Published on 8 months ago

A lot of the stories told on The FADER’s Remember That Time series recount the weird, wild, abject, and plain stupid — from the time the Spice Girls peed in Elton John’s pot plant to the night Omar Apollo nearly got robbed. But today’s Remember That Time is something special indeed, and a much-needed moment of lightness this week: #BigFreedia telling us about the time Ms. Patti LaBelle — Philly icon, musical god — came to one of her shows, and brought her a batch of homemade fried chicken. Legends, as they say, stan for legends.

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Comments :

Virgo Hamilton

Virgo Hamilton . 1 month ago

Made him stop playing with freedia

Michelle Young

Michelle Young . 5 months ago

Okay! I love me some Patti Labelle, and big freedia.

Lanae Smart

Lanae Smart . 6 months ago

Awesome story!!!:)❤

Ocean Bias

Ocean Bias . 6 months ago

Freedias jacket tho🔥🔥🔥🔥


M M . 7 months ago

Wow that is incredible. She has an incredible spirit. What an honor for you! Congrats! She is on such a tremendous journey!

Juju B

Juju B . 7 months ago

Patti LaBelle is a legendary Queen and Icon! 🙌

DIYs with Indira

DIYs with Indira . 7 months ago

@TheRoots Hey Quest, um.....did you hear about this?? LOL

Tee Taylor

Tee Taylor . 8 months ago

Patti definitely comes thru with the food!! Go Freedia👑


COMPACT HIPHOP TV . 8 months ago

Everybody loves Patti


tone . 8 months ago

lol thats a fckn man


kmatos4life . 8 months ago



antoniastfu . 8 months ago

Don’t let Questlove see this 😭

King Neptune

King Neptune . 8 months ago

This made me hungry 🤗


Mr247star . 8 months ago


Kieran Percival

Kieran Percival . 8 months ago

first view :)

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