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I broke out of a concrete prison cell using ONLY a spoon…
Tyler Oliveira

Tyler Oliveira

Published on 2 weeks ago


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Comments :

Tyler Oliveira

Tyler Oliveira . 2 weeks ago


Connor Nicholson

Connor Nicholson . 8 minutes ago

Why break the wall when he could just slip though the bars

spore blossom

spore blossom . 9 minutes ago

Bro you are so stupid when Alex came in he broke the bar and he can help you by just broke the bar

Emma Verlaine Sia

Emma Verlaine Sia . 1 hour ago


Ethan Jones

Ethan Jones . 2 hours ago

How is there 2mil views but Tyler only got 1.95mil subs 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Beh Wei Poh

Beh Wei Poh . 3 hours ago

tbh This man should have more subs than MrBeast bc he have done more exetreme videos than Mr Beast


Ghost . 3 hours ago

He is spoon king


Ghost . 3 hours ago

Eh seeme pretty ez if you have PABLO


oofygamer . 4 hours ago

he turned into a stepsister in a dryer in just moments


oofygamer . 4 hours ago

the big spoons are litterally aluminum shovels

Big Smoke

Big Smoke . 5 hours ago

You have defeated your enemy

REMVER IT Consulting

REMVER IT Consulting . 5 hours ago

How do you securely store your videos? What would happen if you lost all your data - videos, emails…?

Rowan Davies

Rowan Davies . 5 hours ago

3 guys 1 hole 😐


RegularGamePlayYT . 6 hours ago

This video made me think what prisoners have to go through and why I should be good and be grateful for what what I have and not ask for better stuff. Because jail is a very bad place people ki!! them self's just to not live there any more just to be free out there misery. Hope yall learned something from this and the video, remember stay good and trust in god god is the light to our path remember that trust in the lord.

Spoon’s girlfriend

Spoon’s girlfriend . 6 hours ago

Why would you do that to him


DogeGuyOffical . 6 hours ago

Tyler: as I am lonely fighting my crippling depression Me: explain in 3:03 why he is singing and someone is filming *Note* this is not hate

xxhoodedtifu xx

xxhoodedtifu xx . 6 hours ago

5:41 pause 😅😅😅😏😏

William Welborn

William Welborn . 10 hours ago

Why don't you use the dumbbells to break out of the prison


bread . 10 hours ago

Ay are you good?

uhshcjejxh7 haygjsurh

uhshcjejxh7 haygjsurh . 11 hours ago


🔥Fire nugget🔥

🔥Fire nugget🔥 . 11 hours ago

How did you get out of this did you like help me with something

Ninja Dragon

Ninja Dragon . 11 hours ago


Your roblox Memer

Your roblox Memer . 12 hours ago

Is anyone not gonna tell about the fact Tyler nose was bleeding and we ignored it


Desireable_Pro . 12 hours ago

I am completely satisfied with the content I've seen today in this video, I would just like to make an honorable mention that he didn't even finish the challenge/video yet absolutely nobody had a problem with it. Absolute legend.

Yvan Berte

Yvan Berte . 15 hours ago

Yoshie shidatori be like:

Hadley Cole

Hadley Cole . 15 hours ago

dream irl?

Roblox is the best game in the world gamez

Roblox is the best game in the world gamez . 16 hours ago

Let’s get Tyler Oliveira to 69milion subs!


Ravarg_ . 18 hours ago

just bald not cancer


Levi . 20 hours ago

Your a legend

Nicola Phillips

Nicola Phillips . 21 hours ago

i think hes a psychopath

Error Sans

Error Sans . 22 hours ago

Gagon theze nut

Jolly Pudsoc

Jolly Pudsoc . 22 hours ago



KenZPlayZ . 22 hours ago

Finnaly your back in almost 1 month

krish payeng

krish payeng . 23 hours ago


Support R.J. Jewels

Support R.J. Jewels . 1 day ago

This Dude: LITERALLY PEES ON CAMERA YouTube: Nice Bro My little sister: Makes YouTube channel called “Shiny Sparkle” and plays with squishies on it YouTube: YOU’RE GETTING REMOVED FOR PREDATORY CONTENT

TSF Probros

TSF Probros . 1 day ago


TSF Probros

TSF Probros . 1 day ago

This is giving me Palestinian prisoners escape vibes


BlackoutStudios . 1 day ago

5:40 the video when my mom walks in


Darkchan . 1 day ago

Thickest man in history

S.T.U.N. Selena

S.T.U.N. Selena . 1 day ago

If tyler ends up in a mr beast challenge i feel like tyler would win


basiqfn . 1 day ago

Can we appreciate the fact that people have actually broke out of prisons with a small spoon

Kris Collins

Kris Collins . 1 day ago

Imagine if he did this with the small spoon the whole time


Ricochet . 1 day ago

Dude when the spoon is the size of ur body then I don’t think it’s considered a spoon anymore lol

Elba Almaraz

Elba Almaraz . 1 day ago

This is how u forget your friends names


Spekk . 1 day ago

How does one even set this up

Justin Martin

Justin Martin . 1 day ago

Did he shower


PeanutNutter . 1 day ago

Now I realise how long my 400 hours In Terraria is

ArcticReaper [BaconOOF2000]

ArcticReaper [BaconOOF2000] . 1 day ago

“When this prison was looking unescapable” *2 people normally walks in *


Tamay . 1 day ago

Next use a fork


yaboiyrezo . 1 day ago

i dare u to try to break nokia only using hammers

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