?

dcoog anml

dcoog anml . 4 days ago

“Today we’re gonna be doing something different but kinda the same” - Seth 2020

RC 77

RC 77 . 4 days ago

I love these rc car vids keep doing them please 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Jrzart5 . 4 days ago

Why does it take you so long to post videos

Lorenzo MTB

Lorenzo MTB . 4 days ago

"Today we are going to be doing something a little different but kinda the same" absolutely class love it 😁👌👍


demon646 . 4 days ago

shout out to Traxxas... I bought my E-Revo VXL used and it's a beast! Good times.

Jono 99

Jono 99 . 4 days ago

Guys if u see pls like to get this to top but Seth broke his ankle he put it on his insta

Jack Stefanik

Jack Stefanik . 4 days ago

Awesome video.

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