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I Recorded My IT Help Desk Phone Interview
Jamal Gardiner

Jamal Gardiner

Published on 2 years ago

I had a IT help desk job phone interview and I thought it would be a great idea to record it. Since I am graduating I've had to go through a good amount of IT phone interviews and they are usually the same. The hard part is the second round of interviews where you have to talk to the manager.

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Comments :


bitweb . 1 day ago

Nice one


bitweb . 2 days ago

Did you get the job?


Ispeakhilarious . 1 week ago

Bro chill why so nervous? 😂

Kayso Raww

Kayso Raww . 3 weeks ago

I’m trying to get a help desk job but currently have no experience. What are some tips for getting my foot in the door and impressing the interviewer ?

Velagala Pavan raja Reddy

Velagala Pavan raja Reddy . 3 weeks ago

https://youtu.be/J3RtlM5EK8g Deloitte job interview preparation 🤝👍

Kiran Shrestha

Kiran Shrestha . 3 weeks ago

Loved it man. Good job

Primetime Tube

Primetime Tube . 4 weeks ago

I’m just watching this I hope you got it bro 💯


Native2458 . 4 weeks ago

Yup if they ask about how would you deal with angry customers, that means you'd be dealing with that on the job.

hans harry der von félix

hans harry der von félix . 4 weeks ago

You gave too much information to her that shows that she is not interested because it is not her field. Too much explanation - make it short and sweet... The interview was good - I made over 1000"s telephone, face to face, and video conferences. But everyone is different in their interviews; you are young - you will get it eventually. Did you get the job? If you did not - then analyze this interview..

Jeffrey Yager

Jeffrey Yager . 4 weeks ago

Excellent Interview. The key now is to not over emphasize any certifications. I am an IT Director for large and small business for about 15 years. I started in IT 30 years ago. Back then we didnt care at all about certs. I only wanted people that had been in the trenches getting hard earned OJT. Then the trend was certs. I will always hire the person that is a hard worker, puts in the time and is always willing and ready to learn something new. The latest greatest MS Cert or network + or whatever, could care less. Of course mention what your certified in but also push your desire to learn and work hard. The cert comments dont apply to CIsco, I'll hire a CCIE or seasoned CCNP. If you have those, of course, toot your horn!

Antonio Joseph

Antonio Joseph . 4 weeks ago

I'll have to watch this video more and more

Xanesthia Killi

Xanesthia Killi . 1 month ago

Great job, it sounds like you could have gotten higher job title with your experience and how eloquently you speak :)

Abdoul Diaw

Abdoul Diaw . 1 month ago

oh you over qualified lol. if they ain’t hire you cuz it’s their lost. great shit king 👑

Matt Abraham

Matt Abraham . 1 month ago

Great interview !


KrazIIvan . 1 month ago

OMG What are your goals where do you see yourself in 10 years?!!!?!?!!?!?? I hate interview questions.

Bad Weatherfreak

Bad Weatherfreak . 1 month ago

So what job did you ended up getting?

madame paka

madame paka . 1 month ago

What is the interviewer doing? It sounded like she was running sink water a couple of times there lol.

Bryon Miller

Bryon Miller . 1 month ago

I could easily do a job like this because my toys are all home servers, vmware, synology nas and my friends and I have networked our houses together through our Ubiquity routers that we switched to from Meraki because of the license fees. But I committed career suicide by working too may customer service phone jobs, now all I get is "Why did you work so long for call centers" and it's over.

Jhonniel Orbuda

Jhonniel Orbuda . 1 month ago

I am i.t graduated but i don't have a lot of skill about i.t world

Greg Mendoza

Greg Mendoza . 1 month ago

Was she doing her hair while interviewing this great man??!

Hector Martinez

Hector Martinez . 2 months ago

Well done!!! I may have to use some of your answers to your interview, you did a really good job. Much respect!


ontarioman100 . 2 months ago

Semms like a positive interview hope you landed the job!

Richard Cuéllar

Richard Cuéllar . 2 months ago

Great Interview, great video. Thanks bro

darren davis

darren davis . 2 months ago

Bad interview, I knew she wouldn't hire the tone of her voice and twice she went blank on him(jittery background sound). Most of the answers were too vague and detailed like software, number of tickets, number of employees, etc.

Code Naija

Code Naija . 2 months ago


Mr. Nkosinathi Ndhlovu

Mr. Nkosinathi Ndhlovu . 2 months ago

I got mine today at 15:30 wish me luck



"I just graduated! " congratulations, you've spent 10 of thousands of dollars on nothing more than a check box for employers.

Szabolcs Nemes

Szabolcs Nemes . 2 months ago

Man, how do all HR girls have the same voice??

Status Express

Status Express . 2 months ago

IT Support Specialists skills coursE?

Bobby Negale

Bobby Negale . 3 months ago

He got a phone interview!? I got two interviews. One with a hiring manager asking about my experience and if i have any certifications. Then next interview was two weird dudes, they both had three laptop in front of them and two bigass phones, then I had to do series of tests.


nofalsegod4 . 3 months ago

I have a helpdesk interview tomorrow and I have been at the helpdesk level for about four years now. I still get nervous before an interview.


Banx . 3 months ago

thank you for this


Frissdas1207 . 3 months ago

Tip from an old hiring manager and current senior systems engineer. Even if you're new, NEVER tell a company that you're there to learn. Many many people will view that as you wanting paid training. Instead you should say "I learned xyz in school, my internship, through my certifications and before I expand into deeper passions within IT, I know I would benefit a company by proving my customer care skills and ability to answer, find answers, and solve daily tickets." Companies hire people that can solve a problem for them and provide value. The only exception is if the company was openly forward about training you on something.


Mohwe . 3 months ago

Fuck, guess I gotta head back to school So much for that “no experience” BS or whatever

Jannel McLean

Jannel McLean . 3 months ago

You're so awesome for sharing this! It means much, thank you.

God's Love

God's Love . 3 months ago

dis you get the job bro? I would have hire you if I had a company..

Tony Moze

Tony Moze . 3 months ago

Thank you for this video!

Usman Yousef

Usman Yousef . 3 months ago

That actually sounds like a really good interview. Kudos to you! I wonder where things have taken you 2 years later?


DarkWizardBot . 3 months ago

I just want to know if you got the job.

Syed Jamshaid

Syed Jamshaid . 3 months ago

Interviewed for two software implementation jobs ( I didn't even expect to get land an interview) having just close to two years of experience in a help desk sort of role. I sure learned a couple things from you that I want to apply to my interviews.

Pow Pow

Pow Pow . 4 months ago

she sounds hot


Anon2150 . 4 months ago

I like how he said bye at the end...


jbquigley2010 . 4 months ago

It's stressful to even listen to someone else's interview lol. Good job, man. I'm glad you got another role

Jonas Santos

Jonas Santos . 4 months ago

i'm gay and i`m not looking for a job right now. what i`m looking for is a boyfriend

Willian Barreiro

Willian Barreiro . 4 months ago

Hello buddy, your channel is amazing. I'm techical support in an ISP here in Brazil. I'm gonna get my diploma in Computer Scienc this year so, I'm looking foward to get a job abroad.


Daryl . 4 months ago

I hope this dude got the job!! Awesome interview & explained himself really well I thought


Rehan . 4 months ago

How do you graduate from College... I though you graduate from Uni

Peter Scalise

Peter Scalise . 4 months ago

Funny how at the end he turns the camera away from him then there in front of him is a PetSmart I’m like hey I work there

Damien P

Damien P . 4 months ago

Great content and awesome job with the interview. I don't know how anyone could thumbs down this vid.

Anthony Alvarenga

Anthony Alvarenga . 4 months ago


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