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Tom Brady Mic'd Up vs. Washington | Wild Card Game
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Published on 2 weeks ago

Quarterback Tom Brady was mic'd up against the Washington Football Team in the Wild Card Game.
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Comments :

Oliver Lopez Diaz

Oliver Lopez Diaz . 48 minutes ago

Tom Brady fan for life! #12

William Fredericksen

William Fredericksen . 4 hours ago

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep. A hired hand will run when he sees a wolf coming. John 10:11-12


veez . 17 hours ago

it’s crazy to me seeing that clip of chase saying wassup to Tom Brady. i went to middle school with dude and I remember the Super Bowl party where we watched Brady go against the giants. brady’s been in the league sooo long 😂

Norristown Zep

Norristown Zep . 1 day ago

Was that Alex Smith that brady manhandled at the end of the game?


gorillaSportsShow . 2 days ago

The media try to paint this division between Republicans and Democrat supporters. In real life people are cool with each other. Call each other bros. Don't let the media (CNN or Fox) divide people. They make money out of division and chaos.

Ricky Fever

Ricky Fever . 2 days ago

Wow it must be such an amazing experience for young players to play with veteran Brady.

Coby Kerr

Coby Kerr . 2 days ago

I love what he said to Alex smith he recognizes how great and brave smith is and most ppl wouldn’t of ever stepped on field again greatest competitor ever in football acknowledges a great competitor


Michael . 5 days ago

Year after year they count Brady out. How can anyone count out a proven win winner. I get ppl want to see him fail doesn't make it a good call to make. Tampa is a bad match up for Green Bay. I'm calling it now 35-28 bucs...


Jay . 5 days ago

As a Packers fan, I am just hoping he has an off day tomorrow because he is something special. I love seeing somebody so comfortable in such a demanding job... serial winner!


supersuperkw . 6 days ago

when the white boy wanna hit the blunt @1:37

Landon Upton

Landon Upton . 6 days ago

does his jersey have pockets???

De Nguyen

De Nguyen . 6 days ago

That is a total class act!!!

Raymond LaPointe

Raymond LaPointe . 6 days ago

Tom brady callin ppl baby this is a new man

Andrew P

Andrew P . 6 days ago

1:22 I do my little dancy dance

Matt Winstead

Matt Winstead . 6 days ago

Redskins Country FOR LIFE chipping in here. I never UNDERSTOOD the hate towards this guy?! He was never arrogant, and he was a sixth-round draft choice. He gives hope to us all that we could be the underdog that wins too, and we all do it at times in life. Go TOM BRADY! { I'm not a fan nor HATER, but WHAT A GUTSY move to take a chance in a wonderful part of Florida, that hadn't done jack in the playoffs since John Gruden left, that my friends from the DC area had the fortune of going to college in WAY BACK IN THE EARLY 90s... Not to mention a lot of great metal death metal bands came out of that regional area then too! Not why I commented here, but I can't help but to remember that!!)

adam wood

adam wood . 6 days ago

Chase Young lol


voice_of_reason . 7 days ago

NFL teams looking for a new GM to take them to the next level, form an orderly queue (UK for line) please.


voice_of_reason . 7 days ago

Cant say I'm a Bucs fan, but it would be one of the most incredible things ever in sports if they win the super bowl with Tom Brady. That would lay to rest any remaining talk from 49ers and Steelers fans that he's not the GOAT. Any aspiring QB should be taking notes and learn from the master.

wnnalis cioov

wnnalis cioov . 1 week ago

I'm a pats fan but I'm most definitely rooting for brady to clap brees' cheeks next wk


fruitsquirrels . 1 week ago

Class Act and da goat!

Christen Spremulli

Christen Spremulli . 1 week ago

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J_sand1 . 1 week ago

He’s chill af hahah

Ben eats Pizza

Ben eats Pizza . 1 week ago

Brady is such a stand up guy

tommy bahama

tommy bahama . 1 week ago

atleast he shakes hands when he wins...lets see if he shakes rodgers hand lol

Rob Dwyer

Rob Dwyer . 1 week ago

Yall notice tom brady's slang has changed a little bit since being in tanpa bay?😂

callmecash __

callmecash __ . 1 week ago

Brady has a sailors mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

alida flus

alida flus . 1 week ago

I see what the Pats fans are missing out. I'm happy to witness greatness. Definitely a story to tell my kids!

Dee Bee

Dee Bee . 1 week ago

CLASS ACT.... that’s why he’s the best


Cody . 1 week ago

1:20 “We can’t let this guy jump around blocks” *Young literally jumping around in the background*

First Name

First Name . 1 week ago

He lowkey wanted a kiss at the end

Tyler Greene

Tyler Greene . 1 week ago

That’s the 🐐

Ardeshir Irani

Ardeshir Irani . 1 week ago

Man Brady’s leadership is great


. . 1 week ago

Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, wishing him the absolute best. Let’s get number 7!!!

Kevin Grant

Kevin Grant . 1 week ago

Be(a)st in the game.

Fernando Paiz

Fernando Paiz . 1 week ago

I was a hater. But man, you just can't deny that this dude is one in a trillion amongst athletes. The NFL will never be the same when he (eventually) retires. Hope he gets as many rings as he can! - Broncos fan

Duece Duece

Duece Duece . 1 week ago

I’m a Washington fan but how can u not love this guy

Random Dinosaur

Random Dinosaur . 1 week ago


yuoop noke

yuoop noke . 1 week ago

"always here if you need me" to alex smith. Brady's not only a teammate and a player. The man is a genuine friend on and off the field as well.

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark . 1 week ago

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The Snapperhead

The Snapperhead . 1 week ago


Carson Wentz Is Fat

Carson Wentz Is Fat . 1 week ago

Conference Championship

Fried Rice

Fried Rice . 1 week ago

Amazing leader.

J Don

J Don . 1 week ago

Lots of fans don’t like him but the respect he gets from opposing players is amazing

Павел Белинский

Павел Белинский . 1 week ago

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Oliver Crosby

Oliver Crosby . 2 weeks ago

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sokin jon

sokin jon . 2 weeks ago

"always here if you need me" to alex smith. Brady's not only a teammate and a player. The man is a genuine friend on and off the field as well.

Eric The Intern

Eric The Intern . 2 weeks ago

Oh wow saints might be in trouble lol great communication


WTF : OVER . 2 weeks ago

Patriots fans are all on anti depression medication 💊

Don Belard

Don Belard . 2 weeks ago

Just remember this dude is 43 ! Saints can win 10 games in a row in the regular season against the Bucs ! This is the playoffs now ! Watch


Richard121 . 2 weeks ago

Woohoo! Nice win Tampa Bay! Let’s go Brady and the rest of the team!!!

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