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These Guys Can Hack A Boosted Board | WIRED


Published on 5 years ago

A pair of security researchers can hack into some electric skateboard's Bluetooth controllers and pull the boards out from under a rider's feet.

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These Guys Can Hack A Boosted Board | WIRED

Comments :

Ray Chiu

Ray Chiu . 6 months ago

If it's hackable, I wonder why no one has figured out how to upgrade the Hobby Wing remotes on the Lacroix, Baja or Kaly NYC boards. There's a whole DIY community and no one has found a solution

LabPartners . 6 months ago

So did boosted boards ever mitigate the problem?

MikeComedies . 11 months ago

Great :/

BigMoney-T . 12 months ago

Hey guys my battery on my v1 is shot. I want to do a custom battery but is the bluetooth module built into the BMS or the VESC ?
heres _butler

heres _butler . 1 year ago

Casey neistats weakness
Zaiton Syed

Zaiton Syed . 2 years ago

Mall grab
Jesse King

Jesse King . 2 years ago

Nathan Reed

Nathan Reed . 2 years ago

There are millions of smartphones people can hack and get info but no they want to hack a skateboard
Levi Lim

Levi Lim . 2 years ago

Berean Smith

Berean Smith . 2 years ago

Why are you giving people ideas?

Shad0z . 3 years ago

What did you hack it with? There i a whole community who are trying to remove or raise the speed limit of the "ninebot mini pro" we have nailed it down to some firmaware but no one knows how to edit the firmware other than that the ninebot connects to an app via bluetooth and can send firmware updates help will be apreciated maybe even someone willing to pay

Plagueless . 3 years ago

These guys are a joke who hacks on a Mack unless they use windows on it

Necrostar . 3 years ago

Better than watch dogs 2 :D

SebastianAsian . 3 years ago

They just want to show off their programming skills. Oh yeah it's at risk. Do you also know someone can spray wd-40 on your brake disc when parked outside?
Sean Thomas

Sean Thomas . 3 years ago

The hacker would need to be within 35 feet of you... if he made you get off your board you'd just beat the shit out of the douche bag with the antennas up in the air plugged into a laptop...

KingShoter007 . 3 years ago

You can always just from it if someone hacks it.
Ryan Ives

Ryan Ives . 3 years ago

So basically I need to watch out for people running along side me at 22mph with a lap top and some antennas...got it.
Earl Bernardo

Earl Bernardo . 3 years ago

Leo Brazz

Leo Brazz . 3 years ago

who cares. not me
Bob 1

Bob 1 . 3 years ago

PLEEEAAAAASSSEEEE do this to Casey Niestat haha.
Jesse Patterson

Jesse Patterson . 3 years ago

this was patched 11 days after this video, which states that most OEMs care so little that this has to be public. I guess you guys were wrong, and probably didn't even get in touch. Thanks for making my commute more secure tho.

ZideYT2 . 4 years ago

Seems interesting. I am currently trying to modify my boards firmware so it could perhaps go faster. As of right now, I have no idea on how to do so though. There is a smartphone app that comes bundled with it, maybe I can interfer with the bluetooth packet somehow?
Liam Marcon

Liam Marcon . 4 years ago

Pointless scare hacking piece. Nobody gives a shit about you or your electric skateboard and they certainly aren't going to hack you.
Making it happen Vlog

Making it happen Vlog . 4 years ago

I enjoyed this! Keep up the awesome work you are doing here! I definitely will subscribe to your channel! 🤗
Mohammad Islam

Mohammad Islam . 4 years ago

oh yah because people do this every day you fucking idiots to jam is illigal as fuck
Ioan Katalin

Ioan Katalin . 4 years ago

illegal as fuck to jam
The Giant Is Waking

The Giant Is Waking . 4 years ago

Enertion Raptor is the best/fastest electric skateboard

sahlool . 4 years ago

37 boosted thief disliked the video

Randuski . 4 years ago

It takes too much effort to research where a person goes on his board, and camp out ahead of time with a computer just to hack it. Chances are he zips by too fast for you to make a connection, and even if you did, What happens after that? So you knocked the guy down. Then what? What's the freakin point. There's no way you're gonna get away with his board.

sharkaac51 . 4 years ago

If you want to save a $100 on your Boosted Board V2 please feel free to use my referral link! http://boostedboards.com/?ct-referral-code=6GBszZ3u

houssam9991 . 4 years ago

Casey is in danger
Yagavitch OLD

Yagavitch OLD . 4 years ago

noobs those are long boards
Umuahjoku Amadi-Obi

Umuahjoku Amadi-Obi . 4 years ago

Someone tweet Boosted this link and hope they do something about it o-o
story time

story time . 4 years ago

i will create a virus and tell people look there is a risk ...my point is you guys should find something better to do than hacking e-boards. you can do better than that.

dfrost . 4 years ago

J Wightman

J Wightman . 4 years ago

Completely useless vid
Rogue Chronicles

Rogue Chronicles . 4 years ago

from my understanding the skateboard can only connect to one device at a time using the bluetooth. so if you using it you can't be hacked maybe if your controller is off then yes.
Jake Abel

Jake Abel . 4 years ago

It seems like people don't get that they hacked the board. They mentioned is was not encrypted so that means it can just be automated you don't need to hang around to hack it just write some code. It looks like you could just have a computer in your apartment doing this to any rider that comes near your place. Another easy option is a laptop with a few charging batteries so it can last 3 days and hide it in a bush. This is a hack that could be used to fling a board into traffic.

marsdog . 4 years ago

Use 2.4ghz

Frownland . 4 years ago

it can only go forwards and backwards, it can't turn. in the best case you would chase it until it hits something and then pick it up
Kimiko Kasai

Kimiko Kasai . 4 years ago

time ... time is what you need to hack something ......

Beni . 4 years ago

Why not just buy a regular board?
Shaked Abadi

Shaked Abadi . 4 years ago

Fixed! http://boostedboards.com/bluetooth-hack-fixed-and-available-for-download-soon/
Jake Methner

Jake Methner . 4 years ago

Bluetooth doesn't even transmit that far, who would actually hack a skateboard to steal it? They would have to follow it some distance.
Akeem Andrew

Akeem Andrew . 4 years ago

We can hack peoples cars now I doubt people will take the time to hack someones skateboard
FlowMec Go

FlowMec Go . 4 years ago

Why would you want to do this tho?
mc woof woofington

mc woof woofington . 4 years ago

I really don't think there is a risk, Electronic long-boards are pretty rare to come across when in the city and its not like someone is there and ready to take it over.
Xinia Chinchilla

Xinia Chinchilla . 4 years ago


Random-shiz . 5 years ago

To sketchy Rodin the boosted board every time I ride I have people ask me how much and where I got it from.. And people have killed for 1000$ chains where I'm from so I try not to stop lol
Hover Houston

Hover Houston . 5 years ago

another reason the Evolve boards are best!

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