Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

Published on 7 months ago

Lots to talk about today, let’s just jump right into it! ;)
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TanaCon Update:
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Non Deadly Tornado Season:

Boys Found in Thailand Cave:
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Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco . 7 months ago

Let me know what stories I might have missed down in the comments below and I'll check them out for tomorrow! Be sure to tune in. <3 Walmart Boycott(0:06), TanaCon(1:50), TIA(7:24), Tornado Realness(8:20), Thai Rescue(8:46)

Jonathan Sibbel

Jonathan Sibbel . 4 months ago

You know moment you talked about the Walmart story I thought well if they sell pro trump stuff too who cares? Shows they are just being a business not political then.


HeadCase0703 . 6 months ago

is Tana being sued? This was a straight up scam.

Rechard kk

Rechard kk . 7 months ago


ana mendez

ana mendez . 7 months ago

Im actually mad that she is getting more subscribers


bubbl3gumb1tchhh . 7 months ago

I would have had 1000 people per day within the span of 5 days at tanacon


Nichole . 7 months ago

Why are those children in a cave?

Laverne Blaszczyk

Laverne Blaszczyk . 7 months ago

Were the Wal-Mart shirts made in America at least?? Cos Trump's MAGA stuff is made in China...unless they've changed it and are selling it under Ivanka's stuff, *her* stuff is exempt from these China tariffs, HMMMMMMMMMMMM funny that

Humza Malik

Humza Malik . 7 months ago

yaaaayyyy divers, so heartfelt


NOO NOPE . 7 months ago

I like wal mart..... i can careless what shirts are sold there. Sad that the other side is now starting to act like the libtards..... shamefull for both sides to act like fing 4 year olds.....

Sky Brooke

Sky Brooke . 7 months ago

The tao through karma does punish people for their stupid bullshit, but it's not always a broadcasted punishment.

Monica Garcia

Monica Garcia . 7 months ago

I just started watching this channel, it’s awesome

Ben Gruber

Ben Gruber . 7 months ago

representative politician specific signature kiss eventually attract steady solar.


LOGIC ! . 7 months ago

Walmart can sell whatever they want.

Momma_D my friends

Momma_D my friends . 7 months ago

I truly believe that she is a basic narsasist and could not , would not ever just honestly tell that she knew the tickets were SOLD and NOT free.... She KNEW there was not "a line for everything"..... She KNEW....KNEW ..... KNEW that they were completely over selling!!! She needs to acknowledge that many many of these people spent soooooooomuch more than just the ticket price.....she needs to acknowledge the biggest safety issue was making people stand in heat and sun ..... She will not truly own up to any of it.....because she is truly not even capable of empathy! The whole thing was brought about as a look at meeeeeeeee! I care not about you! I only care about meeeeeeee! GAG

Nicklas Källman

Nicklas Källman . 7 months ago

Doesnt the airplane companies sell more tickets than seats available on the planes? The same problem that led to the big drama about Delta Airlines last year. I do not know much about US law but somehow i get a bad feeling that this is legal.

Bri Angel

Bri Angel . 7 months ago

there are plenty of good reasons to boycott walmart, but shirts sold by a third party isnt one of them

The Light In The Dark World

The Light In The Dark World . 7 months ago

So what if you were selling pro Trump closes.


jobriq5 . 7 months ago

this is the first time I've heard that the boys and the coach had been in that cave before. It's like TV news channels are incompetent

Kong Kwan

Kong Kwan . 7 months ago

The boys were all brought out safely yesterday :)


CaraRowen . 7 months ago

I thought when they said 1200 people Michael's "right hand" says "that's in the main ball room." idk, that's what it sounds like to me. But while Tana is using her feelings as facts, Michael flat out lies repeatedly.

Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen . 7 months ago

Why not put the kids in sealed pods with O2 tanks and just like the pressure tanks to change buoyancy for a diver the system would be integrated with the pod. Albeit slow, you would be able to move the children one at a time, and since they are kids, I believe the pod would be small enough to navigate through the cave system...

Chace Martin

Chace Martin . 7 months ago

Walmart has caskets online

Lisa Fuller

Lisa Fuller . 7 months ago

Phil did you know about the Thai Seal that died in there?


Jayko-Mayko . 7 months ago

Love the tat you got in back!

Elzbeth Dempseyjones

Elzbeth Dempseyjones . 7 months ago

Can't wait for US to loose there amendments or there rights...... 2020 for Clinton.. We will finally get to kill our follow neighbor's, john Podesta can get his hands on revolyob at last... Remember don't believe that demoncratic government are pedo's.... These old fart understand children more than the children....

Jimmy Joe Joe Shabadoo Jr

Jimmy Joe Joe Shabadoo Jr . 7 months ago

What an odd use of the word "oppressed". Now oppression means not being able to get into a convention?

A person I guess

A person I guess . 7 months ago

I'd be the kid to freak out underwater and die....I'm terrified of the water XD (glad they found the kids and r working on a way out for them)

Amber L

Amber L . 7 months ago

I have been spending about 8 hours a day, every day at work, re-watching the last 10 years of your videos. It is so incredible to see how you and the nation have grown. You've been the majority of my news intake for at least the past 5 years, as I do my own research too. You, Philip DeFranco, are a beautiful bastard. It's so incredible what you've done here, and you make such a big difference in so many lives. I give you so many props for just being you, and covering things in such an openly biased way, but always listening to the other side (if it's amicable), and shutting down the haters. I will continue to watch you and support you no matter how you inevitably change, because I always see change as a good and beautiful thing. <3

Sterling Edwards

Sterling Edwards . 7 months ago

Muck raking. Blech!

Maria Ana

Maria Ana . 7 months ago

your opinion about important..even if almost 0 people get it..thank you so much..

Kayla Is Undead

Kayla Is Undead . 7 months ago

I work at Walmart. We aren’t even allowed to voice our political beliefs.

Mitchell Lewer

Mitchell Lewer . 7 months ago

I just learned Thailand has a king thats cool

Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle . 7 months ago

One of the Seal member died from rescuing the boys ... RIP

Nancy Toner

Nancy Toner . 7 months ago

Tana and Shane should go to prison.


Mion . 7 months ago



Banners4459 . 7 months ago

Don't forget about the navy seal who died trying to help these kids <3


TacticalNube . 7 months ago

Don't disagree but hasn't the Tana 'Mojo' gag run enough? Her name is pronounced 'Mon-g-ew'. Like I get idubbbz said it in his video but I mean he also pronounced her name correctly and this is a news show.


JustPassingThrough . 7 months ago

Outsider looking in, having gone over the play by play, I very much believe the TanaCon situation was possible due to unprofessionalism, naivety, and inconsideration on the part of Tana, Michael, and frankly anyone involved in the "administrative" planning of this. I can understand being caught up in the momentum, and maybe forgetting a few key details. But when the ensuing crisis is staring you in the face WELL before you pull the trigger, and you still do it... you've nothing to blame but yourself. I feel little pity for most involved in this.


JustPassingThrough . 7 months ago

Huh... that Walmart story made me feel so... neutral. Upon getting Phil'd in on the facts my reaction was pretty much just, "Oh... alright then". But hey, if it's talked about in the future, now I get to sound informed... so that's certainly a positive!

Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong . 7 months ago

Is it pronounced Tana "mojo"... or is my boy Philly D just snookerin' us?


ChEiPs . 7 months ago

3:32 2200 out of 5000 is 44%, not 42%. Just for correctness' sake... :3

Zachary Darwin

Zachary Darwin . 7 months ago

"The Missing 13" coming to a cinema near you in August 2048.

Kristian Gensler

Kristian Gensler . 7 months ago

Eyy make sure to update us on what happens with those kids


C A . 7 months ago

One element that I LOVE about the Philip DeFranco Show, is that he paints a complete, unbiased picture with facts we have at the moment. He takes his time with news stories. I've heard so many people cover the story about the 13 people trapped in the cave system, but no one else took the time to talk out the details, the timeline, and the risk involved. Thank you for such great news coverage! I've been watching for many years now and I can't wait to see your network grow!


heartgirl40 . 7 months ago

nobody shops at Walmart because of their principles; people will still shop their because it's cheap


PopsicleEmperor . 7 months ago

Just be accountable and do something about it . Both micheal and tana were equally responsible so take action and move on.

Gerald Pellikaan

Gerald Pellikaan . 7 months ago

Phil, investigate the Walmart Feeding America program. Our local Walmart gave over 1000lbs. of food weekly 2 years ago, up to about 9 months ago. Walmart went through a major management change and now our local food pantry gets 200lbs or less per week of their feeding america program. They, Walmart, are trying to mark down all the items and when we now get some of the stuff (200lbs or less per week) it has to be gone through and 5% and up must be thrown out as bad for consumption... Please use your sources to find out how greedy the Walmart company really is!


SantosZox . 7 months ago

This is why i watch the philip defranco show! I see snippets and bursts of stories all over the internet and i know that here i will get the whole scoop. Thank you phil :)

B rad

B rad . 7 months ago

Throw her ass in jail. End of story.

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