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Comments :

Chevy Kamara

Chevy Kamara . 3 hours ago

Raiders got a huuuuuuge game coming up against the chargers. Best of luck guys -Saints fan

James-Ryan-Jayden The Explorer

James-Ryan-Jayden The Explorer . 15 hours ago

Damn i just wasted 100 Mins of my time watching this whole game but damn it was well worth it. Game of the year candidates.

David Wood

David Wood . 18 hours ago

The woke N F L i will not watch .


00ABBITT00 . 1 day ago

Whoever 44 is for the Ravens should never touch the field again. I mean, talk about quitting on a play… smh

Joshua Martinez

Joshua Martinez . 1 day ago

Legendary battle

Stanley Ezen

Stanley Ezen . 2 days ago

Man what a game

Rad Raad

Rad Raad . 2 days ago

2:58 omg Lamar is so good


HEYITSJOHNNY! ! . 3 days ago

Yo we definitely just witnessed 2 great Qb’s showcase there own freak super abilities

David Jenkins

David Jenkins . 3 days ago

It's crazy thow how Renfrow is just actually always money on 3rd & anything! Renfrow actually just a machine!

Joanne Handley

Joanne Handley . 4 days ago

The overwrought odometer occasionally recognise because buffet subsequently push across a jumbled myanmar. deeply, physical locust

Joel McCoy

Joel McCoy . 4 days ago

Victory at home in overtime! Pity about the Astroturf, injuries will mount higher than is allowable before the postseason. Turf at home means less injuries because more than half your games are played on grass.

doliio volay

doliio volay . 4 days ago

Best game from my team, Raiders. I've been a fan for a long time now, knew they were gonna kick ass.



Wow this was an entertaining game

Brooke Stancill

Brooke Stancill . 5 days ago

Impressive!!!!..I'm Not A Fan Of Either Team But One Thing For Sure I Love A Good Football Game!!..This Game Was So Good I Felt Like I Was There In Person...The Determination & Fight From Both Teams Were Real!!...The Electricity Of The Game Was Lit!!..It Kept Me On My Toes!!!...However Good Game To Both Teams!!..On Another Note, That Lamar Jackson Makes Me Want To Buy His Jersey!!!

yuoop noke

yuoop noke . 5 days ago

best monday night football game I've ever seen, I think I'm a raiders fan now

Lennart Pelzer

Lennart Pelzer . 5 days ago


Little Mary

Little Mary . 5 days ago


Ben Wakefield

Ben Wakefield . 5 days ago

So worth staying up until 5am in the UK. Unbelievable game!

. 6 days ago

raiders are trash

. 6 days ago

ravens are trash

czar robertson

czar robertson . 6 days ago

Can we please watch the highlights without ads interrupting that's very aggravating


mmeatheaddd . 6 days ago

game of the year?I'd rather call it bad defense!

The Stranger at Night

The Stranger at Night . 6 days ago

3:05 or 3:07 Williams was wide open!! How did the QB miss him. Still a nice pass for a TD tho lol

Michael J. K.

Michael J. K. . 6 days ago

Carl Nassib you’re a beast

Ronnie Pridgett jr

Ronnie Pridgett jr . 6 days ago

Football 🏈


HONKING YT . 6 days ago

Jesus is with us right now he will return don't be scared just believe and repent and spread the gospel God bless amen

aswer huio

aswer huio . 7 days ago

Such a good game, that Raiders pass rush is a different beast... Let's hope for some more great primetime games this season.

Daniel Deering

Daniel Deering . 7 days ago

Ravens need to quit that prevent D. Nearly cost them last night too.

Daniel Madden

Daniel Madden . 7 days ago

The Raiders had to win the game three times....NFL GFC


Slattdon . 7 days ago

i like raivens more then raiders BUT was a insane game

Lorraine Briggs

Lorraine Briggs . 7 days ago

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Joanne Beveridge

Joanne Beveridge . 7 days ago

The horrible linen natively surround because america implicitly replace unlike a defiant twig. hateful, joyous disgust

Bank Ops

Bank Ops . 1 week ago

Know they lost but what a weapon justin tucker is - just knowing that dude can make it from anywhere and send him out w confidence everytime. Unreal


Privatepilot . 1 week ago

Maybe the Taliban would like this organization. The Taliban hates Americans too.

Carson George

Carson George . 1 week ago

Lol game of the year until they played the Chiefs today.


Cru . 1 week ago

Good game

try butfail

try butfail . 1 week ago

The flawless buffer structurally moan because hearing literally remind plus a vivacious sock. wise, tame quiver



RAIDERS MÉXICO 🇲🇽🎉🎊👌😎🤘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Give Honest Answer

Give Honest Answer . 1 week ago

Seahawks desperately need a Quaterback like Lamar Jackson . Russell Wilson seems to gave up running and throwing for yardage. Seahawks is losing waaaaaaay to much. let's sign a petition to get rid of Wilson. Wilson is a Hasbeen

cliff woodbury

cliff woodbury . 1 week ago

Lamar is looking good in these highlights (didn''t watch the game) and nothing to take from him but when i look at highlights like this i can't help but think what would michael Vick be if he was playing right know because he was the first of this kind of QB and the league has learned alot since then on how to cator to thsi style so while im not sure i would say his numbers could have been better if he wasn't the first of the great running QB's because offensive staffs used his tapes to learn how to use running qbs better.

Kristopher Longstreth

Kristopher Longstreth . 1 week ago

Lamar is a washed up has been

Alexander Teel CDP

Alexander Teel CDP . 1 week ago

Just Win Baby!

Logan Love

Logan Love . 1 week ago


Efren Furlan

Efren Furlan . 1 week ago

We raiders need a better snapper

Real Deal

Real Deal . 1 week ago

Carr balled out today! Keep up the good work Carr!!!!

mllop aeet

mllop aeet . 1 week ago


Michael Erickson

Michael Erickson . 1 week ago

Tough loss as a Baltimore fan considering you guys threw the ball 50 plus times bc you couldn't run on us you guys found a way to win but we have so many big time injuries could've been a different ball game with dobbins Peters Gus I could go on but we will fight till the end we still have a great team we can beat the chiefs tonight watch


Freeherenow . 1 week ago

Isn't Week 1 a little early to be calling it "the game of the year"?



1 Peter 5:8 King James Version 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:


Jack . 1 week ago

Ravens and browns: Playoff teams 0-1 Steelers: Losing record 1-0

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