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Ed Sheeran "Happier" - Allie Sherlock cover
Allie Sherlock

Allie Sherlock

Published on 11 months ago

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hello the only

hello the only . 2 weeks ago

You are truly a star allie! Big things are heading your way your mum would be so so proud!

Juanita Fish

Juanita Fish . 2 weeks ago

2019 ❤

Ferny cakeYT

Ferny cakeYT . 4 weeks ago

She's done this song happier ed sheeran so maby times

Jacob Green

Jacob Green . 4 weeks ago

I want to do that

paul walker

paul walker . 1 month ago

This version of song provides a n another sense of feeling.☺😚 terrific

Lindsey ._.

Lindsey ._. . 3 months ago

She knows she's good... 😂

TechLunos TM

TechLunos TM . 4 months ago

Ed Sheeran's girl edition

Bogdan Savka

Bogdan Savka . 4 months ago

I Love Allie Buatiful perfomans super love,love baru senku is

Horse Girl

Horse Girl . 4 months ago

I don't only wish you to be famous and rich! No, I wish you that you're allowed to be happy. Sorry for my bad English, I am from Germany♥

nana Adi

nana Adi . 5 months ago

Your amazing god blees u

Chloé B

Chloé B . 5 months ago


Gaming Brothers

Gaming Brothers . 5 months ago

This was lovely❤️💖💖💖 you should be ed Sheehan ❤️❤️💖💖💖#youarethebestsinger❤️❤️💖💖💖😘😘😍😍

Pieter Vanassche

Pieter Vanassche . 5 months ago

Worlds best talent

khalid Almehdar

khalid Almehdar . 6 months ago

I wish if she would also sing wearing a fabulous dress or a white skirt that would be beyond majestic I swear she would look even prettier like a popstar keep going ALLIE we love you...<3

Molly Fortin

Molly Fortin . 6 months ago

How old is she ??

Kim Recto #5

Kim Recto #5 . 6 months ago

I love this song

It’s Jen

It’s Jen . 6 months ago


Ili Zafirah

Ili Zafirah . 7 months ago

amazing !!

Ka Vadri

Ka Vadri . 7 months ago

ain't nobody singing like you do...and you look like HAPPIER, every ears HAPPIER on you, I do... thank you

Books Always In My Heart

Books Always In My Heart . 8 months ago

OMG This is a MAGIC VOICE ❤️💋😭👌🏻😍😘😖💞


いな . 8 months ago

日本人いますか? 凄く上手ですね! 好きになりました! Are Japanese. Because I am not good at English, I use the translation. Mad labs may... Sorry..... Very good! Features of singing, I like! A beautiful arrangement!

Jasmine Lopez

Jasmine Lopez . 8 months ago


Jasmine Lopez

Jasmine Lopez . 8 months ago


Remon Chowdhury

Remon Chowdhury . 8 months ago

I don’t know... speechless.

Meabh Fisher

Meabh Fisher . 8 months ago

She should be on the X factor she's amazing

Jean Graf

Jean Graf . 8 months ago


Sephora Sievert

Sephora Sievert . 8 months ago


King Knibbs

King Knibbs . 8 months ago

I love it 💦😭😭😭😭😭😢

Indra Firanda

Indra Firanda . 9 months ago

Im from indonesia, i like your voice Allie Sherlock. Im very happy

Падастер Санитаров

Падастер Санитаров . 9 months ago



HoldMyLZzZ . 9 months ago


Roy Bakul

Roy Bakul . 9 months ago

I like your Loudely voice ....

Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores . 9 months ago

She got the lyrics messed up kind of... Sorry for commenting about this but I Love Ed Sheeran too much not to comment on it

Dan Fernando

Dan Fernando . 9 months ago

Talented young lady

Harshit Khurana

Harshit Khurana . 9 months ago

A big thanks to you for sharing your beautiful voices with us.

Csaba Szőke

Csaba Szőke . 9 months ago


Melissa Grace

Melissa Grace . 9 months ago

so proud of this angel 🌻 I remember watching you since 3k subs, and look how far you’ve came ❤️ ilysm, keep reaching your dreams, beautiful 💗

Livia Borden

Livia Borden . 9 months ago

You are so talented 😍

Brooke Rankin

Brooke Rankin . 10 months ago

You are so incredibly talented!!! Such a beautiful voice!!! <3


RaynaOfSunshine . 10 months ago

flawlesssss I could listen all day


Tiger9302 . 10 months ago

Soooo amazing omfg holy crap

Ken Grant

Ken Grant . 10 months ago

You Are Made Of Iron, Thanks For Another Beautiful Performance, You Made Those Jealous Latchikos Look Stupid

nacer kerrouche

nacer kerrouche . 10 months ago

Wow, just wow your voice is ❤❤❤

Promid Daimary

Promid Daimary . 10 months ago

I love you Alie

pradeep M

pradeep M . 10 months ago

Rocking performance

lil cutie xoxo

lil cutie xoxo . 10 months ago

omg very nice voice

Lilly Leyla

Lilly Leyla . 10 months ago

Your voice is amazing omg...😍😍😭 (im from Germany) and these voice cracks 😂😍😍😮

Mareyke Rondonuwu

Mareyke Rondonuwu . 10 months ago

Hi Allie, your voice is amazing......love from New Jersey USA

Hailey Souza

Hailey Souza . 10 months ago

What does she raise money for anyway?


kay_129 . 10 months ago

I love this song and I love your voice

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