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Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)


Published on 13 years ago

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Comments :

Amira R

Amira R . 1 hour ago

who is still dancing through the room singing, while listening to the song (2020)


Marialili奥马尔 . 5 hours ago

30 October 2020🙏❤️

Micaela Carreño

Micaela Carreño . 5 hours ago

Ay me la re sube esta canción

Lautaro Arnica

Lautaro Arnica . 11 hours ago

Yay! today it has reached 200m views!

# Ø L Ü T

# Ø L Ü T . 11 hours ago


Mohammed Hamdi

Mohammed Hamdi . 13 hours ago


Daniel Fountain

Daniel Fountain . 15 hours ago

*When we were kids. "Our parents just* *don't understand this music"* *Now as parents. "Kids just don't* *understand this music" ☺️*

Alfred Trevinojr

Alfred Trevinojr . 15 hours ago

Shoeshine210 2020 in rewind

Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle . 16 hours ago

Im 43 i know now why Elvis was so big and and all the fuss about him. Its when you listen to the crap music before he arrived like give me five minutes more in your arms and he blew the world apart with songs like this.He will always be number 1 cause without him we would have had no rock n roll.He opened the door for others to follow or should i say blew the door to pieces i also read without Elvis their would have been no beatles so the band said.

ona mandla

ona mandla . 16 hours ago

Last day of October 2020 and this song still makes me dance as a crazy

Su uzuki

Su uzuki . 18 hours ago

a día de hoy sigue siendo una maravilla

rekha krishnan

rekha krishnan . 18 hours ago

r.i.p Elvis presley

Andrea Castañeda

Andrea Castañeda . 19 hours ago

Me encanto👍👍👍👍👍👍💜💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚

Luca H

Luca H . 20 hours ago

hello do you want to sell your youtube channel? @gaza454545

conde tukuu

conde tukuu . 20 hours ago


The Gamer 12 Xbox

The Gamer 12 Xbox . 21 hours ago

Who's listening to this in October


hawkez21 . 21 hours ago

Everytime I hear this I think of Rockin Robin


Greg55Gaming . 21 hours ago

We just hit 200M, bro this better get as many views as Take On Me!

Muhammad Arya Wicaksono

Muhammad Arya Wicaksono . 23 hours ago

How did I get here? I think I forgot something, dont know what... I had to meet someone, I had to get a pen, um....

Pina Colada

Pina Colada . 24 hours ago

Forest gump brought me here

Werba 98

Werba 98 . 1 day ago



IBS_Plays . 1 day ago


Mike Ox Maul

Mike Ox Maul . 1 day ago

This is a jojo reference


HATİCE ATLAR . 1 day ago



HATİCE ATLAR . 1 day ago

omg its song very nice thank you elvis...

official nonz

official nonz . 1 day ago

It hit 200 mill now

Elena Heghibeli

Elena Heghibeli . 1 day ago

October 2020?

King Maverick

King Maverick . 1 day ago

I’m the 200 mil 🤫

Perez Tv

Perez Tv . 1 day ago

Over here listening in October 2020


AlexManias . 1 day ago

Elvis presley Beatles Michael jackson Nirvana

Nino Sh

Nino Sh . 1 day ago

200 000 000

Zippo Haha

Zippo Haha . 1 day ago


Annie Wallis

Annie Wallis . 1 day ago

Elvis Reminds Me Of Cry Baby He Was The Real Life Cry Baby So Sad He Was Racist Cause He Was Good Looking 🤦

Emma Ferraro anker

Emma Ferraro anker . 2 days ago

Another fun fact, Elvis was in the military and had to be taken back once deployed in Germany because of fan girls

Marta Coronel

Marta Coronel . 2 days ago

Desde Argentina todavia se escucha estos temas , reliquias se me pones los pelos de puntas

Michelle cumbicus

Michelle cumbicus . 2 days ago

I love this song

Mst. Forida Yesmin

Mst. Forida Yesmin . 2 days ago

Outstanding Elvis Presley performance Mike Yelverton New music album. Super hit Stage Music.Just Watch https://youtu.be/ssAYO_BEUlw

Mike Crawshaw

Mike Crawshaw . 2 days ago



ののるみ . 2 days ago


Dimitrix Antraxpro

Dimitrix Antraxpro . 3 days ago

I listen to it and I realize that I have to dance it at school

Dimitrix Antraxpro

Dimitrix Antraxpro . 3 days ago

la escuchoo y me doy cuenta de que me toco bailarla en el cole

Lindon Gannon

Lindon Gannon . 3 days ago


poketrainer delta 206

poketrainer delta 206 . 3 days ago

nostalgia xd

yungking k1

yungking k1 . 3 days ago

Iv never really listened to Elvis but i seem to know most his songs.. HOPE THAT MAKES SENSE

Вадик Пахалов

Вадик Пахалов . 3 days ago

Elvis is a life. Russ. 2020

Allura Warhol

Allura Warhol . 3 days ago

the 33k who disliked this are weirdos with no taste in music obviously.

Azura Wolf

Azura Wolf . 3 days ago


JOKER สายฟรี

JOKER สายฟรี . 3 days ago

I'm Thai, I really like this song


KORAY KBL . 3 days ago

Türk yok mu bee

Among Us & C

Among Us & C . 3 days ago

if you are watching this in October 2020 then you are the best

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