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How I Make My Classroom Signs & Bulletin Board Letters! | Classroom DIY
That One Happy Classroom

That One Happy Classroom

Published on 4 years ago


I've been getting a few questions on how I made my "Work hard, play nice, be kind" sign, so I decided to make a quick video on it! :)

I hope you find this helpful! :)

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Comments :

That One Happy Classroom

That One Happy Classroom . 2 years ago

Just so you know, I made an updated version of this video that DOESNT require picmonkey! Here is the link: https://youtu.be/u-8SrGrbKqI

Afsheen Inayat

Afsheen Inayat . 2 weeks ago

Thanks my dear. This was a cool way to learn. Thanks fr e Ur efforts keep safe, healthy and United with ur love ones.

Preschool Ideas, Enjoy Learning

Preschool Ideas, Enjoy Learning . 1 year ago

Thanks for the ideas❤️

Caroline Online

Caroline Online . 1 year ago

This is so cool.

yahdirs sanchez

yahdirs sanchez . 1 year ago

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Melissa Recarte

Melissa Recarte . 1 year ago

This is amazing!! Thank you 😊

Virginia Estrada

Virginia Estrada . 1 year ago

Love this!

The Electrifying Life

The Electrifying Life . 1 year ago

This is a great alternative!!!

Gowtham Smiley

Gowtham Smiley . 1 year ago

Nice video can you share this video to my whatsapp plz

Pre-k Divertido

Pre-k Divertido . 1 year ago

Love your ideas 😍

Curtis DePree

Curtis DePree . 1 year ago

I made some class posters anyone can have for free: https://mrcurtissensei.com/class-posters/

Learn With Uss

Learn With Uss . 2 years ago

Loved this tutorial! I’m totally going to use this Monday. Thanks!

Curtis DePree

Curtis DePree . 2 years ago

Free class posters here: https://mrcurtissensei.com/class-posters/

Nataliia Chaus

Nataliia Chaus . 2 years ago

Hello from Ukraine! I'm an English teacher. These ideas are very useful. Thanks!

Aubrey Smalls

Aubrey Smalls . 2 years ago

Thank you I’m going to use this!


M L . 2 years ago

Thank you

Katrina Kazmer

Katrina Kazmer . 2 years ago

What is the font that you normally use? That cursive font is awesome!

Regina Bailes

Regina Bailes . 2 years ago

You're amazing! Thank you for sharing! I wanted to buy a Cricut but it is too expensive! I love computer graphics and I am very good at creating things, you just guided me to the write place to get the final product looking fabulous and my classroom beautiful decorated! THANKS A BUNCH!

mam nars

mam nars . 2 years ago

You can also do this using the excel

Ritu singh

Ritu singh . 2 years ago

You are veryyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful 👍😊😍😍💖💖


gr1rm4 . 2 years ago

Can you show how you put it together?! Thanks!

Jill Snodgrass

Jill Snodgrass . 2 years ago

Do you have to pay for a membership to picmonkey? I am unable to export without paying...

Hot for Teaching

Hot for Teaching . 2 years ago

I am so glad I clicked on this video. Super helpful! Thank you so much.

Harsh verma

Harsh verma . 2 years ago


Chou Laowai

Chou Laowai . 3 years ago

thanks for sharing, will help to spruce up the classroom :)

Learning is fun with Meenakshi Bhatia

Learning is fun with Meenakshi Bhatia . 3 years ago

Wonderful 👍👍

Claudia Alvarado

Claudia Alvarado . 3 years ago

Great video!

Krystal Harwood

Krystal Harwood . 3 years ago

there used to be one I cant find now that one of my grade school classes had. it had a yellow background and the words DO YOU KNOW? on books or trains I think. cant find it on google images. help

R. S

R. S . 3 years ago

So helpful ! Thank you

Diana Jorge

Diana Jorge . 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing!!!

Gates Education

Gates Education . 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing I was contemplating on getting a cricket. Love the teacher community on here I have a teacher channel as well. Much love, new Subbie! 💜💜💜

Susanna Tamez

Susanna Tamez . 3 years ago

My colors are not as vibrant as they appear on the screen.

Andy M

Andy M . 3 years ago


Meryeelin Quan

Meryeelin Quan . 3 years ago

I loved your video!!!! I'm going to use these tips!!!!!

Victoria Llaguno

Victoria Llaguno . 3 years ago

Watched this again!


Susan . 3 years ago

Pic Monkey is not free to try any longer. Boo!

Vanessa B.

Vanessa B. . 3 years ago

This is great!! Going into my first year of teaching (kindergarten) & I want all the colorful decorations haha

dito nyo

dito nyo . 3 years ago

mbak klambine dikancingke

Teach GCPS

Teach GCPS . 3 years ago



TollyLovesJaydon . 3 years ago

Ahhhh! I’ve always wanted to know how everyone does this!

Philip Wangila

Philip Wangila . 4 years ago

Thanks for being resourceful...

ankita shere

ankita shere . 4 years ago

Loved ur videos...thanks for this info..great job

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson . 4 years ago

Great video! Is PicMonkey free?


LeenAileen . 4 years ago

Thank you, for showing us! I will definitely be using this! What lipstick are u wearing?!

Ravikala Udupi

Ravikala Udupi . 4 years ago

Good ..................!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!

Margaret Lewis

Margaret Lewis . 4 years ago

Wow, thank you

Jedidah-Joy Lai

Jedidah-Joy Lai . 4 years ago

Thank you for this video!! It helped me with my display board sooooooo much!!!!!

Silva Taylor

Silva Taylor . 4 years ago

no more making poster at office depot. Thanks for the tech tip and keep the videos coming. Don't worry about the haters. When you promote positivity, negativity is not far behind. Don't stress... just focus on the social impact you are having on teachers all over the world! Be blessed.

Shelly Leen

Shelly Leen . 4 years ago

I am lame! When I make signs like this, I usually just use Word & play with the settings in the Print menu...if you choose "Multiple", you can choose how many sheets it will print on. I will give your method a try because...goodness knows I have MORE printing and signs to make!! I love learning new tech savvy ways to do things. Also, add to your future shopping list a printer with tanks for ink. I live in Myanmar & our tech guy advised me to get one. I have literally printed over 12 reams of paper (much of it chalkboard decor) & have only had to refill the black ink once. He said you can sometimes find the tanks to go on a printer that takes cartridges too. Saves me so much money & time!! You will be a great teacher. Have a blessed first year!

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin . 4 years ago

have you ever made a sign with a boarder? I did one today and didn't even think about the watermark... the watermark was inside the boarder :( Thanks so the info!

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