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Fredo Bang has better advice than your dentist for white teeth in Top Five


Published on 1 year ago

If you noticed in our mini-doc on Louisiana rapper #FredoBang, he has some immaculate teeth. But it always wasn't that way as he's wised up with the advice of his dentist in Miami and some ingenuity on his own part. In The FADER's newest episode of Top Five, Fredo breaks down the best ways for you to work towards your own set of white teeth including mouthwash, holding out on smoking, and going down on a girl. We'll let him explain the last one.

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Comments :

Jimi the Xperience Ugh the Producer

Jimi the Xperience Ugh the Producer . 12 months ago

THAT BEAT IN THE background fire!!!!! @UGHthePRODUCER

gray z

gray z . 1 year ago

step 1: buy your teeth

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 1 year ago

"honey come here, I gotta brush my teeth"


l GAYNIBBAMIDGET l . 1 year ago

Fredo stfu 😂

BTE Calvin

BTE Calvin . 1 year ago

Use fluoride free toothpaste

SBM Jayy

SBM Jayy . 1 year ago

If you take care of your teeth like you’re supposed to then smoking weed will not effect them. Fucc that I’m gone smoke my weed. I just don’t smoke cigarettes

Pop Gun

Pop Gun . 1 year ago

Bruh #1 had me dead fr

Andre Blankenship

Andre Blankenship . 1 year ago

6 get veneers


StoneAgeLAY . 1 year ago

Yea fuck dat advice https://youtu.be/4NQ7Uy9bgbU

The Real King G

The Real King G . 1 year ago

Facts !!

David Salazar

David Salazar . 1 year ago

“Coochie is all natural, it’s life” 😂

Bozo quan

Bozo quan . 1 year ago

i thought he meant actual cat lol

funny master cay

funny master cay . 1 year ago

A pretty girl once told me if you dark skin white teeth is a must. She aint lying. Im a dark skin and thats all you hear people tell me all day is ooo you have white teeth. If you dark skin and dont got white teeth what you doing.


Rzarecta . 1 year ago

thnk you fredo bang !!!!


kickz_shop . 1 year ago

im fucking dead ressort back to 3


Robert . 1 year ago

What he mean by don’t smoke? He talkn bout weed, cigs or both?

Leak Obama

Leak Obama . 1 year ago



ShawnQ . 1 year ago

Dis is my new teacher

Elloco Malisimo

Elloco Malisimo . 1 year ago

He needa work on that line he uses

Uriah Foxx

Uriah Foxx . 1 year ago

SMOKE it tear the teeth up

David Freeman

David Freeman . 1 year ago

Never seen such an interesting video about brushing teeth

the truth

the truth . 1 year ago

Ok so eat alot of cats got it

nadjwaa aka

nadjwaa aka . 1 year ago

does anyone know the intro song ?

Jay Mack

Jay Mack . 1 year ago

“I thought mouth wash was just for breathe” *neck rubbing intensifies* Me: “Psh I mf knew that fredo you idiot”


TAKE OVA . 1 year ago

Fredo remind of the black guy from "the 100"


Hadia . 1 year ago


Dwanda Perrilloux

Dwanda Perrilloux . 1 year ago


Nicole Cary

Nicole Cary . 1 year ago

Ok Fredo😻


POSITIVE VIBES . 1 year ago

Say no 🚭 to drugs kids 😁👍🏽!!!

Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson . 1 year ago

Anyone else tryna get they teeth cleaned by some cat other than me?


214huesos . 1 year ago

Im da reason why ya babydaddy scared 🤣🤣

Louisiana Girl

Louisiana Girl . 1 year ago

I hate the word “cat.” It sounds fishy and smelly. 😂😂😂

Shaad Shaada

Shaad Shaada . 1 year ago

My whole life I wanted pretty Teet 😂😂😂😭

Snap Shawwty

Snap Shawwty . 1 year ago

Bang man my dawg but those not even ya original teeth lol

Jaxonz Pgb

Jaxonz Pgb . 1 year ago

Leave him be he is funny as hell. After all his problems he didn't lost his sence off humor.

Willie Ross

Willie Ross . 1 year ago

Buy your teeth like he did to get them white.

Jesse O'Neal

Jesse O'Neal . 1 year ago

Brush at least 2x daily, use ADA approved toothpaste and mouthwash, floss,and go to the dentist.


Thebighomie . 1 year ago

Organic 😂😂😂😂😂


Poodytang . 1 year ago

I’m dead 😭

King Tala

King Tala . 1 year ago


Chris Chiefs

Chris Chiefs . 1 year ago

"The coochie is completely organic, organic is the key" 😭

Polo A

Polo A . 1 year ago

What was the name of the mouth wash he said

Marco Wells

Marco Wells . 1 year ago

Quit the NewPort shorts✅

BangBizB ENT.

BangBizB ENT. . 1 year ago

Lmaoo this nigga is a genius Coochie is organic 😂😂

Shannon sweetdreemz Jackson

Shannon sweetdreemz Jackson . 1 year ago

He to cute

{SGN} Avenue

{SGN} Avenue . 1 year ago

Bruh I couldn’t help but laugh hearing FREDO BANG talk about dental work bruh I just can’t my guy said “it was recommended to me by my dentist and it just work miracles” this sound like a sponsorship ad😂😂😂

Mir 2x

Mir 2x . 1 year ago

I thought I was the only one who don’t like to brush before eating

Kyle Kombs

Kyle Kombs . 1 year ago

Hey im a 22 year old artist. Check my new EP out on my channel

I Am One Star ★

I Am One Star ★ . 1 year ago

God Teeth 💪

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