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Milner's late penalty maintains perfect start | Liverpool vs Leicester City
Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch key highlights from LFC's Premier League victory over the Foxes at Anfield, as James Milner and Sadio Mane struck either side of James Maddison's goal.

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Comments :

thabiso nyirenda

thabiso nyirenda . 3 days ago

Mane will make things happen on sunday go liver go

Flaymz Gamez

Flaymz Gamez . 3 days ago

No man like Milner

Jackson Silva Barbosa

Jackson Silva Barbosa . 4 days ago

Flamengo will finish this Liverpool in the decision of the interclub World Cup ... Again kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

ruben fernandes

ruben fernandes . 5 days ago

super liverpool fc

Facu E.

Facu E. . 6 days ago

Vamos Liverpool!! El masgrande de Inglaterra

Robin Göransson

Robin Göransson . 1 week ago

Van dijk??!!


EDDY GUNAWAN . 1 week ago

origi bring luck even when he doesnt play well



I love and respect aderson on how quickly he picked da ball to milner to take da penalty.....

Raul Fernández

Raul Fernández . 1 week ago

Milner en modo"oso"

Asad Ullah

Asad Ullah . 1 week ago

Is it just me who likes the sound when the ball hits the net?

Z_G Editing

Z_G Editing . 1 week ago

Pertahanan ya kurang baik

01023102246 العشوائيات

01023102246 العشوائيات . 1 week ago

There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and The Islam is the religion with Allah

zr 06

zr 06 . 1 week ago

Klopp reminds of Zeke from anime : Attack on Titan

Rusni Ani

Rusni Ani . 1 week ago

joged bungbung

Harum Mawarti

Harum Mawarti . 1 week ago

Selamat tranding topik indonesia

Rifki Lazuardi

Rifki Lazuardi . 1 week ago

Mane best actor 😅

Artu Ric

Artu Ric . 1 week ago

Perfect!!! Such a good beginning this season 24 points 1st Place 💪 👍

Muhammad El

Muhammad El . 1 week ago

Ada bendera indonesia

Gabriel Gonçalves

Gabriel Gonçalves . 2 weeks ago

Esse time do Leicester é enjoado hein... Caramba

raphous odoki

raphous odoki . 2 weeks ago

Where would Liverpool be without Mane? I'm just wondering


LAKO GAMING . 2 weeks ago

Ada benderah indo coyy

Anggun Bowo77

Anggun Bowo77 . 2 weeks ago

Apa cuma gue ya yg fokus ada bendera INDONESIA..Wkwkwk

Tom Yates

Tom Yates . 2 weeks ago

If you want to see the definition of a dive... look no further.

Mbul Man

Mbul Man . 2 weeks ago

Yg ngeliat bendera indonesia. Kalian pake resolusi 240p ya?? Itu bkan bndera indonesia, itu bendera mesir ada itemnya..,

Mbul Man

Mbul Man . 2 weeks ago

Gara2 gk ada beinsport yg sering trending TV official ny..,

Josephus Christy

Josephus Christy . 2 weeks ago



Daris . 2 weeks ago

Milner 😍😍😍


ELIJAH NYACHWAYA . 2 weeks ago

Poor defending by Leicester city.They are not Barcelona to joke with the ball in their box.Just clear the ball to the stands and get a point

Iwan Doank12

Iwan Doank12 . 2 weeks ago

Liverpool lagi beruntung

Robyn Callow

Robyn Callow . 2 weeks ago

Don’t make that video because kloop will be angry

Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux . 2 weeks ago

Definitely a penalty. Easy pass to lallana for an empty netter 2-1.

Wong Blora

Wong Blora . 2 weeks ago

Mantul broh

Gita Juliani

Gita Juliani . 2 weeks ago

Is there indonesia's flag?!!!!

Radai Basumatary

Radai Basumatary . 2 weeks ago

Mane's improving Salah's improving Firmino's improving Vandijk's improving Alisson improving


Mauro RAELIANO . 2 weeks ago


ikha Cipitt

ikha Cipitt . 2 weeks ago

Menit 0:07 kaya ada yg megang bendera indonesia 🇮🇩 ☺

Fredy Dimuna

Fredy Dimuna . 2 weeks ago

I'm sure this season is for liverpool

adriel wo

adriel wo . 2 weeks ago

I hope Liverpool should give chances for Lallana to play.

Riani Bima

Riani Bima . 2 weeks ago

Bendera indonesia

Ivrish con-Abarth

Ivrish con-Abarth . 2 weeks ago

If there is an asteroid size of Mars approaching the Earth, and there´s a penalty to make it miss the Earth, out of the whole population over 7 billion, it´s James Milner you want to take it.


veo1960 . 2 weeks ago

I hope I can leave a message here, reaching the person in question: James Milner, you are a true blue collar hero! Lots of stars, but WHAT a real man! I salute you!

syamsul tual

syamsul tual . 2 weeks ago

Liverpool is the best on the world

Tyyrion Lannister

Tyyrion Lannister . 2 weeks ago

I have waited so fucking Long. Every single year. Next year my firstborn is out. Can’t be a better year!!!

Davin Ch

Davin Ch . 2 weeks ago

Ada bendera indonesia

natan bds stronda

natan bds stronda . 2 weeks ago

Liverpool have to rob to win lol

kwong wing lai

kwong wing lai . 2 weeks ago


timo rammy

timo rammy . 2 weeks ago

Liverpool full of poor people who get kicked out of Ireland cos they couldnt grow enough potatoes and now sit on the dole and watch football on the weekend ...city of dreams lol go get a job instead of supporting a terrorist (mohammed salah)

timo rammy

timo rammy . 2 weeks ago

why is everyone helping liverpool win the league oh because they cant do it by thenselves... 30 years bitches !!... and mane diving like tom daley ... mad to know that a terrorist and an african make more money than the whole of liverpool at the dole office

John Quinn

John Quinn . 2 weeks ago

I’m unbelievable happy with our club and owners and the boss king of the lop kloop he stuck with his same team from last season why bcoz he knows this team he has made is the best in league and I’m delighted he brought no one big in bcoz we have the massive talent already we will do it this season the hurt we had last season we’ll kloop will use this and simple win league we have to pick champions league and league that’s it league 1st then everything else will come kloop is going all out big time to have us the title we deserve

Max !

Max ! . 2 weeks ago

Tranding in Indonesia

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