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External Battery for OneWheel & Boosted!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 7 months ago

Review of Rockpals 250watt portable battery that will charge a Boosted Board or OneWheel on the go!
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Rockpals 250watt Portable Battery: https://geni.us/rockpals
10% off code: JY9GPDAU

Comments :

Daniele Paolo Scarpazza

Daniele Paolo Scarpazza . 2 months ago

No, just no. Double conversion? That's nuts. Just carry a battery of the appropriate voltage instead.
Drew Romano

Drew Romano . 3 months ago

could you ride a boosted board while its charging ??
Wiz Rom

Wiz Rom . 7 months ago

How stupid is it that you have to carry your battery charger too? And 2 lots of energy conversion inefficiency? Just make it with the right plug and right DC voltage to go directly in the board.

O GR . 7 months ago

Comparison with the Anker Powerhouse?

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