Published on 7 months ago

The First Take crew weighs in on the the San Antonio Spurs agreeing to trade Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to the Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a protected 2019 first-round pick.

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Elvis Korkutovic

Elvis Korkutovic . 1 month ago

White boys lost they mind have no clue what they talking about looking back damn that tall dude know what's his talking about.


Tahirakaballer . 2 months ago

Lol 5 months later... these guys feel dumb😆 Hollins was correct cuz right now Raptors are looking like the first pick

* Nyce

* Nyce . 2 months ago



TheAnonapersons . 3 months ago

Toronto "Not a basketball city" k I had enough of these jokers

Phirum Yin

Phirum Yin . 3 months ago

Annnnnd the raptors are 10-1.


Mr.Dioneo . 3 months ago

I wonder how these guys are feeling about the trade now?

The Count

The Count . 4 months ago

What's up with Boston and Philly? Thought this trade didn't do anything for the Raptors and Boston and Philly were supposed to be the best teams in the east?


XxGodKennyxX . 4 months ago

Just when DeMar though he got rid of LeBron 😭😭


MLG_Gamer1 . 5 months ago

Why would Kyle be mad at the trade, i mean derozan could barely shoot 3's and kawhi is one of the best 3pt shooters in the league and plus he's a lock down defender and I understand that they were basically brothers but Kyle is just going to have to accept it and move on.


Blitzwing . 5 months ago

the fact that Toronto traded DeMar their most loyal player for someone like Kawhi a guy who's literally doing his best to go to LA is just crazy to me.

soid drone slayer

soid drone slayer . 6 months ago

If Kwahi go to the Houston with Harden+CP3 they would be a legitimate threat to the GSW dominance and dynasty. BigFacts!!


Warsilver . 6 months ago

If the Raptors didn't make this trade, they may never have gotten a top-5 player ever. Sure, Kawhi may leave next season, but at least they'll have a guy in 2019 who won't get swept by Lebron James in the playoffs!

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown . 6 months ago

Wtf is Ryan hollins talking about Lmao he doesn’t know basketball 😂

Andy Reid

Andy Reid . 6 months ago

Espn second take😂

Caleb Messer

Caleb Messer . 7 months ago

Hollins is so annoying when was Kawhi thrown under the bus he was never he would've gotten the money he wanted and he asked for a trade and got it the spurs won the trade by far

Robert Francis

Robert Francis . 7 months ago

If I was Kawhi and looking for Loyalty, seeing what they did to Demar doesn't convince me he would want to stay.

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia . 7 months ago

Hahaha. K.L. got deported.

Boris Vukelich

Boris Vukelich . 7 months ago

that mf Hollins stupid ASF

Charles Ford Jr

Charles Ford Jr . 7 months ago

Alright this was interesting but let’s seem them do this High af now.

Hector Murillo,Jr

Hector Murillo,Jr . 7 months ago

Heard another tidbit this morning on local radio , San Antonio's one & only Mike Taylor Show on am760 , they played segment where David Robinson was asked about Kawhi , David said he called & tried to contact him several times BUT he never returned the calls/contacting . WTH !!!! Thru "under the bus" crap !!!! Ryan needs to get shut his mouth & think before speaking !!! Kawhi had this attitude way before the so called "team meeting" event , again way before the so called statement by Parker which was nothing , you need to hear the whole thing which was also on the Mike Taylor Show !! . . . 🤔🤔. . . . In my opinion there is something medically/emotionally wrong with Kawhi's thinking , cause he just doesn't .

Aaron Domingos

Aaron Domingos . 7 months ago

Hollins just shut your mouth. You suck !!!!! If history repeats itself ??? 🤔👎Ya cause PG-13 and Kawhi are the same people......

I Am Cedric Powell

I Am Cedric Powell . 7 months ago

NOW ... THIS ... IS... GOOD ... TELEVISION. I am not a fan of First Take or Undisputed... Or Get Up. Its packaged. This is good stuff. The fill ins or better than the regulars on both shows. Broussard, The Ex Packer, and Rob Parker was great filling in on Undisputed. Give us better tv please

Rafael Duran

Rafael Duran . 7 months ago

Ryan Hollins... IS ON CRACK!


Sports_Grinder . 7 months ago

That dude looks like an older max Kellerman hahaha


Thanos . 7 months ago

the toke black guy looks like klay and carmelo anothny in one


Thanos . 7 months ago

arguing over men...that's weird.

Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez . 7 months ago

Kawhi defense is one of the best in the league. They traded him for Demar Derozan, I don’t know about that trade.


cutepinkbandanaman . 7 months ago

These people need to stop talking about players not involved with the trade and what college they went to 10+ years ago. Nobody is getting thrown under a bus and everyone is being as loyal as you can hope for in the NBA. Spurs received a solid, healthy primary scoring option, an interesting big man prospect, and what is likely to be a late-ish 1st round pick (they have a history of picking decent players with those). Raptors received a player that they feel could help them more against a healthy Celtics team as well as a good bench player that has experience shooting 3s in big games. Both Leonard and DeRozan should be in their prime for the next few seasons and neither had really succeeded in making the type of a huge mark that they have the talent for in their first teams - I'm never mad when guys like that go to new teams and get some new challenges.

Dylan Weinand

Dylan Weinand . 7 months ago

seriously please get ryan collins offscreen

Dylan Weinand

Dylan Weinand . 7 months ago

ryan collins sucks


elcgmail . 7 months ago

Stupid Stupid Stupid Move & Karma is gonna be a bitch for Massai! After firing the coach of the year in a temper tantrum... made the trade without even having a medical on a guy who screwed his teammates, hasn't played in a year, & said publicly he hates the cold & wants no part of Toronto ffs ugh. It was Lebron that stopped Raps every year & Lebrons gone now! Didn't have to be done, but that's the BS they're shovelling here in Toronto! A former Raps fan

John Truong

John Truong . 7 months ago

Lol all 3 except for hollins is butthurt cause leonard didnt goto a american team


Neal . 7 months ago

Hollins been killing it on the shows lately, amazing the angles he sees.

Chamba Nairobi

Chamba Nairobi . 7 months ago

Kawhi Leonard isn't going to stay in Toronto. Toronto would be smart to trade Kahwi Leonard immediately to a team Kahwi would be sincerely interested in playing for such as The Lakers and only the Lakers. But, since The Lakers already know Kahwi is coming next year, they will not part with too much to get him a season early. If I was Toronto, I would trade Kawhi for anyone of their future players or drafts picks, if not... OH WELL... No one wants to play for the best D-League team in the NBA.

Chamba Nairobi

Chamba Nairobi . 7 months ago


Jay Price

Jay Price . 7 months ago

Ryab hollins will soon be must see tv because he owns the comment section lol

Ian Raguse

Ian Raguse . 7 months ago

Horrible debate


#freekodak . 7 months ago

Bruh Ryan this is not for u bum😂💯


TheBeautifulMynd . 7 months ago

Who are these 2 white dudes talking a bunch of non sense??? Only guy who knew what he was talking about was the guy who used to play in the league

Young Niek

Young Niek . 7 months ago

Kawhi threw himself under by saying he wanted to go to LA

Eblek Santiago

Eblek Santiago . 7 months ago

fuck you ryan hollins u r so stupid please get the fuck out of there or any nba conversation


sam21skin . 7 months ago

You'll take Kawhi at his word? Even though it's an unconfirmed report, just like EVERY report? Stfu

The Chosen One

The Chosen One . 7 months ago

Shit trash

Universal Universe

Universal Universe . 7 months ago

I'm siding with Ryan Hollins on this one, the rest of them, so called Sports experts are idiots! They take to a very basic knowledge. The Raptors had to take that chance because the current core they had was not working. Regardless of Lebron going to the West, Boston and Philly are really good teams. Do you risk Kawhi leaving after 1 year? possibly but don't assume he will be out of Toronto after 1 year...YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT! Many who have came to the Raptors in the past ended up loving the city. It was a gamble they had to take, the current core of players had 3 years to do so and nothing was done. Even if Kawhi leaves are you that stupid to think they blew up their future? they have a young core of talented players on the upswing.

Seun Balogun

Seun Balogun . 7 months ago

Second Take back at it again!

Devo Tom Ford

Devo Tom Ford . 7 months ago

Americans don't travel well.

Stephen Pineda

Stephen Pineda . 7 months ago

OMG Hollins is so ignorant.... he involves so much emotion and personal reference instead of facts. Mr. "if i talk louder than you then I win the argument" like the dumb-ass version of devil's advocate.

Erick Phillips

Erick Phillips . 7 months ago

wdf is this 😂😂😂 Great Value Take Two

Pressure Pablo

Pressure Pablo . 7 months ago

Demar Russ & PG passed on Going to LA , Kawhi hasn’t said a word

Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez . 7 months ago

Leonard was not thrown under the bus this guy is a idiot Kawhi is not mature enough to make his own decisions good riddance he sat out all last year like a pussy he just labeled himself just like Derrick Rose did

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