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Lift EFoil: Behind The Scenes
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 2 years ago

First ride, initial reactions and interview of the Lift Foil team
Lift eFoil- https://liftfoils.com/
Song- https://soundcloud.com/keats-collective/hall-oats-sarah-smile-mtbrd-x

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Fred . 2 weeks ago

I want to try it, is there a Lift eFoil in Berlin by any chance?
Billy Roy Smith

Billy Roy Smith . 4 weeks ago

Unbelievable product. I live on the Intercostal in Florida and two young girls “fly” by us twice a day.... I don’t know $12,000 giving you the ability to fly seems worth it to me amazing technology.
Isikeli Walls

Isikeli Walls . 4 months ago

What’s the song 2:18 please
Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards . 7 months ago

The e-foil is a heck of a lot of fun but he’s clueless on wake boats. They won’t be electric anytime soon. The energy density of batteries is nowhere close to run a wakeboat for any amount of time.

Familytime1 . 11 months ago

Best product I bought in a long time. It’s like my iphone. We are out every day in Miami😎
Chris Miller

Chris Miller . 1 year ago

they for sure fucked up by pricing it at 12000.. too many other killer options for way less money
Chris Miller

Chris Miller . 1 year ago

by a sweet open bow mid 90s ski boat for 5000 bucks and then buy a clearwater foil diy kit and buid your own and youll have 6000 dollars leftover. or learn to kitesurf and foil with that.. 12000 is so not worth buying.. Sweet foils though.
Cyumadbro summit

Cyumadbro summit . 1 year ago

I guess having bought two fully electric 55 mph Stealth Bomber bikes at $12k per piece ( yes worth it, as it replaced my motorcycles) this isn't really a stretch. I'd need to try it first and be 100% certain I wouldn't stuck in backorder hell.
Ronald Burgandie

Ronald Burgandie . 1 year ago

2019: Let’s get to market first boys and kill it at $12,000. We’ll sell these fools on “value” and “availability”. 2021: Welp, this inflated pricing never worked as a long term strategy and instead opened up a huge pathway for competition. Now, we have to sell for a price way lower than we ever dreamed of because we didn’t do it right years ago, and the competition (which is inferior) came in at a reasonable price off the rip... adding to their legitimacy as a non price-gouging ignorant company.
Abraham Shouse

Abraham Shouse . 1 year ago

Battery is now 3500$
Ken Brock

Ken Brock . 1 year ago

"Loyal to the foil?" Not the best tag. That's a term for heroin addiction. haha
Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez . 1 year ago

12,000 i would get a boat or jetski.

Tinkerwith . 2 years ago

WTF 12000 K this won't float

zero00tolerance . 2 years ago

Hey is that guy that used to work for DJI what was his name Colin Quinn or something
JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils . 2 years ago

You put all the best staff into the "behind the scenes" which nobody sees.. what a shame. really great video this one, even better than main that feels little like a commercial. Keep up good work!
JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils . 2 years ago

Look how silent it is, it's basically gliding over the surface! amazing board!
Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes . 2 years ago

Very cool for sure. BUT DAMN WAY OVER PRICED. You should have come in around $7000 and you could have owned the market. At $12000 you invite others (me included) to build our own for $3000. You say $3000 is cheaper than the $7000 I suggest for a sale, true but for $4000 It's not worth all the effort to make my own. Now for $9000 difference.... of course it is. You state your batteries are $2000, so including your foil, board ect your cost should be around $6000..... Stop trying to make so much on the sales.....

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