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How To Fold/Tie a Bandana the REAL way!


Published on 6 years ago

UPDATE: I made this more than 2 years ago...it'll explain everything.

This time I show you how to truly fold a bandana! Since they cost next to nothing getting one isn't the issue, it's folding one.

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Comments :


byVentrex . 4 days ago

pRettY NifTy HuH?


The BOSS . 1 week ago

2.⁷Million watches a video on how to fold a bandana. Bananas

Jordan Mccaff

Jordan Mccaff . 2 weeks ago

Anyone else wanna know the FAKE way?

Regis A. Lecomte

Regis A. Lecomte . 2 weeks ago

Totally not gonna use this for nsfw reasons later tn...


BAD BLEEP . 3 weeks ago

Wow this was sooooo fucking helpful😃

John Kohl

John Kohl . 3 weeks ago

Dude, you tied it in a GRANNY knot! What the heck?

Mohammed Chowdhury

Mohammed Chowdhury . 1 month ago

I only started wearing it to cover my massive forehead


Kazmeen . 1 month ago

Wow Cool 🔥

Cleasn Clkeasn

Cleasn Clkeasn . 1 month ago

I really don't understand how there's 2 million views. is there really that many lames out there

Shareeq's Super Way

Shareeq's Super Way . 2 months ago

Thank You this and my mom really helped me

Mohammed Yousuf

Mohammed Yousuf . 2 months ago

This is mc lovin after 4 years


Obamium . 2 months ago

How he looks at the start of the vid compared to how badass he looks with that bandana

Buck Futter

Buck Futter . 2 months ago

recommend using a square knot on the back. great vid bro but u need some loud ass dubstep on your intro and outro

booda _

booda _ . 2 months ago

tbh the only reason im watching this is for the playboi carti bandana Collar


ArixVx . 2 months ago

Omg thank you so much now my bandana will fit my head😭👏🏾❤️


ANFEL MESSAOUDI . 2 months ago

how do you need super skills to do that? :/

Margaret Wanjiru

Margaret Wanjiru . 2 months ago

Thank you!!....This helped me so much!!..As a Thug!...Living Thug life!🤗🤗😌


Mrfatboy . 2 months ago

First thing I think of? Ricardo milos.

Emilyisthequeen Rose

Emilyisthequeen Rose . 2 months ago

Thxs for this video. It worked out for me and now I have a perfect headband .

TheElement OfFyre

TheElement OfFyre . 2 months ago

Unnecessary music Unnecessary camera angles totwlly out if focus and "the real way"? Stfu

Angel_ AP

Angel_ AP . 2 months ago


Сергей Киреев

Сергей Киреев . 2 months ago

Русские есть?

ALEX 890

ALEX 890 . 3 months ago

Alguien viene por el ded

KingMarc TheGreat

KingMarc TheGreat . 3 months ago

The eyes 😳👏🏾

Fatima Lodhi

Fatima Lodhi . 3 months ago


Максим Брейкин

Максим Брейкин . 3 months ago

ebat ,spasibo papacha

Marios kex

Marios kex . 3 months ago

🥶💙♿️𝖈𝖗𝖎𝖕𝖘 𝕱𝖔𝖗 𝕷𝖎𝖋𝖊 ♿️💙🥶

X KacpeR X

X KacpeR X . 3 months ago

Love you man🔥🔥 THANK YOU!!


B I . 3 months ago

Thanks for the heads-up bro

YvNgJayy 1219

YvNgJayy 1219 . 3 months ago

Malibu’s Most Wanted

Frank Duart

Frank Duart . 3 months ago

How the hell he went from a boring white boy nerd to “raised in the bronx” under my own sight?!

NaVon Simmoms

NaVon Simmoms . 3 months ago

Thank you the last video I watch was rocket science


MemeWorld . 3 months ago

Thanks man

Nicole M.

Nicole M. . 3 months ago

Am I the only one who's watching this in 2020

Jack Strange

Jack Strange . 3 months ago

And remember: Red means Blood, blue means Crip, yellow means Banana Boys. Know your gangs, save your life.

william green

william green . 3 months ago

This was really helpful! Thank you 😊

Cruz Pacheco

Cruz Pacheco . 3 months ago

An embarrassed crip has definitely watched this


Mobina . 4 months ago

Akeekekekek 2020 gang wya

Blaze Kholafai

Blaze Kholafai . 4 months ago

Thank you

Amar Diongue

Amar Diongue . 4 months ago

Blackest dude i’ve ever seen

Bin’s Stories

Bin’s Stories . 4 months ago

What up blood

priyansh goyal

priyansh goyal . 4 months ago

Intro is soo creepy


Brank . 4 months ago

KSI has entered the chat

I’m Hungry

I’m Hungry . 4 months ago

Maybe my heads to big


Yasakatie . 4 months ago

The start of the video made feel like I am watching a ninja


Yasakatie . 4 months ago

Why does my man look like call me Carson at first


YDNSnoopy . 4 months ago

What up blood

Yuba Tuber

Yuba Tuber . 4 months ago

And he was never seen again

Jayden Carlson

Jayden Carlson . 4 months ago

Dawg... Why the white homie gotta make a mf video bout this??

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