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Let's Rock Tv - The 80's Lockdown Fest 2
Let's Rock - The Retro Festival

Let's Rock - The Retro Festival

Published on 4 months ago

The 80s Lockdown Fest 2 LIVE

Comments :


jerrylive365 . 3 weeks ago

Well done. Talented for sure. Cringeworthy without a doubt.


scatcatcnut . 3 months ago

Westworld/Elizabeth Westwood at 52.55 Sonic Boom Boy is best thing on here! Most of the rest not so great though!

Lynnie Heal

Lynnie Heal . 4 months ago


Steve Bruns

Steve Bruns . 4 months ago

This was great, but why no on-screen credits? Is there a set list anywhere?

Pp Lime

Pp Lime . 4 months ago

The Belle Stars - Sign of the Times

john lawson

john lawson . 4 months ago

well this was a MASSIVE LET DOWN

Samuel-Joseph Parry

Samuel-Joseph Parry . 4 months ago

MAD 😰😰😰😰 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iO__64mD2Hk

Mauricette PONCHEL

Mauricette PONCHEL . 4 months ago

I loved the performance of Tony hadley. As usual he was fantastic !!!! But I don't remember the title of 1st song he sang. Could someone inform me. Thank you ....

Your Sound Lady - The *Ting* - Zoe Hart

Your Sound Lady - The *Ting* - Zoe Hart . 4 months ago

Yes Jennie - 39 mins in :) Go girl. Love you!

Ert gaozhen

Ert gaozhen . 4 months ago

Once Prof. Lavee learned of Dong’s arrival, he published the following post on his Facebook page: “I naively thought that I succeeded, through the Israeli Organ Transplants Law, to completely sever any connection between Israel and China in the field of organ transplantations. I was shocked this week to discover that the city of Haifa will host the Israel-China Hi-Tech Investments Summit at the end of the month, with the participation of Prof. Dong Jiahong, who undoubtedly has blood on his hands. “Prof. Jiahong is an expert in liver transplants from Beijing, and has been involved for over 20 years in liver transplants in hundreds of patients. The livers were taken from death row prisoners and prisoners of conscientious, including Falun Gong practitioners, Uighurs, Tibetans and House Christians. These prisoners were executed on demand by the doctors for their organs, sold to the highest bidder.”


M . 4 months ago

TOYAH you go girl Love You 💜you sound the same💜

andrew owen

andrew owen . 4 months ago

toyah sounding good

Gary Kinally

Gary Kinally . 4 months ago

What's with the 17 minute countdown? It's not live now! And if you leave it goes back to 17 minutes! Ridiculous. Didn't bother.


aziz . 4 months ago

🌸🌸🌸 What is the purpose and meaning of life? https://edialogue.org/

Zvonko Pino

Zvonko Pino . 4 months ago

Hola desde Chile... Hi from Chile!!

Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas . 4 months ago

Tony Hadley never fails to deliver, brilliant! !

Doris Mavel Apaza Quispe

Doris Mavel Apaza Quispe . 4 months ago

Excelentes grupos musicales....inolvidables

Dorothy Iacino

Dorothy Iacino . 4 months ago

Love Love Love Mr. Tony Hadley! Wish we could see him more in America. An amazing voice, fabulous showman and always a gentleman.

Lianne parker

Lianne parker . 4 months ago

Pat Sharp fun house 👍🇬🇧🇬🇧

Lianne parker

Lianne parker . 4 months ago

Rosalla classic

Lianne parker

Lianne parker . 4 months ago

Haha I like dave Seen him a few times at butlins 👍


ktownmikey . 4 months ago

Here were my favorite performances yesterday during the Let’s Rock Tv 80’s Lockdown Fest 2 in order of times. What were your highlights? China Crisis 1 hour 48 minutes Toyah 2 hour 41 minutes Marc Almond 3 hour 28 minutes Jimmy Somerville/Rick Astley thing 3 hour 49 minutes OMD 3 hour 55 minutes

Nikla Antwhistle

Nikla Antwhistle . 4 months ago

Watching in Western Australia on Saturday! Fantastic

Adrian Dudley

Adrian Dudley . 4 months ago

Clare Grogan & Hazel O'Connor - teenage crushes. Still! ;)


DAVID MICHAEL PYPER . 4 months ago

Sonia should take over as the next Lulu

Amanda Giles

Amanda Giles . 4 months ago

Good one Tone!

Mark Laing

Mark Laing . 4 months ago

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃😇this or football?🥺

Diversión Techno Eurodance Music 2

Diversión Techno Eurodance Music 2 . 4 months ago

Beautiful Rozalla!!! I Love This Song... 😊❤👍

Kevin Rayner

Kevin Rayner . 4 months ago

my wife really enjoy


DAVID MICHAEL PYPER . 4 months ago

Sir Bobs hair looks like its in lockdown What about a Live Aid concert aftervall this is over if ever will be hmmmm ?

Steffen Dass

Steffen Dass . 4 months ago

I never get tired of hearing Go West's King of Wishful Thinking. Such an awesome pop tune.

merboy ontiveros

merboy ontiveros . 4 months ago

Great show

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