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Review: Best DJI Spark Storage Cases!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 3 years ago

We review 8 different cases, to find the best DJI Spark case for your drone. Plus a GIVEAWAY for our subscribers!
See full list on our site: https://techwewant.com/dji-spark-accessories-b580ecebaa4c

Zipper case- http://amzn.to/2y5juc4
Simple $10 Case- http://amzn.to/2y5jj0m
Tiny Hard Case $14- http://amzn.to/2ygeF0z
Compact Molded case $24- http://amzn.to/2wjFKSX
Deyard Carbon Fiber Case (our favorite) $28- http://amzn.to/2xavhbm (Save 10% with coupon H9SQ93JO)
Dual Compartment Case $60- http://amzn.to/2xavw6g
PolarPro XL Case (fits Mavic + Spark) $35- http://amzn.to/2h8JvAo
Ultra Hard shell Case $39- http://amzn.to/2xqdLAj

Music- Enjoy by Joakim Karud

Comments :

Victor the Gee

Victor the Gee . 14 hours ago

After owning the deyard its perfect for my 4 batteries r2d2 spark and extra supplies. Awesomeness in one.
Robel King

Robel King . 11 months ago

I will like to have the dare I’m case because I have a I GJI spark
Blake Cremeans

Blake Cremeans . 1 year ago

anything with a shoulder strap?
100k subscribers Challenge

100k subscribers Challenge . 1 year ago

I want any case pls
Ewan Brown

Ewan Brown . 1 year ago

I’ve subscribed and liked and I would like the military grade hard case please
Mike Haskins

Mike Haskins . 1 year ago

Definitely the hard case, I am out in the field a lot good video
Joshua B

Joshua B . 1 year ago

Awesome review guys. I like the last case
Ansar alee

Ansar alee . 2 years ago

I like deyard carbon fiber case because it is a hard case and it is also very cheap in price
Bradley stupid Adair vlogs

Bradley stupid Adair vlogs . 2 years ago

I am your first subscriber
Bradley stupid Adair vlogs

Bradley stupid Adair vlogs . 2 years ago

Bradley stupid Adair vlogs

Bradley stupid Adair vlogs . 2 years ago

I subbed u have good vids I like the red and black one
Shaukat Khanam

Shaukat Khanam . 2 years ago

The traveling bag with spark fly more combo can the remote drone battery charger can fit in it
Roger St martin

Roger St martin . 2 years ago

I just received my deyard case today seems worth the money 💰 25 dollars 💵 time will tell.
spaceman 8963

spaceman 8963 . 2 years ago

I would like to win the hard case that's weather sealed water sealed because I do a lot of Outback riding
john roberts

john roberts . 2 years ago

I love the military grade case
Patrick Butler Entertainment

Patrick Butler Entertainment . 2 years ago

The Nanuk 905 is in my opinion the best “hard-case” you can buy for the Spark. It holds the Spark, two extra batteries, the controller, your phone, charging cable and spare props in a tiny case. It even comes in different colors. It’s very well made.
Hungarian Eagle

Hungarian Eagle . 2 years ago

My favorte was the military bag

allansegel . 2 years ago

I really like the look of the Deyard Waterproof Case!

Brandon772 . 2 years ago

At 2:32 that case can fit the Spark and Mavic but it can’t fit both remote controllers. You might have to fly the Spark or Mavic with just a mobile device.

max . 2 years ago

I liked the last one the hard case as that would be great for traveling
Donald CD

Donald CD . 2 years ago

Military Grade case for me :)
Kamila's Channel

Kamila's Channel . 2 years ago

Post more videos like this plz

Photonerd . 2 years ago

I think I would go for the tiny hard case, it would fit in my backpack for hikes ideal.
Harrison Sharp

Harrison Sharp . 2 years ago

I think the tool box one was the coolest it had space both sides for my drone and is one of the best cases I’ve seen that I actually like
Gage Summerfield

Gage Summerfield . 2 years ago

The case I would want is the one that holds all of the sd cards. I would want this one because if I run out of storage on 1 I can put it back and grab a new one.
Qba Z

Qba Z . 2 years ago

Got a like for the content but mostly thanks to your DOG ! hahah
Rayazan Khan

Rayazan Khan . 2 years ago

Where we can order tht 60$ zipper case ? Reply me
Barry Friedlander

Barry Friedlander . 2 years ago

The 2 sided compartment case with abundant storage, looks really great. It's been months so the give away is probably over but no matter that's my initial impression.

A-Tick . 2 years ago

The red and black bag. I am buying if a dji Spark and really need a nice bag. Please pick me
Roni Liz

Roni Liz . 2 years ago

Roni want the military grade case because in my place drone fall easily
Steven West

Steven West . 2 years ago

I would go for the Deyard case for sure. It’s the most reasonably priced with the most storage and protection. It looks well made and everything is accessible at once. I also like the one that follows it with the two sides that open, but it seems less convenient for accessing everything. Thanks for the video - very helpful.
Roman Dabrowski

Roman Dabrowski . 2 years ago

Nice video!!
Roman Dabrowski

Roman Dabrowski . 2 years ago

I want to have the 28$ case. Because my spark is unprotectet now.😉

MrJullman . 2 years ago

They are all nice. I like the lockable one the best
Mike Cameramike

Mike Cameramike . 2 years ago

I like a combination. Allows to take the 2 inner cases in different size backpack or bicycle pack. https://youtu.be/IsEdYxJFOwQ

tibadoe . 2 years ago

Deyard Waterproof Case - it's the best case for the money hands down!! Thanks for the review.

ItsLando . 2 years ago

Did i win?
J. Per

J. Per . 2 years ago

Excile case by polar pro. I love the fit and the case as a whole
Dim Anas

Dim Anas . 3 years ago

Exelent video! The red and black!!!! It fits everything so nice!!!

Sammo_Mils . 3 years ago

My favourite is your favourite! (the red and black one!)
Luigi Salvi

Luigi Salvi . 3 years ago

I liked the last military one, will protect and has extra space for my 4 batteries !!! Nice videos btw.
Nick Schembri

Nick Schembri . 3 years ago

Deyard carbon case as it looks great and fits all the things I need still keeping the spark safe and protected 👍🏼
Julian Foster

Julian Foster . 3 years ago

1:45 @ zipper case hands down I have been looking for a case that fits all the little dodads. I need the extra room
Diego Padre

Diego Padre . 3 years ago

I like the red and black one the best.

fred1boot . 3 years ago

Will the FSLabs charger fit in the Deyard case?
Sergio Vegaz

Sergio Vegaz . 3 years ago

Great info and review, thanks! As a new Spark owner I want to make the best of my new drone and have the best care and support details around to enhance and enjoy a long long time of fun and sharing both within my central activities on videos and simple joy of flight emotions and relaxing. I'd like to get a Deyard case (the $28 one) as I find it the most complete and nice looking to my taste :) Thanks again and greetings from Mexico amigos!
Oli Wilson

Oli Wilson . 3 years ago

I would love the military case as i live on a farm and world protect my spark which i sved up for ages for. I Also love your videos.
Adam Jack

Adam Jack . 3 years ago

pls do gopro bags
Steven Harns

Steven Harns . 3 years ago

The minimalist cases seem to best suite the sparks compact design. I just received my spark and was blown away with the exceptional build quality and technology. For my money I like the rugged functionality of the ultra hard shell case. It's a bargain at the price point. If I get a Mavic I would definitely go with a PolarPro XL case.
Walter Zuluaga

Walter Zuluaga . 3 years ago

Deyard case looks like the best one to me

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