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Why New Orleans' Geography SUCKS


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

Cj Ayers

Cj Ayers . 1 hour ago

Tell me why this was in my suggested and I was literally just in New Orleans a few hours ago😂


J G . 2 hours ago

Probably the only way to save NOLA now, is to destroy the city district by district incrementally, dredge up the seabed, fill in the 'bowl', and rebuild on top of the new ground, so it can stay about a few metres above sea level and buy it centuries of more time.


archtroll . 3 hours ago

born on the bayouuuuuuuu!


Pinion512 . 3 hours ago

After Katrina, when everything was a wasted mess, dirt should have been hauled in to build the city up. But in typical stupid Louisiana fashion, they did nothing of the sort. Clock is ticking for a bigass flood again.

Angela Hernandez

Angela Hernandez . 3 hours ago

Watching this after hurricane Ida and just feeling more sad.


DonutEater . 4 hours ago

Plus, along with every other city on the Lower Mississippi, Middle Mississippi, or Illinois rivers, they drink Chicago's sewage

Prototype Dogs

Prototype Dogs . 11 hours ago

Can't they just expand the city towards the West and build a Dam


ReidySmeidy . 11 hours ago

Don't you mean the entire state of Louisiana needs to be relocated? Yeah, we are sort of effed down here. And your pronunciation did not bother me that much. Didn't even notice your pronunciation of "Atchafalaya" till it was pointed out. Note we do not pronounce anything within our state correctly so don't feel too bad.

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips . 13 hours ago

Can't say I'm shocked that we did something without thinking through the long term consequences.


DynestiGTI . 15 hours ago

New Orleans bout to be Atlantis

Alexandre Clemson

Alexandre Clemson . 15 hours ago

Shitty place to live

Augustus Campbell

Augustus Campbell . 15 hours ago

I feel like I am depressed.

Marco Grosso

Marco Grosso . 15 hours ago

Went to NO 7 years ago for my 21st Birthday. Buornon street and French Quarters were amazing. The ppl, the food, everything.

kevin brown

kevin brown . 16 hours ago

They blew up the levees say the real 😡


T.J. . 24 hours ago

So basically to everyone viewing this in 2988 this is a documentary based on the Ancient city of New Orleans Aka modern Atlantis which is currently underwater while being debated if it even existed. Yes, we were here 9/25/21


longfootbuddy . 1 day ago

lets spend a few zillion dollars to keep the dump afloat

Roosevelt Emile

Roosevelt Emile . 1 day ago

Sounds like New Orleans can either follow the Dutches' method of dealing with water or they can build a lot of pipelines and send water to the dry west coast.

Hans Hoerdemann

Hans Hoerdemann . 1 day ago

Well done.

jake segoria

jake segoria . 1 day ago

I needed this

Pierre Soorden

Pierre Soorden . 1 day ago

Louisiana is ok

Worst Girl

Worst Girl . 2 days ago

I also love New Orleans, mostly for the food and the culture. But I wouldn't want to live there.

Tyler K

Tyler K . 2 days ago

Should I be worried living here


FBI . 2 days ago

You do know that a ship in the Mississippi could actually carry a lot more than that 10 or 12 trucks and and could’ve literally cut transportation cost in half rail roads in the US is terrible and you got to maintain the rail line You don’t need to do that with the Mississippi airplanes seriously don’t you realize how expensive that is


r0bb1e . 2 days ago


Piotr Siemiński

Piotr Siemiński . 2 days ago

And not to mention that geopolitics, not freeing the slaves or preserving the constitution, was the main reason why Lincoln couldn't let the South secede. Fine with South Carolina or Alabama, but not with Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Louisiana. Civil War was essentially won by capturing New Orleans and Vicksburg, not by marching through Georgia or bleeding in Virginia.

Word Cripple

Word Cripple . 2 days ago

The only solution that I could suggest viably would be plant a hell of a lot more trees possibly at least having a tree per quarter acre, so as to have their roots be a natural water management system.

Jeremy Trager

Jeremy Trager . 2 days ago

I moved here and it's ruined me. It's insane to live here but once you do, it's hard to leave. I might just let myself die here in a cataclysm. Everyone's gonna die soon anyway.


cubu . 2 days ago

Fun fact, McDonalds French fries have a lot of preservatives.

_Vallee _

_Vallee _ . 2 days ago

What according to census data, new Orleans population is 1 mil, in 2004 it was 990,000.

_Vallee _

_Vallee _ . 2 days ago

It's geography is why new Orleans exists has great geography amazing for trade, transport and look in fact with out it it wouldn't be a major city.


Azza . 2 days ago

The quality of your videos is topnotch, as usual. Thanks!

Emmanuel gutierrez

Emmanuel gutierrez . 2 days ago

Imagine when they were making the decision to make the world's most expensive advance Levi's. Did they even ask, how much time will this buy us?

Mr. Rigor Mortis

Mr. Rigor Mortis . 2 days ago

Colonizers and their superiority complex.

Dan White

Dan White . 2 days ago

Fantastic logic displayed and a brilliant presentation! My only mild suggestion is to slow down the narration a bit, but its hardly a major concern. Keep up the good work!

Michael N

Michael N . 2 days ago

can you do a vid on Long Island, NY???

Sir Aroun

Sir Aroun . 2 days ago

most of New Orleans floods in resent years have more to do with political corruption then geography. We have the Technology, the city/state is just too cheap to use it.


Quda . 2 days ago

I wonder if there is a city/country whose geography doesn't suck..singapore seems to be a good contender. RLL hasn't made a video, almost every other creator has done so lately..

Ueda Yuuji Fan

Ueda Yuuji Fan . 2 days ago

New Orleans: > Destroys wetlands for more land > Gets destroyed for destroying wetlands

The King86

The King86 . 2 days ago

I moved to Biloxi Mississippi in July 2005 from the twin cities Minnesota right after I graduated high school my stepfather was stationed at Keesler Airforce base and had lived there since the 80s he was a MSGT and flew with the hurricane hunters their picture is actually at the hardrock in Biloxi. Katrina hit the next month and he broke down New Orleans history and Geopolitical problems and vulnerability to hurricanes allot of which I learned in high school the city always fascinated me and I have been many times. I also worked in the Grand isle and port Fouchon during the deep horizon oil spill disaster and the surrounding barrier islands and also worked getting oil out of Fort Livingston, very fascinating history.

Ivan Cotton

Ivan Cotton . 3 days ago

POV : You live in New Orleans

Timothy Bates

Timothy Bates . 3 days ago

Finish Her.......


Occisoft . 3 days ago

This voice is intolerable


peejay31107 . 3 days ago

Is New Orleans normally referred as 'she'? Why is that? Non-native here, it got me curious and quick googling didn't give any results

Kardell Johnson

Kardell Johnson . 3 days ago

As a native and current resident to New Orleans, I’m watching to see if I hear some things that could be WRONG in this video rn 😂…but then there may be some things I NEVER knew🤷🏾‍♂️


EmptyMailbox567 . 3 days ago

“5cm per year” Mexico City: Those are rookie numbers

Jacob Amidon

Jacob Amidon . 3 days ago

Mans hubris shall be his downfall


BW88 . 3 days ago

Welcome to Global Warming.

Isaac Guillen

Isaac Guillen . 3 days ago

My kids: "dad where's Atlantis?" Me: "you mean New Orleans?"


BekToonz . 3 days ago

Men! Get the Dutch!

Liovanna Theory

Liovanna Theory . 3 days ago

Somehow it is a little bit too colorised to say all of this, that would be best location ever, there are plenty of another rivers around the world, and cities located on the estruaries

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