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This is Who Makes BIRD and Lime scooters!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 1 year ago

We bought our own Bird and Lime scooters, the Segway NineBot ES2 vs Xiaomi M365.
Xiaomi Mi / M365: http://geni.us/xiaomiM365
Segway ES MAX (newest 2019 model): http://shrsl.com/1ucsm
Segway ES2 (standard range): http://geni.us/segwayES2
Segway ES4 (Scooter with extra battery): http://geni.us/segwayES4
Standalone ES2 battery: http://geni.us/es2battery
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Comments :

Austin Martin

Austin Martin . 1 month ago

Doesn’t Xiaomi own Segway?

careca . 2 months ago

These scooters are heavy you say? Ever tried to lift a dualtron? LOOL

SpasmWasm . 2 months ago

Hi I was wondering if the speed on the Xiaomi scooter was the same as a bird. I have ridden birds many times and have gone over 25 mph on them.
Kerem Sendogdu

Kerem Sendogdu . 3 months ago

Xioami is korean

ultimaetsolder . 6 months ago

Which one is better?

JRod . 7 months ago

ayyy 4:20 πŸ˜‚
Jeremiah Edwards

Jeremiah Edwards . 7 months ago

How do companies code them?
Bass Fever

Bass Fever . 9 months ago

I live near pacific beach which is where that place is located
alex ochakovsky

alex ochakovsky . 9 months ago

Great nice video ..... I subscribed to you If you also like my videos can be found here If you liked my channel you are welcome to let me know and subscribe to my channel thanks in advance https://www.youtube.com/user/aalle1312/videos
Fast Diy

Fast Diy . 9 months ago

Aliexpress $340
Keezy TV

Keezy TV . 10 months ago

Informative as fuck.. but still ain’t gonna but one hahahah
Alana Weaver

Alana Weaver . 10 months ago

Who manufacturers the Bolt Scooter?

jesus . 10 months ago

there both ninebots .....ninebot xiaomi mija m365 ....and ninebot es1-4 ....take off the rear wheel cover in the m365 and look inside its ninebot ....

FilFee . 11 months ago

But....both of them are made by Xiaomi...Segway was acquired by Xiaomi, they are both pretty similar.

Blastaux . 11 months ago

I actually own a xiaomi scooter
jerry sanders

jerry sanders . 11 months ago

Throw those fucking things in a big dirt pit and fill it up. Godam things are annoying af and residents in San Diego HATE THEMπŸ›΄πŸ’₯πŸ”¨
ChipChip Kung kung super kick

ChipChip Kung kung super kick . 11 months ago

Chinese made are fraud
Erik Torell

Erik Torell . 11 months ago

I've ridden and worked on all of these scooters including the Skip scooters, in my humble opinion the Segway is the worst riding scooter, it's not just front heavy, it's top heavy. The motor and batter are in the front, so when you go to brake the back end wants to slide out from under you. The people who design these things no nothing about setting up two wheeled vehicles, I'm really hoping the next generation scooters are better than what we have available now.

YOCH TWINA . 11 months ago

I have a Xiaomi and it's amazing it's fast and has such a good ass battery

Peter13 . 11 months ago

Latest "E-Twow Booster" is way above these. Lighter, more powerful, speedier, more reliable, safer. Made in Romania, in Europe, not China.
Monica Contreras

Monica Contreras . 11 months ago

Fuck you bird !!!!
William Chao

William Chao . 12 months ago

Oh. No. Another Chinese scooter. It will steal your personal info like Huawei. XiaoMi also makes smartphone. This scooter will send your personal info to its headquarter. Did you input your Driver Licence number and your phone number? Now. China knows everything about you.
Mani Matter

Mani Matter . 12 months ago

Good video. Thank your
Becker's Rs

Becker's Rs . 12 months ago

xiaomi hard to find ... ahahahahhahahhaahahhaha
Samsun O.O

Samsun O.O . 12 months ago

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Nestor Lee

Nestor Lee . 1 year ago

Line has a different one than these and I want to know where to get it

estebong . 1 year ago

Omg can you make a video about jump bike😊
Thomas Farmer

Thomas Farmer . 1 year ago

Do not buy and/or rent; if you do, you'll be sorry, BIG TIME!
Kenneth Eriksen

Kenneth Eriksen . 1 year ago

Cool shoes at 2:41..! :-) Which brand/model..?
Ofir Golan

Ofir Golan . 1 year ago

both are xiaomi...
Ernest Wrighton

Ernest Wrighton . 1 year ago

Underrated content. Should be more popular for those who wants to buy an e scooter
HRH President of Tattooine

HRH President of Tattooine . 1 year ago

Nice legs

NoMoNeYiZaTioN . 1 year ago

Most informative video I've watched so far on these scooters.

oinkpiggin . 1 year ago

The biggest issue with buying your own e-scooter is theft. It is hard to steal BIRD or LIME.
Andrewski Gordon

Andrewski Gordon . 1 year ago

Can you guys do a review on the new inboard s1 electric scooter
Andrewski Gordon

Andrewski Gordon . 1 year ago

And I hate how people distroy them here in Baltimore 😐
Andrewski Gordon

Andrewski Gordon . 1 year ago

I actually like the content you guys make about ridables

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