Published on 4 years ago

Trailing 87-68, Houston outscored the Clippers 51-20 over the end of the third and in the fourth to shock the sellout crowd of 19,417 into near silence.


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CiTY The Don

CiTY The Don . 3 days ago

One of the biggest Collapses in NBA playoffs history by the Clippers


nahor88 . 3 weeks ago

Wow, where are these players now: Jason Terry - retired Dwight Howard - Wizards, hurt (and his 3rd team since Houston) Trevor Ariza - Phoenix then Washington (and in a losing situation) Corey Brewer - flitted around the league, now in Philly and gets little playing time Josh Smith - out of the league

David S

David S . 1 month ago

Where was James Harden


Owning . 1 month ago

so trash

Romer Opulencia

Romer Opulencia . 2 months ago

Headband rules

Sherman Ng

Sherman Ng . 2 months ago

If the Clippers won this game, history could've changed. Warriors vs. Clippers would've been a more terrific and longer rivalry.

Sherman Ng

Sherman Ng . 3 months ago

Like Magic Johnson said, the Clippers are still the Clippers.

Beats S

Beats S . 6 months ago

nice defense griffin


MixelMaker . 6 months ago

To get past the 2nd round


MixelMaker . 6 months ago

Probably the last chance for the clippers in a long time

Iliana Quintanilla

Iliana Quintanilla . 6 months ago

clippers blew a 3-1mlead


RatchetSprite . 6 months ago

This game, this game right here, destroyed the Clippers. This was their year to make the finals. Sure they probably wouldn't had beaten the Warriors, but considering they beat them 2 years before in a series, who knows.

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay . 7 months ago

This game/series was huge for both teams! If the Rockets lose, who knows whether James Harden is still there! As for the Clippers, this was their year to take it all! The Lakers were down, OKC was banged up, Golden State was still figuring it out, as were the Cavs and they blew it as only they could! This was the beginning of the end of the Lob City era!

Xeno Son Goku {Earth's protector }{Base}

Xeno Son Goku {Earth's protector }{Base} . 7 months ago

Looking back on this... and Chris Paul is on the Rockets now. lol Paul said it himself, "I've been up 3-1 and sh*t went real bad for me.


ElMaRZYT Zx . 7 months ago


Christopher Do44

Christopher Do44 . 8 months ago

My favorite game of all time lol

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson . 8 months ago

josh smith single handedly made cp3 want to change teams that night

Allen Discaya

Allen Discaya . 8 months ago

And this is how we never got to see an LAC-GS wcf 😖

Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson . 8 months ago

Yo this was crazy

Official T.N

Official T.N . 8 months ago

Josh smith kill them


supermoneymagnet1 . 8 months ago


Kaleb Crawford

Kaleb Crawford . 9 months ago

So where was james harden the whole time

Remarkable SeiF

Remarkable SeiF . 9 months ago

I hated this day.

Kareem Campbell

Kareem Campbell . 9 months ago

Josh Smith Underrated

Brad Lamb

Brad Lamb . 9 months ago


Danny Abifalah

Danny Abifalah . 9 months ago

will never forget watching this game 3 years ago...

Skip 2 My Lou

Skip 2 My Lou . 10 months ago

the biggest choke ever

William Turner

William Turner . 11 months ago

One word to describe this is damn

Nathan Pryer

Nathan Pryer . 11 months ago

As a laker fan, this is so fun to watch


Jerry . 12 months ago

was at hooters in north houston was around 11:30 on a school night everyone left from being a packed house to just 5 of us watch this comeback happen right in front of my eyes

NBA_FanBoy _04

NBA_FanBoy _04 . 12 months ago

Put the 14-15 Clippers in NBA 2K19?

Rangers Fan From Jersey

Rangers Fan From Jersey . 12 months ago

This game sums up the Clippers

Darren West

Darren West . 12 months ago

that was just fuckin nuts. Rockets had no right to get back into that 17 down facing elimination on the road wuth Harden doing nothing and on the bench. Must be in the top 5 comebacks all time. Im sure ill get reminded of others but that was absurd. Just as finishing them off back in there house for game 7. So easy could of had a let down but no came out strong. Great final 5 quarters of that series.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis . 1 year ago

The Clipps players in this video nothing but little girls. People wanna tell me how good is cp3 how the fuck u let ur team blow a 20 point lead to these bums

jack ingram

jack ingram . 1 year ago

this was the clippers year

Orange Man

Orange Man . 1 year ago

1:27 Wow, what a pass from Jordan. Lebron, Bird or Magic can't make that pass lololo

Hendrik Füllgraf

Hendrik Füllgraf . 1 year ago

Is it me or didnt harden even play in the 4th quarter

Maurice Johnson

Maurice Johnson . 1 year ago

Started the highlight up 19 and loss by 15 what a turnaround


Independent123 . 1 year ago

Rivers should be fired after this game

vincent vega

vincent vega . 1 year ago

And right there was the beggining of the emd for the clippers that absolutley crushed that team amd franchise the fans and the team was never the same after this game

Tears of War

Tears of War . 1 year ago

Clippers the type of team to blow a 4-0 lead in the finals

AD Jaso

AD Jaso . 1 year ago

Any other rockets fans come back to watch this? Lol best rockets comeback

Fernando Perez

Fernando Perez . 1 year ago

Why does Kevin McHale's voice reminds me about Rocky Balboa

Fernando Perez

Fernando Perez . 1 year ago

Clippers franchise history in a nutshell

Nobody Touches MJ

Nobody Touches MJ . 1 year ago

Chris Paul in the 4th quarter of this game, with a 13-point lead entering the 4th quarter 1-6 FG (17%) 1 rebound 0 assists 0 steals 0 blocks before a garbage time 3 at the buzzer to pad his stats and make it 2-7 FG pathetic that he couldn't close out this series against a Rockets team without Patrick Beverly

WxtchMeMove -x

WxtchMeMove -x . 1 year ago

Well cp3 and jh13 are teammates now :)

Fernando Perez

Fernando Perez . 1 year ago

The Clippers history in a nutshell

Justin Infamous

Justin Infamous . 1 year ago


M DuB 13

M DuB 13 . 1 year ago

DAWG I remember I went to sleep on this game when the Clippers had a big lead thinking "Wow Chris Paul finally made it past the second round" I woke up like WHAT THE FUCK LMAOOO THIS NIGGA CURSED


Synergist . 1 year ago

cp3 = chocker, can't get to wcf. Harden = trash, chokes like a bitch every playoffs.

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