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Game Theory: The TRUTH Behind Nintendo's Amiibo Shortages
The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

Published on 3 years ago

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If you keep up with gaming news, then over the last two years, no doubt you've heard about the infamous Amiibo shortages, where Nintendo has failed to supply the US with enough Amiibo to meet the fan demand. But is it really a supply issue or does Nintendo have other plans? How are Europe and Japan able to have enough Amiibo but not the US? And Nintendo has historically had a pattern of creating shortages in the United States. Today, I'm looking at the economics of the Amiibo shortages to see what's really going on here.

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krazy clutz

krazy clutz . 9 hours ago

Holy wow! That makes a ton of sense!

Damion Chain

Damion Chain . 13 hours ago

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

j Boutilier

j Boutilier . 14 hours ago

Now if they would only drop the prices on their old games..


stellar702 . 22 hours ago

Was I the only one to see an apple logo in the crack of the wiimote

Dilly dAlly Doodles

Dilly dAlly Doodles . 1 day ago

I just went to five below and they’re selling amibos for 5 dollars!


ineedfwendsYT . 2 days ago

I like pigs 🐷🐖

Massive Pigster

Massive Pigster . 2 days ago

And then now with the switch

yocauseimadove s

yocauseimadove s . 2 days ago

9:42 sir meows alot?

Sonic Naruto

Sonic Naruto . 4 days ago

Anyone realize that it has 4 half rings but have three channels and the song part on that have 5 big notes

Max Baker

Max Baker . 5 days ago

Splatoon 2 Japan gear exclusives Nintendo bias confirmed


Kottonstream . 5 days ago

Nintendo is a worse company then EA


Cherowu . 5 days ago

I'm in Germany and in my area amiibo costs 12€ and from my school I would walk for 2/3 hours to the shop ;-; I mean it's not that much but still

I Should Be Doing Homework 101

I Should Be Doing Homework 101 . 5 days ago

I got the Link Wolf for $60 and it was from Russia and a Mario odyssey one in the America but my dog ate it 😭😤 but yeah I 100% think this is not a theory it’s a FACT



OHMYGOD!!! I didn't realize what literal hell my dad went through to get me and my older siblings that Wii console!!! He waited in line for nearly 6 hours just so my sister and I could finally have something to play against my brother with! Dang, I wish I could go back in time to that age!


MagicalNut . 6 days ago


RobloxGamer 12

RobloxGamer 12 . 1 week ago

Off topic. 12:52 is that the apple logo???


spike1OO1 . 1 week ago

12:54 am i the only one who sees an apple logo

The Void

The Void . 2 weeks ago

I sold one for 60$

Monica Kirwan

Monica Kirwan . 2 weeks ago

H yet rte yfgyf4t yffxgfgtfbgcyftdcvyfgtvtfytfyftt uggrhhufbttjhddhvxvhchtjcytg check.. flight


Soniccoolgamer . 2 weeks ago

#BingeWatchingGameTheoryAndFilmTheory :)

yari bekkering

yari bekkering . 2 weeks ago


Coopsdad11 :3

Coopsdad11 :3 . 2 weeks ago

Given the pig video *it was worth it*


CamoHawkEye121 . 2 weeks ago

Nintendo copied skylanders

Kale Rodriguez

Kale Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

Nintendo more like Nintendon't want to sell you amiibos

Abidin Ergül

Abidin Ergül . 3 weeks ago

Stop abusing kids brain

OverShadow Inc 2007

OverShadow Inc 2007 . 4 weeks ago

or because of the import ban

Elias Mota

Elias Mota . 4 weeks ago

I'm trying to find a Roy ambiio and found for 17 and it's more then reg

mathur aadir

mathur aadir . 4 weeks ago

Supreme: we invented supply shortages Nintendo: Hold my cup

John Honnoll

John Honnoll . 4 weeks ago

12:54 who else saw the hidden apple logo

Jdhbdbdb Hdvrv

Jdhbdbdb Hdvrv . 4 weeks ago



Ookler . 4 weeks ago

The truth is they are extremely overrated. For that price they don't do that much and are really badly produced.

Khulhu Cthulhu

Khulhu Cthulhu . 1 month ago

Aaahh... you only have this problem in the USA... I've never heard of this problem before... guess where I live

K Doodles

K Doodles . 1 month ago

10/10 intro

Harrydoger Litygamer

Harrydoger Litygamer . 1 month ago

I got it first try

Jetelson Carmelo Caberoy

Jetelson Carmelo Caberoy . 1 month ago

matpat how you know how me discover yu channel

Aled Connor-Rich

Aled Connor-Rich . 1 month ago

The pig the food damn pig


StarlightLink . 1 month ago

Hi I'm from Germany and here are also some Amiibos rare. It got lesser that Amiibos are rare but to the Time of the Video it happened a lot.


sageverd . 1 month ago

#PC master race...that has a switch but still asks why he bought it


sageverd . 1 month ago

Because people are idiots...you can 3d print anything and if that isnt enough why buy it foir a bons...atleas nou on the switch?


BUDDY and BDP . 1 month ago

Thats just how mafia works

D. Chad Quilici

D. Chad Quilici . 1 month ago

Makes me angry

Jew-Tang Clan

Jew-Tang Clan . 1 month ago

I just got a bunch of amiibos for $5 each at FiVe Below. They also had 3 piece animal crossing sets for $5.

Iantheawesome o

Iantheawesome o . 1 month ago

14:30 your welcome for some cute

Kim Josh-un

Kim Josh-un . 1 month ago

This is the same thing that happened with the switch

Natascha Klein

Natascha Klein . 1 month ago

0:15 When my math teacher gives me my class test back and I have an A

Omolola Shittu

Omolola Shittu . 1 month ago

Dat intro tho

Gaby Perez

Gaby Perez . 1 month ago

*ShAmEleSs mArKetInG WhOrEs*

It’s Steven animations btw YT

It’s Steven animations btw YT . 1 month ago

HAHA I had the wii since I was two and all you people have too wait in lines

AGC videos

AGC videos . 1 month ago

Imagine if Nintendo commented this video.

Jollylover 2017

Jollylover 2017 . 1 month ago

2001 anyone?

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