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Custom Lamborghini vs. Tesla Race!! πŸš˜πŸš— - Winner Keeps Car | ZHC


Published on 2 weeks ago

Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car

Thanks to Michelle and Rug for Participating!
@ FaZeRug

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ZHC . 2 weeks ago

Subscribe and we might surprise you at the end of the next video! Get @fazerug to 17 M and go subscribe to Michelles new channel @msmunchie

Ravi S

Ravi S . 7 minutes ago

I am in India Tamil nadu


NeolZy . 11 minutes ago

Elon musk's face fatter that jupiter (on the car lol)

Douglas Chee

Douglas Chee . 22 minutes ago

I kinda miss zhc old drawings

Mr maaz

Mr maaz . 43 minutes ago

can you give me v bucks and the season 4 battle pass in fortnite plz my user name is nicekids2020 in fortnite and epic games

bd hg

bd hg . 44 minutes ago

Give me 400 dollars

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Awesome Blossoms

Awesome Blossoms . 57 minutes ago

I got a phone 😁😁😁


Playeff . 1 hour ago

Hey its me MKE arts ive forgotten about your chanel but now after like a half year i accidently found it. Good job on 15 million subs πŸ‘

Norilyn OcceΓ±a

Norilyn OcceΓ±a . 2 hours ago

I Love Surprised 😍

Mausami Gurave

Mausami Gurave . 2 hours ago

You are the best customize channel

abb gaming

abb gaming . 2 hours ago

zhc can u plis draw zero two ( anime character) for 24 hours straight or something plissssssssss

Sweety Boodhun

Sweety Boodhun . 3 hours ago

give me a phone plz

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Glen Mark

Glen Mark . 3 hours ago

I sub. I hope i can recieve give away 😍


ShiSui . 3 hours ago

How much Money do you even have?!??!

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Powerful Instagram Tool . 4 hours ago

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Schleich Symphoney Stable

Schleich Symphoney Stable . 4 hours ago

And i really hope I win the apple product givaway the only thing is though I'm in scotland

Zach Elliot

Zach Elliot . 4 hours ago

Can you give me 2000 dollars

Schleich Symphoney Stable

Schleich Symphoney Stable . 4 hours ago

I love art but I dont have time to do it beacause of school and sorting the stuff out for my YouTube channel

I Draw

I Draw . 4 hours ago

Nobody People who don’t care about the content and watch for the giveaways: WhO nEvEr WiN gIvEaWaY. (Grammar is bad on purpose)


vinnylather . 4 hours ago

Do a video customising 50 pens in 24 hours Pls do the video I am your big fan

A. G.

A. G. . 4 hours ago

In 2030 Z. H. C customizing a rocket for NASA best of luckβ€πŸ‘

Rajesh Kumawat

Rajesh Kumawat . 5 hours ago


Mukesh Jay shah

Mukesh Jay shah . 5 hours ago

Waiting for the new video

Dan Sg

Dan Sg . 5 hours ago

bro this is soo rigged

Ningasniperslayer Dud

Ningasniperslayer Dud . 5 hours ago

I was his art is so good I can't but wait I got my weapon I can draw a stick man

Neha Prajapati

Neha Prajapati . 5 hours ago

U r insanee 🀐

Tay & Eli

Tay & Eli . 5 hours ago

Post more videos πŸ₯Ί

Asmaa Zulkifli

Asmaa Zulkifli . 5 hours ago

I wish i can get one

Darron Stepp

Darron Stepp . 6 hours ago

Hi I'm Darron I've been watching your videos for 4 years and if you end suprising me I just want a new phone or pc or something I'm going to sub to faze now peace ✌

Nate da great drawer

Nate da great drawer . 6 hours ago

Remember when zhc just did art challenges and draw instead of customizing then the other half of the video is racing cars

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Dorian Ruszel

Dorian Ruszel . 6 hours ago

Hay mate I'm a big fan of yours and I go to vifer to costume my phone galaxy s8 and I got scammed with it and I spend my money 250 Β£

Efalon Acies

Efalon Acies . 6 hours ago

Fast and the Furious YouTube version.

Freestyle 415

Freestyle 415 . 6 hours ago


Scaup Movie

Scaup Movie . 6 hours ago

everyone who subscribe zhc go to unsubscribe

Michael Rodgers

Michael Rodgers . 6 hours ago

I dare you to email me a 10,000 dollar walmart gift card


KEVEN LOPEZ - . 6 hours ago

get @zhc to 16 M and likeπŸ‘

Sofya Bebeshko

Sofya Bebeshko . 7 hours ago

Hi I’m from Russia I’m 11 years old you are super

Jenn Casel

Jenn Casel . 7 hours ago

Hi zhc I really like your videos


TempoBulletin . 7 hours ago

Sadly hes giving them away to ppl who can buy themselves these custom carsπŸ˜”

coco melon2

coco melon2 . 8 hours ago

Please i want i phone please πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Suman Nagpal

Suman Nagpal . 8 hours ago

ZHC is becoming new MrBeast

Zealous soda18

Zealous soda18 . 8 hours ago

Make more give more giveaway vids cause I want on thanks

Agatha Mari Galvez

Agatha Mari Galvez . 8 hours ago

I thought Michelle was sweet and don’t say BAD WORDS... but I was wrong I unsubscribe


MONSTER X . 8 hours ago



E K . 8 hours ago

Omg he reminds me of mr beast in the beginning like the way he talks lol

Kevin Kris

Kevin Kris . 8 hours ago

Great video and I hope you make more

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