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NoCap - Drown In My Styrofoam [Official Music Video]


Published on 2 weeks ago

NoCap - Drown In My Styrofoam

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Comments :

Tyler Griffin

Tyler Griffin . 2 weeks ago

“Catch em on a holiday Eve and we go right at em (Adam)” simple but still heat 🔥

Kyle Rackz

Kyle Rackz . 41 minutes ago

Damn man only if Top jumped on this bitch man what have been cap breakthrough single 💯still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

910 Suave

910 Suave . 4 hours ago

This is NoCaps love sick 🤞🏽💔

1MillionDolla Kae

1MillionDolla Kae . 4 hours ago


CJ TheGod

CJ TheGod . 7 hours ago

The Kevin Gates of Alabama

Big G!

Big G! . 15 hours ago

2:13 how the hell u think of this shiit?🥵

Mike So saucy

Mike So saucy . 18 hours ago

Burn up my garments burn up that designer

sunshineSZN []

sunshineSZN [] . 20 hours ago

My favourites rapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐

Matt Harris

Matt Harris . 21 hours ago

Forget this man 🤮🤮 he 🗑

Hunter Allen

Hunter Allen . 1 day ago

Bruhh put it on APPPLEEEE !!


Bitesize'sha . 1 day ago

“They say that I changed but why nobody think I’m just working hard 🥺🥺 “ So many people will never get that line

Anthony Serna

Anthony Serna . 1 day ago

Put on Apple Music 🔥🔥

Official Jah Bandz

Official Jah Bandz . 1 day ago

I'm so quick to drop my shell, this Glock cheat on Obama They only serve white in that house

216 facts

216 facts . 2 days ago

Dude got hard punchlines and metaphors a 80's baby could feel

AyoAaron Tv

AyoAaron Tv . 2 days ago

I fw this music video ❗️

Mondrae Murry

Mondrae Murry . 2 days ago

No cap soo hard wit dis music shyt

Raymond Jeffery

Raymond Jeffery . 2 days ago


Jstrxnge Channel

Jstrxnge Channel . 2 days ago

This gone my favorite fa a lil min🐐🔥🎸🧢

Devin Taylor

Devin Taylor . 2 days ago

Man this nigga goat status

Jauntae Smith

Jauntae Smith . 2 days ago

I’m so quick to drop my shell (Michelle) this glock cheating on Obama, they only serve white in this house. Narcs tryna bomb me. 🤯🔥

Jared Sour

Jared Sour . 2 days ago


Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson . 2 days ago

Me and my girl broke up that's what brought me here

Fan Dance

Fan Dance . 2 days ago

We need this on Apple Music

MadeXWithXLove 13

MadeXWithXLove 13 . 2 days ago

Play on 0.75x Hit different 🔥🔥🔥

Shawn Lewis

Shawn Lewis . 2 days ago

I swear I feel where he coming from 🅱️lood if you from the streets and had to grow up fast and pay bills for moms and help out and watch yo lil bro and sis you know where he coming from and can understand and relate

Young Kilow

Young Kilow . 2 days ago


Quincy Avila

Quincy Avila . 2 days ago

He’s so underrated bruh

Akeem Sadler

Akeem Sadler . 2 days ago

Hardest out right now for sure

Kee Murda

Kee Murda . 2 days ago

Yo hardest song ever woe 💯💯

Demario Fields

Demario Fields . 2 days ago

Here for the underdog

Priceless TimelessFlowz

Priceless TimelessFlowz . 2 days ago

If you love good music you would love this tune. https://youtu.be/-DIDnPbZHKY

Da.0nly. Nidra

Da.0nly. Nidra . 3 days ago

Is this on Apple Music😖 ?


TtrillGaming . 3 days ago

Why this not on Apple Music


Bambeast403 . 3 days ago

1mil in a week 👀 don’t play wit him

Rasta Stay Busy

Rasta Stay Busy . 3 days ago

https://youtu.be/LchwAbtWgYg 🔥🔥

Carmonted Duncan

Carmonted Duncan . 3 days ago

Bumping this shit everyday riding through Memphis901!

Judaean Hebrew

Judaean Hebrew . 3 days ago

Too much emo druggy rap nowadays 🤦🏾


JWAS TV. . 3 days ago

Sounds like lil baby ☠️

2k Subs Without Any Videos ?

2k Subs Without Any Videos ? . 3 days ago

“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀


Andrew_bermudezz . 3 days ago

Can you put this on Apple Music now please

Slowed Songs

Slowed Songs . 3 days ago

If NoCap Dont Trust You Ima Buss Ya

Marcus Avery

Marcus Avery . 3 days ago



Mainegoliveee . 3 days ago

Bruh in the neck brace at 2:01 had me dying

scaasi mannery

scaasi mannery . 3 days ago

Need on Apple Music

YB Entertainment

YB Entertainment . 3 days ago

New artist hit me to get your songs mixed 😬

MeMe '

MeMe ' . 3 days ago

No cap stupid for signing for nba instead of 4pf NBA can’t even handle quando they barely post him n his album flopped they only worry is the big boss. Lil baby bosses up his artists frfr

Centrell Williams

Centrell Williams . 3 days ago

No Cap the truth. Alabama stand up. Memphis stand up.🔥💯

Yasser Amri

Yasser Amri . 3 days ago

Need to upload to spotify

Reaal Spazz

Reaal Spazz . 3 days ago

put this on apple music

Brendan Fogel

Brendan Fogel . 3 days ago

He said fucked around and sold the game I’m not dragic😭

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