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While She Sleeps ft. Oli Sykes- Silence Speaks (Official Video)


Published on 3 years ago

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Where is your heart?
Can we beat this if we all
Tear the borders break the walls
Together as one
The cruel hand of a faithless destiny that never sleeps
The guiltless restraints assured by deceit, are we free?
Are we all alone?
If you’re gonna accuse me
Of pouring too much salt in the wound
We have just proved that
They can pollute our heads with the news
They will manipulate the masses again
If you’re gonna accuse me of telling you what you already knew
It’s the same song sung with a different truth
And all of us forget it cos our head’s inside the noose
They will manipulate the masses again, yeah we won’t forget it.
You better pray for absolution
You can change but you can’t deny
A new wave in a terror nation
Why do we ignore the warning signs?
Board it up, the borders are shut
The blood of the innocent is under the rug
White lies in a world corrupt
Are we too blind to see through honest eyes?
War will cease when we refuse to fight

Hope widows, shattered windows
Restriction without effect
Dead lines in silhouettes
Why do we ignore the warning signs
Cold calls to derelict homes
Needles at the side of the road
Wires and liars like thorns that won’t let go
Are we too blind to see through honest eyes?
War will cease when we refuse to fight
Tell me where is your heart?

I think the silence speaks volumes
Now we march to our drums
They’re only singing what they want to be sung
Hate’s become the new anthem
How could you? When did our veins run numb?
We treat our species like a fucking flood
Hate’s becoming our new anthem
The longer I live, I learn that we don’t belong
We’ve taken more than we can give
And you’d do better on your own
Are we all alone?
Tear the borders break the walls
Take us back to when we’re all together as one
Taught to love, born to live and let go

Cinematography by Tom Welsh
Directed by Tom Welsh & Taylor Fawcett

#WhileSheSleeps #SilenceSpeaks #Vevo

Comments :


ThePervyPineapple666 . 1 hour ago

I dont think that's what silence means x) Great song tho
Christopher Bickhart

Christopher Bickhart . 11 hours ago

Came here back in when this released for Oli. Now WSS is in my top 5 favorite bands and I don't even fuck with BMTH anymore
Marcos Gmz Mrtnz

Marcos Gmz Mrtnz . 21 hours ago


apexv231 . 1 day ago

with or without oli ths song is fire asf
Sanjeet Gaonkar

Sanjeet Gaonkar . 2 days ago

3:14 do you guys recall something?

Bophudeesnuts . 2 days ago

That drop hits so God damn hard
Tay Porter

Tay Porter . 3 days ago

this goes so fucking hard
Arafat Sakib

Arafat Sakib . 6 days ago

Oh your looking for it! The peaceful metal 3:24
Marv M.

Marv M. . 6 days ago

as he torn down the curtain! the moment im feeling it so damn well! Sorry for bad english.. hyped german here!

Marluxia . 7 days ago

Tru Lulu

Tru Lulu . 1 week ago

this band is amazing
Greedy Gamer

Greedy Gamer . 1 week ago

Everyone’s hair in this video looks oddly good for the amount of headbanging they’re doing Edit: 1:01 majestic hair
Nur Shahril

Nur Shahril . 1 week ago

im here for my daily oli surprise

WARROIRS ' . 2 weeks ago

Who still watching this in 2020 make it blue
แก้ม ยุ้ย

แก้ม ยุ้ย . 2 weeks ago

Henry Marth

Henry Marth . 2 weeks ago

are we too blind to see through oli syyykes 1:35
Pyxie Dixie

Pyxie Dixie . 2 weeks ago

Admit it, we all came here for Oli
Yuri Velichko

Yuri Velichko . 2 weeks ago

Omg...Jared Leto on vocal%) Good stuff)
Space Jams

Space Jams . 2 weeks ago

Hisham Khedarun

Hisham Khedarun . 2 weeks ago

1:14 IS THAT MARILYN MANSON on the walls? A man of culture I see!
Bryan Ambrose

Bryan Ambrose . 2 weeks ago

This is the real deal! Rounds out a perfect metal sound! The screaming, the riffs, THE SCREAMING! Dude, at 2:55, when Oli walks in.....Bad ***! "I think this silence speaks VOLUMES!!!" HELL YEAH!
asdfghjkl yxcvbnm

asdfghjkl yxcvbnm . 2 weeks ago

3:34 I've heard this riffs before in a music, do someone know that?

GermanEnderGirl . 2 weeks ago

0:31 And this is the reason why I love metal
Mafalda Bento

Mafalda Bento . 3 weeks ago

Cornelius Kulin

Cornelius Kulin . 3 weeks ago

2020's 🤟
bainmack music studio

bainmack music studio . 3 weeks ago

still hits hard in 2020
MefuPL Mefu

MefuPL Mefu . 3 weeks ago

Do zobaczenia na Polandrocka!
Trent Wilson

Trent Wilson . 3 weeks ago

Who's Oli Sykes lol never heard of him looks familiar tho
Brad Diaz

Brad Diaz . 3 weeks ago

I love how Oli walks in like a straight up fucking G. Lol

Studio94 . 3 weeks ago

I can't wait for your performance in Poland <3 See You on Pol'and'Rock Festival <3

MrLeomondo . 4 weeks ago

crap bmth are better
Quinton Krautter

Quinton Krautter . 4 weeks ago

I was like why does this dude sound like Oliver, then checked the song name after I liked it so I could save it & realized Oli is in it, lmao
Tomasz Siciński

Tomasz Siciński . 4 weeks ago

Pol'and Rock 2020!!! 🔥🔥🔥
cannot speak

cannot speak . 4 weeks ago

Benjamin Magambo

Benjamin Magambo . 4 weeks ago

who mixed this ?
Łukasz Hendzel

Łukasz Hendzel . 1 month ago

Anyone here only for 3:01?
wan amirul

wan amirul . 1 month ago

Best part of the song when Oli steps in.

brody1507 . 1 month ago

That Oli guy should create a band, he is pretty good :/
Yolanda Pacheco

Yolanda Pacheco . 1 month ago

Oliver portrayed some real BDE
Vimal Sheoran

Vimal Sheoran . 1 month ago

Boys Restroom scenes.
Ben Donahue

Ben Donahue . 1 month ago

I’m glad that this is introducing bmth fans to good music lol
Dan Ayuzawa

Dan Ayuzawa . 1 month ago

4:05 Favorite Part!!!🤟🎶

wormwood . 1 month ago

1:14 This shit reminds me so much of From Autumn To Ashes.
Annie Jacobs

Annie Jacobs . 1 month ago

. . .When Oli walk in . . .you know shit's going down!
Ravenclaw Lover

Ravenclaw Lover . 1 month ago

Who else clicked when saw "ft. Oli Sykes"?
herk gian

herk gian . 1 month ago

This song is gorgeous
za warudo

za warudo . 1 month ago

Me in 2020 not getting drafted

RED RAZER 2002 . 1 month ago

This is fucking awesome ! ❤️
rachmad wibowo

rachmad wibowo . 1 month ago


Boa1811 . 2 months ago

Never thought perfection existed

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