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Wiki’s top 5 books that’ll bust your head open


Published on 11 months ago

With his dense, verbose, lyrics and spectacular and unusual cadences, New York rapper #Wiki strikes as one of the more lyrical and literary rappers currently working. As such, it makes sense that for his FADER Top 5, he wanted to tell us his Top 5 Books That Will Blow Your Mind — the tomes that will surprise you, excite you, and fuck you up — in the same way that Wiki's rhymes do. As is the way with Wiki, it's a typically variegated and idiosyncratic selection — but undoubtedly one that will fill out your winter reading list with a few new titles.

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Comments :

John Nelson

John Nelson . 4 days ago

I can confirm that Say Nothing is an amazing read. It’s historically accurate but you genuinely won’t want to put it down.

Robb Wilson

Robb Wilson . 5 months ago

I listen up every single time Wiki Speaks.

Guy Incogneeto

Guy Incogneeto . 9 months ago

should get Medhane on here, yall know him he's from ny and a big time reader judging by his IG story posts

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 9 months ago

definitely gonna be reading all of these

Ben Classen

Ben Classen . 9 months ago

So dope to see a rapper dropping a bit of actual knowledge and some original perspectives in an interview.


T'Challa . 9 months ago

So y'all are telling me a whole FADER can't afford lavalier mics!?!?! Come on.

Jouquin Fox

Jouquin Fox . 10 months ago

slaughterhouse five is the illllllesttttt

Anthony Montalvo

Anthony Montalvo . 10 months ago

I'll have to check out these books thanks for sharing with us Wiki!

EJ2 Brandon

EJ2 Brandon . 10 months ago

I just discovered him the other day. His music Is fire.

Eve Minor

Eve Minor . 10 months ago



MrIHadToDoIt . 10 months ago

Got some reading to do now


oodlesofhoes . 10 months ago

Writing these titles down on the front page of my Time Out of Joint by PKD book.

Halsey Lumen

Halsey Lumen . 10 months ago

... he's got some crazy ass flows..


beaterchew . 10 months ago

wikispeaks still hard af

Thomas Mayberry

Thomas Mayberry . 10 months ago

1: So It Goes


JB STN . 11 months ago

This kid needs more attention and respect, bright, well read and his lyrics are fire. Loved Wik since Ratking and I'll always be a fan.

wolsgang d

wolsgang d . 11 months ago

The list for those who are impatient: 5. Man and Technics, Oswald Spengler 4. The Culture of Critique, Kevin MacDonald 3. E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit 2. Talmud and Taboo, Andrew Joyce 1. David Irving, Churchill's War


DroopySnoopy . 11 months ago

Wiki got it comin this year!!!

Jackson Ginty

Jackson Ginty . 11 months ago

Tha dude of all dudes!


QStew . 11 months ago

'slaughterhouse five' is the best sci-fi book for anyone who's never read/doesn't like sci-fi, he's spot on here


AlphaDream . 11 months ago

what other rappers actually read lmao wiki the only one (thats hard)

blake wilson

blake wilson . 11 months ago

This is a dope idea. Idk if itll get tons of views, though. Awareness of the wiki is rare, and most of us are virtually illiterate.

HenHouse Music

HenHouse Music . 11 months ago

what's a book?

Max Bray

Max Bray . 11 months ago

damn I haven't read most of these but they sound mad good

Sam Chabert

Sam Chabert . 11 months ago



Christian . 11 months ago


Lil Yo

Lil Yo . 11 months ago


Cris Mula

Cris Mula . 11 months ago


Cris Mula

Cris Mula . 11 months ago


Cris Mula

Cris Mula . 11 months ago


Cris Mula

Cris Mula . 11 months ago


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