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Jane's Addiction - Jane Says (Official Music Video)


Published on 1 month ago

You're watching the official music video for Jane's Addiction - "Jane Says" from the album 'Nothing's Shocking' (1988)

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Comments :





NevilleFarkinBartos . 2 days ago

jane had the warmest hugs


Dexter . 2 days ago

Dang hippies. I’m here for it though ☺️

shannon bailey

shannon bailey . 3 days ago

How could you not like this?

David William

David William . 4 days ago


Ramonster beat

Ramonster beat . 4 days ago

Cuándo MTV rifaba pasando buena música y Radio Activo ,WFM,eran mis estaciones favoritas

Bill Long

Bill Long . 4 days ago

This is from Kettle Whistle, not from Nothing's Shocking. That version was completely different.

jerry johnson

jerry johnson . 5 days ago

they look happy high in a retro California way a vibe I pray for,,, I never did heroin but if its a good trip it would be like this video like feeling 14 on a good day the world is fresh and new and rain feels good and the wind and clouds are a blanket and I you feel safe in the moment and the universe you are in its verse

Madfox Axy

Madfox Axy . 5 days ago

Good news though, Jane Kicked the Habit and is living a clean life now. She did kick tomorrow.

blair mccarthy

blair mccarthy . 5 days ago

Respect at the end, Golden

Fried Crust

Fried Crust . 5 days ago


Kay Peterson

Kay Peterson . 6 days ago

It's Flea!!!! I knew I recognized that lil sway lol

Jose Carlos Rodriguez Gallardo

Jose Carlos Rodriguez Gallardo . 7 days ago

No estaria mal algo mas fuerte que para oir flamenco ya tengo yo bastante siendo como soy español !!que coñazo de cancion!!

Jose Carlos Rodriguez Gallardo

Jose Carlos Rodriguez Gallardo . 7 days ago

Juan adicto !!jaja!!

Johnny Zed

Johnny Zed . 7 days ago

"She only knows when someone wants her" This line breaks my heart-- reminds me of all the broken girls that have wondered in & out of my life :/

Derek Fowler

Derek Fowler . 1 week ago

I'm getting perry Farrell hair do too.

Jocelyn Eke

Jocelyn Eke . 1 week ago

Love that steel drum sound. Sounds like Jamaica

Perry Comeau

Perry Comeau . 1 week ago

Twinkling star shine.

John Lanteigne

John Lanteigne . 1 week ago

Dudes voice is so unique

Shirley you must be joking

Shirley you must be joking . 2 weeks ago

One of my all time favorites.

J S1974

J S1974 . 2 weeks ago

Flea playing bass.. the best.. late 80s early 90s was great..



My name is Sergio

Gary Cook

Gary Cook . 2 weeks ago

Is that flea on bass 🤔

Nichole Pankhurst

Nichole Pankhurst . 2 weeks ago

As a recovering addict the lyrics I’m gonna kick tomorrow is what I thought a lot but tomorrow never came for about 10 years. So glad I could finally kick the habit. It wasn’t heroin but about everything else. Love this song and I hope Jane finally kicked her habit as well. Not an easy thing to do❤️❤️ Much love to all

No Thanks

No Thanks . 2 weeks ago

Just gonna vibe out here till 2020 is over if thats alright.

Instant Karma

Instant Karma . 2 weeks ago

I'm going to get Farrell's hair do on Tuesday.

Andrea Phelps

Andrea Phelps . 2 weeks ago

Great song 😊


César . 2 weeks ago

Guess whos clean at last!!

Fernando S

Fernando S . 2 weeks ago

Grupazo !!!!

Lexi marie

Lexi marie . 2 weeks ago

Damn this song is such a vibe.

Springfield mugshots houser

Springfield mugshots houser . 2 weeks ago

Jane's Addiction was very special when they came out. They still are

Sparky Mahoney

Sparky Mahoney . 3 weeks ago

All these thoughts for this, that, and the other thing but nary a thought for poor Jane.


Rok711 . 3 weeks ago

Although this song is about a woman, I lost my brother to heroine addiction and so many of these lyrics resonate with my experience trying to get him to get clean. It’s makes me so sad and yet I keep coming back.

Catherine Triantis

Catherine Triantis . 3 weeks ago

I remember this song 😃


EerieGreenSkies . 3 weeks ago

Perry Farrel is quite the showman.

Michael Hutton

Michael Hutton . 3 weeks ago

I love how "Flea" and everyone else really enjoyed themselves.... I miss those times...

Paolo De Pillo

Paolo De Pillo . 3 weeks ago

Jesus Christ Perry Farrell was so fucking hot back then😍😍😍


K W . 3 weeks ago

So is it flashing back between the 97 and 91 tours?? Does anyone else notice that or is it different shows from the 97 tour

Silvia Plank

Silvia Plank . 3 weeks ago

I get a happy day when i hear this song!

Barry McCockiner

Barry McCockiner . 3 weeks ago

Facebook Jane Bainter thats who this song is about lol, weird to finally put a face on jane

Mohammad Porky Haram

Mohammad Porky Haram . 3 weeks ago

Bucket Head

Michelle Parsons

Michelle Parsons . 3 weeks ago

Oh how I love this song.

R Nations

R Nations . 3 weeks ago

Dave Navarro, too?


TheCodex808 . 4 weeks ago

Two great groups united 👍!!


TheCodex808 . 4 weeks ago

Now this is awesome stuff here sounds great 👍 indeed great 🎶 there yes!!


C P . 4 weeks ago


Perry Comeau

Perry Comeau . 4 weeks ago

In my case it was a baby grand piano strapped to the back of a wide open pick up truck; mid January down 21st street, though we did manage to get the beautiful devise up to David's apartment without elevators, and the locals seemed to love his rendition of Tchaikovsky's work on the street, cold January. I can remember the joy of it vividly. I miss David. He is a star of my memory that I'll never forget.


Gondwan . 4 weeks ago

I prefer the original tbh

Perry Comeau

Perry Comeau . 4 weeks ago

Kid's love it.

Pablo Lojo

Pablo Lojo . 4 weeks ago

don't stretch me bro

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