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The Most Insane Deck Of Wonders I've Had Yet
Thijs Hearthstone

Thijs Hearthstone

Published on 7 months ago

Deck Code: AAECAf0EBMrBApnCAqzCApvTAg3hB5fBAsLBApvCAuvCAsrDAsfHAsjHApbTAs3rAs7vArfxAs7yAgA=

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Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thijshs
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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/G2Thijs
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Stream Highlights Playlist: http://bit.ly/2yBM0mI
Thijs' Ladder Encounters Playlist: http://bit.ly/1POddTh

Video Editor: ZeForte


agr0nianTV . 2 days ago

Seriously that was your best Deck of Wonders? Kind of pathetic :/

John L

John L . 1 month ago

neat deck

eduardo da silva lima

eduardo da silva lima . 2 months ago

Pato paloiro


Pouletier . 3 months ago

wtf godfrey so OP

Cory Van Treuren

Cory Van Treuren . 4 months ago

Why did simulcrum not give him a leyline ? Did it glitch?

Henry Lorençoni

Henry Lorençoni . 4 months ago

Patu papau

Kevin Luckner

Kevin Luckner . 5 months ago

step 1:mute step 2: enjoy


Drago . 5 months ago

8:45 Is that a crossover?

Nick MaGrick

Nick MaGrick . 6 months ago

8:00 if you were an outsider and you were just listening to this part, it sounds like hes being SUUUUUPER sarcastic at the guy.

Karter Baskin

Karter Baskin . 6 months ago

azalina and leyline manipulators :p seems kinda cool

The Noobiest Noob

The Noobiest Noob . 6 months ago

simulacrum, if there are 2 cards with the same cost, will copy the most left card of the lowest cost

hanus kamenik

hanus kamenik . 7 months ago

Doom is in wild, it is from olds good

Gustavo Amui

Gustavo Amui . 7 months ago

Pato pagod

Frederik Meinertz

Frederik Meinertz . 7 months ago

Ropes every turn very bad player


im_shleep_boi . 7 months ago

9:17 9:28 9:37 9:45


Handtralla . 7 months ago

"..once you're in Jaina you are in a very good spot."

Tripulantes da Luz

Tripulantes da Luz . 7 months ago

Duck That eats a lot is love Pato papão é amor

Garreon the spicy boi

Garreon the spicy boi . 7 months ago

How did i never realize that mountain giant is an elemental

Lucas Demitro

Lucas Demitro . 7 months ago

"pato papao" kkkkkkkkkk Br Rules

Denisson asdfghjkl

Denisson asdfghjkl . 7 months ago

pato pagod deu host no thijs, lul


Alkalite . 7 months ago

Lol Thijs is so off-putting in this video. He had just about the most optimal draw you can have with that deck and is crying about how it's a hard match-up. I mean I understand the threat of the skull, but he got his frost lich out so early and there was no skull for the next several turns. Also, the there was nothing else his opponent could do on that doomguard play except maybe attack the 3/6 elemental which would have been almost as pointless. Fuckin' idiot.

Andy van Gelderen

Andy van Gelderen . 7 months ago

Thijs I don't know if it's been said or if you realise later on in the video, but when you played the simulacrum, it makes the giant cost 1 more briefly, therefore the sunwalker (or smth) was always cheaper.

mugiwara adriano

mugiwara adriano . 7 months ago

Pato paGOD #QUAK

Patrick king

Patrick king . 7 months ago

hue hue hue hue sopa do macaco


Jan . 7 months ago

10:06 I think I would have played blazecaller on the lich king instead of the voidlord, you only lose the 3/3 and keep a 4/2 leyline in that case. bigger board, better play I think. or is there any reason to lose the leyline? I dont think so, because there would be a 2 health minion anyway for defile and he had enough voidwalkers too to trade for it

Marcos Gabriel

Marcos Gabriel . 7 months ago

pato papão piadas mesmo


KrivitskyM . 7 months ago

"The Most Insane Deck Of Wonders" (actually not, pretty average) starts from 20:46. Thank me later.

Vicktorio Alhakim

Vicktorio Alhakim . 7 months ago

The plays you were making were so obvious. I have no idea why you took so much time to make them, especially considering that your opponent played like trash.

Vitor Hugo Rocha

Vitor Hugo Rocha . 7 months ago

Gostei kk muito mito

Radoslav Nikolov

Radoslav Nikolov . 7 months ago

can i replace pyros with something else

Alexandre Manfrin

Alexandre Manfrin . 7 months ago

Kkkkkkkk pato papão lacrando ate aqui


iMancioo . 7 months ago

Host do Pato! poggers QUACK!


Craftuar . 7 months ago

This deck works much better for me than Big Druid(always f*ck RNG)and Even Shaman ;) Ty for this nice deck ;)

lucas Martins

lucas Martins . 7 months ago


davi andrade

davi andrade . 7 months ago

Ae pato papão vamo bora

Muller Silva

Muller Silva . 7 months ago


André XLipe 99

André XLipe 99 . 7 months ago

Malbec club é o boticário


Roli . 7 months ago



FreezeBite . 7 months ago

That defile play was horrendous

Rafael Silva

Rafael Silva . 7 months ago

Awesome match . Greetings from BRASIL HUEHEUHEUHEUEHUE

Lucas Martins

Lucas Martins . 7 months ago

Prato pra pão dando host pro Thijs <3

Cricket Dort

Cricket Dort . 7 months ago

You are the best stremer and player im hs

Vitor Miguel

Vitor Miguel . 7 months ago


Piotr R

Piotr R . 7 months ago

what to change with blazecaller?


Authjism . 7 months ago


ich bin

ich bin . 7 months ago

I love his positive vibes <3

Willy G

Willy G . 7 months ago

how the fuck was that guy 242 legend

Weckso Flannigan

Weckso Flannigan . 7 months ago

roping every turn was annoying

Nоname Unknown

Nоname Unknown . 7 months ago

domebody please tell him its not devile but defile


Tim_Cruz177 . 7 months ago

you could have just played sunwalker and guarantee the giant copy

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