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Lisa Holt Design

Lisa Holt Design

Published on 1 year ago

In my Top 10 IKEA HOME OFFICE TIPS AND HACKS, I show you great tips for how to set up a complete “work from Home” home office with IKEA products and some savvy hacks! I hit 5 main concerns; storage, privacy, lighting, desks, & seating. I show you how you can work from small spaces, bedrooms, closets, garages, basements, living rooms, dining rooms, and how to create privacy for Zoom, conference calls, Zoom meetings, virtual meetings, etc!
I show great options for small spaces, standing desks, work surfaces, shelving, file cabinets, file storage, book shelves, desk systems, storage systems, room dividers, desk chairs, conference chairs, seating, stools, pegboards, organizers, desktop accessories, kids desks, children's’ storage, rolling carts, task and work lights, paper management, even flower vases.

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Comments :

Lisa Holt Design

Lisa Holt Design . 1 year ago

Hey everybody! Hope you guys enjoy this new Ikea Home Office video!!! Please comment, Like and Subscribe:))) If you want to know more about the DESIGNCLUB get onto my email list at www.lisaholtdesign.com!

Stanislava Georgieva - Kabaivanov

Stanislava Georgieva - Kabaivanov . 3 days ago

that's great , but Ikea office things can create a lot of clutter, I like Besta line if I can get in stock . Everything has doors, so you don't see all your things on open shelves and less dust and clutter .

Mike Roscoe UK

Mike Roscoe UK . 2 weeks ago

all affiliate links

Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee . 3 weeks ago

This is awesome. Would you have any suggestions how to reduce echo in the room? I sound like I'm dialing in for calls from a cave....

Sean Lucero

Sean Lucero . 4 weeks ago

Need to be very picky about desks at Ikea.... quality not always good

Sean Lucero

Sean Lucero . 4 weeks ago

Lock on the door.... critical

Gloria Koch

Gloria Koch . 1 month ago

I need a couple of drawers with dividers in them to make them vertically file cabinets.

my creative place

my creative place . 2 months ago

Hello from Austria! :-) This was the first video I saw from your channel - I love it and I subscribed!

Courtney Lirette

Courtney Lirette . 2 months ago

This is all great but what if you have a too big clunky executive desk that your husband refuses to get rid of 😔..

Betsy Hada

Betsy Hada . 3 months ago

Do you know how to figure out your "IKEA Furniture Name"? You take your first name, reverse the letters, and add some kind of Scandinavian diacritical mark over the first vowel (think umlaut, etc.). The furniture "named after" you would be called Äsil. Mine is Ÿsteb.


DeafDiver3279 . 3 months ago

nice... there's no video about bedroom combo with an office.

cs creative

cs creative . 3 months ago

Office envy 😍

Tommy 'TomTom' Tomestini

Tommy 'TomTom' Tomestini . 3 months ago

IKEA ad ends at 10 minute mark ... then comes the "Hacks"...

Stampers Secret

Stampers Secret . 4 months ago

Hello from Dallas, Lisa!

suttidet klongbunchee

suttidet klongbunchee . 4 months ago

Love your videos, thanks for the idea

P. Wingert

P. Wingert . 4 months ago

I don't recommend free standing glass top that is not supported by a surface beneath. I had one stress shatter and all the equipment fell through and sustained some damage.

P. Wingert

P. Wingert . 4 months ago

The top wood surface you show is an IKEA Karlby countertop. I got one of those and again used the Capita legs to raise it up off each of the three sets of Alex drawers. It gives me a place to slide things that I don't want on the desk surface. such as a USB HUB. Or an organizer tray.

P. Wingert

P. Wingert . 4 months ago

I made a tv riser using four of the CAPITA Legs and a commercial shelf that was a bit thicker and denser/heavier than a retail product for my 55" TV which doubles as a monitor for working in the living room.

P. Wingert

P. Wingert . 4 months ago

The youtube video by Byte review titled: Desk Setup Organization | IKEA PEGBOARD Camera Charger! has some really smart ideas for SKADIS pegboard. There are several of these to look at some not in elnglish.

P. Wingert

P. Wingert . 4 months ago

A really good option for task lighting is an over the monitor light such as the Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp, Screen Lamp Monitor Light Bar with Auto-Dimming &Hue Adjustment on Amazon. It takes up no space on your desk and can be part of your travel kit for your laptop. There are other manufacturers as well for this product. I have the BaseUs version. It's great if you have an external monitor as well. Mounting the monitor to the wall on an extending fully articulating mount is a great idea as well to keep the desk surface clear. Or you can use a Poppin monitor riser. You can even mount it on the SKADIS Pegboard top if you want. Done that as well for my charging station by setting it in a small SKADIS accessory tray mounted on the top edge.

P. Wingert

P. Wingert . 4 months ago

With Skadis if you can't find the elements you need you can use the 3M command strips to mount what you need neatly and conveniently, and they can be changed very easily. I set up a battery charging station with this idea. The command strips can hold up to 13 pounds or as little as one. There are these nice small clothes pin style clips in the command strip line that work really nice for the Skadis to clip active documents onto. The other thing you can do is get 3D printable Skadis compatible fixtures from thingaverse.com or other 3D printing sites then go to your local library and 3D print what you need. a bit of finishing and sanding and you have a nice fixture that fits. You may have to take qualifying courses. If you are doing it in bulk, you can contract to have them produced by the case.

P. Wingert

P. Wingert . 4 months ago

Honestly, for documents, I classify them into active and reference. If they are references, I convert them to PDF documents and store them in my Microsoft one drive using the Microsoft Office Lens application. I also import them into Microsoft One Note for project or task references. Most note-taking software allows this kind of import. I only keep the original if there is a need for proof of originality either of the document of a signature and date on the document. It is possible to have your lawyer qualify these types of documents as certified true copies and to put an encryption key on them to preserve their integrity. For active documents, I have an accordion folder that I change the tabs on depending on what documents are being stored in there. I also keep according to files for projects that have active documents, or I put them into a transparent document case and label the case by having a label holder I can change based on project or stage. I also will PDF chapters of books for educational courses or find a similar book online. I then PDF print the chapters out of the book and file them with lecture and project or topic notes. A 500 sqft condo doesn't have space for work papers to lay around.

Shaunie L

Shaunie L . 4 months ago

Great idea! I need to set up office in living room. But I have no walls only space is in front of windows.

Fizie Don

Fizie Don . 4 months ago

Love it, Like it From IKEA Damansara😍

Robin Reichert

Robin Reichert . 5 months ago

Thank you so much for this video! I had no idea Ikea had so many great office pieces and how customizable they are! I searched all over for what I wanted for my new office and for my partner's and had come to a stand still until I watched this!

Patricia Hull

Patricia Hull . 5 months ago

Thanks, Lisa. Helping my grand daughter set up a home office for her new job. Great tips AND to the point. Your enthusiasm and upbeat attitude makes for great communicating.

Miss Potter

Miss Potter . 5 months ago

Love that cat! 🥰 🐈

The Divine Ms A

The Divine Ms A . 5 months ago

This is great. I'm going for one of those standing desks with the draw shelf on top and a groovy height adjustable stool. Thank you!

N Grubbs

N Grubbs . 5 months ago

this is AWESOME! So many wonderful products i'm not sure which one to get!

Cornie Driedger

Cornie Driedger . 5 months ago

Thank you for this awesome vid!!

Mia Olbrich

Mia Olbrich . 6 months ago

Hey! I would love to know if the shelf behind you is from ikea, too? 🥰

Bette Davis

Bette Davis . 6 months ago

My husband and I dowsized to a full size bed in our bedroom and it makes a world of difference!

Bette Davis

Bette Davis . 6 months ago

Would you suggest 2 love seats for a den instead of a couch and loveseat if you need seating in center of room, but don't want it to take up the whole room? Also love the smaller tables instead of coffee tables--I need to do this

Weronika Pietrzak

Weronika Pietrzak . 6 months ago

What is it called? That desk in 9:57. I love it and I can't find it :/

Zaara Zaara

Zaara Zaara . 6 months ago

You have an awesome inspirational vibe...🙏🥂

Patricia Seyfferle

Patricia Seyfferle . 7 months ago

I wish they had boxes or bins for Kallax or other shelving systems that would hold hanging files, or had kits that would fit their bins

Andy Harrier

Andy Harrier . 7 months ago

Me and my girlfriend love your videos. We are moving into a two bedroom apartment and making one of the bedrooms an office. This video helps a lot, because the office room that we are going to get is going to be very small.

Alistair Stanger

Alistair Stanger . 7 months ago

@4.16, are those wooden drawers and dividers in the unit from IKEA too?

Jonathan Boyle

Jonathan Boyle . 7 months ago

I use the Greja napkin holder as a vertical laptop stand in my office at work.


ANDERSON & SJOQUIST . 7 months ago

IKEA needs to transition to better quality, sustainable, solid and natural design and make

Eduardo Pena

Eduardo Pena . 7 months ago

Wow, I like the video production and the actitud


DBSF . 7 months ago

Dort forget IKEA EKET ... perfect modular Storage system.


王若冰 . 7 months ago

2:40 “what I really love is the 😛melm🐸”


Beatrice . 7 months ago

So many great ideas. Thank you!


Go2therock . 7 months ago

Perfect timing. My office doubles as a guest room with a day bed. I've been musing over what changes to make. The Stradman(?) chair and ottoman are on the list. I have a desk very much like the Skarsta. It's an old chemistry lab table.

꧁ Charlie Ville ꧂

꧁ Charlie Ville ꧂ . 7 months ago

I currently have a loft bed and my desk is under it and I’ve been thinking of what to do with it as I’m now in yr 5 and my homework is online so I’m spending more time at my desk and somehow did not ever think of using IKEA 🤣

Florisa Nogueira

Florisa Nogueira . 8 months ago

I bought the LÅNGFJÄLL office chair for working from home because my dining room chair was killing my back. I really love it!


Valkyrie_ . 8 months ago

7:15 she talks about the speaker light, but what is that closetthing! I love it

Hà Trần

Hà Trần . 8 months ago

Your video helps me so much in decorating your home office space, and i choose buy a canvas prints in here to decor, http://alleycorner.com/product-category/office/


iamfree2be . 8 months ago

Good information and great tips. However, when doing the top 10, the visuals stopped. That’s when I needed it the most. 😔

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