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Do Chairs Exist?


Published on 2 weeks ago

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What's Out There (Christopher Baron)
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Comments :

Dante King

Dante King . 7 minutes ago

Hearing Michael quote one of my philosophy idols Alan Watts has made my year. 🌹

Wolphman 77

Wolphman 77 . 24 minutes ago

Yep… I’m just going to have to type woke.

Rüo Azquara

Rüo Azquara . 34 minutes ago

Michael would make a great horror movie villain

Quincy Dunn

Quincy Dunn . 1 hour ago

Lmao 🪑 🪑 🪑

Elliott Bork

Elliott Bork . 1 hour ago

“As soon as we prove some stuff is a thing…” thats the kind of stuff I say to my friends and now I don’t have any friends

Elliott Bork

Elliott Bork . 1 hour ago

Wow its funny how much I actually think about this

eroMoD eroMoD

eroMoD eroMoD . 1 hour ago

Support Alzheimer's research, kek!

Elliott Bork

Elliott Bork . 2 hours ago

Yes, I see, Just sitting crosslegged with a slice of cheese on his chest under his shirt, waiting for its moment….

Elliott Bork

Elliott Bork . 2 hours ago

Just blows my mind every video

Dr. BluBolt

Dr. BluBolt . 2 hours ago

This is why philosophy majors are unemployed

BEMW Kodiak

BEMW Kodiak . 2 hours ago

Now we’re asking the real question

Emily Nesbitt

Emily Nesbitt . 2 hours ago

I lost it at "not so fast there chair-lover"

Jop Mens

Jop Mens . 2 hours ago

Ok guys i think we found our Chairman of the Universe


Seochild . 2 hours ago

no Michael, chairs do not exist.


Frenblow . 2 hours ago

as fun as these kinds of questions are, a chair is a chair if I say it is. it really is that simple.


AF . 3 hours ago

men who wont get therapy are always like this smh LOLOL jk fun video xD


Sarah . 3 hours ago

MICHAEL! Stop trying to make incars happen! It's not going to happen!

Mason Rich

Mason Rich . 3 hours ago

That intro was just a fraction of his power

Lydia Spire

Lydia Spire . 4 hours ago

Holy shit, I'm taking a class with Eli Hirsch right now...

Jason Elliott

Jason Elliott . 4 hours ago

Subscribed again, love the feeling when my kids see another box has been delivered. Thanks for making our, and a lot of others, brains flex.

Tim Ohearn

Tim Ohearn . 4 hours ago

This video is epic. The amount of times I said what like an old sassy black woman at church was uncountable 😆 this page is weird but epic keep it up.

Chase Adams

Chase Adams . 4 hours ago

Very sus chair


WilliamAspen . 4 hours ago

I'm convinced people come to watch Vsauce when they're high and want to get even more mind blasted

Luke O'Reilly

Luke O'Reilly . 4 hours ago

Composites and constitutions exist because of us, if we didn’t exist then neither would they I mean YEAH logically they exist, but they won’t have any meaning without us experiencing them


TWDxN41M89 . 4 hours ago

37 minutes and 🪑

Daniel H

Daniel H . 4 hours ago

you are insane

Jones harvey

Jones harvey . 4 hours ago

There is another possible answer. Not sure where the first source is, but well described in the works of late Sir Terry Pratchett. My best extrapolation would be: Things exist when they are observed and are thus defined by what what is observed and the stories given it by the Observer(s).

That Lady

That Lady . 5 hours ago

Interesting. I wonder about the tree that the chair came from... like, it no longer exist. Or does it? It was once an organism filled with life but now parts of it are scattered. Bits of it reside in that chair, simples or not, they are now nothing more than dead pieces of matter compressed together to form a shape. A shape that was decided long ago to be called a chair. A tree after death is known as wood. I doubt that chair is made from one tree. More than likely it is bits and pieces of several dead trees. Focusing on the objects name seems to be inconsequential compared to the magnitude of how the object came to begin. Chair, many objects can be considered a chair. The cushion you sit on could be considered a chair depending on where you are from in the world. Whereas the pieces of wood comprised of a specific shape with specific dimensions and that can hold a certain amount of weight is very specific to the American term of a chair.


undeadman7676 . 5 hours ago

Get out of my house


dfghjkjhgfdsdfghjhgxcvbh . 5 hours ago

he said sus hehe funny!!!11!!!1!!!!

ACE Mesa

ACE Mesa . 5 hours ago

He did not just say SUS


SirSoulless . 6 hours ago

I didn’t want to have an existential crisis at 3 in the morning MICHAEL


Plengus . 6 hours ago

your scrambling my mind


Travis . 7 hours ago

mmm tasty sweat off a chair!!! i really really hope u wiped that off first lol iv heard about those wild ass parties u have, u should straight up put plastic down for those

Steve the Bartender

Steve the Bartender . 7 hours ago


1998jaco ____B

1998jaco ____B . 7 hours ago

0:01 is me at early hours

1998jaco ____B

1998jaco ____B . 7 hours ago

0:00 me at 3 AM


janofb . 7 hours ago

There is only one thing. The paper. The "crane" isn't a crane, it's just folded paper that LOOKS like a crane. It's still just the paper.

Amon Ra II

Amon Ra II . 7 hours ago

He found his vsauce password and now he's Michealing again, and I for one am happy about it


CuriousTea . 7 hours ago

Is it just me, or does that chair look different depending on how Michael describes it?

Stephen Mitchell

Stephen Mitchell . 8 hours ago

a bag of saw dust is a tree

Richard Boreiko

Richard Boreiko . 8 hours ago

And then there's a universe.

Eric Van Vlandren

Eric Van Vlandren . 8 hours ago

Michael … you’re better than this.


Happyhardcore17 . 8 hours ago

This dude really had a piece of cheese stuck to his chest for like at least 5 mins


Fps_Samurai_YT . 8 hours ago

Sus chairs 🪑 🌈 😂


SerunaXI . 9 hours ago

So, i'm only a short bit into the video, I'm just waiting for him to address that he's sitting on a cushion, and that the chair is a whole of parts arranged in some elevated or elevating position for the function of sitting. His cushion may also be meant for sitting, as he's doing right now. If the cushion were added to the chair, it would still be a cushion, and for the time, a part of the chair's function, but the cushion is not a chair.

Stu Young

Stu Young . 9 hours ago

fantastic segue from the sponsor, well done!

Jaouad Harmouchi

Jaouad Harmouchi . 9 hours ago

i don't know what the hell he is talking about


edeN . 10 hours ago

Nice video


GorgutsFan1998 . 10 hours ago

oh no is he going to talk about ontology

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