To Fluency

To Fluency

Published on 2 months ago

In this real English conversation, Kate and I talk about goals for the new year and ask each other some tough questions. This is a fantastic listening practice and a great way to learn new words and phrases.

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A conversation about sleep:

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Comments :

MARIA Cebrecos

MARIA Cebrecos . 1 week ago

If I knew I couldn`t fail I'd try to drive (or driving?). It absolutely scares me.
M. R.S

M. R.S . 4 weeks ago

Real conversation is amazing... Perfect. I learn a lot when I watch these videos... Congratulations 👏👏
Nan A Pit

Nan A Pit . 1 month ago

I love both of you so much ,,
Dave Rd

Dave Rd . 1 month ago

Mr tofluency from which region of england are you? You pronounce different ly words like "but" "fun"

executiveprotectionbrazil . 2 months ago

Shortly you already know, but I want to say how Important is this amazing job! Thanks.
Mia Dong

Mia Dong . 2 months ago

Hi, Jack and Kate! Happy new year to you! I think your conversational teaching is amazing. It's relaxing! I just subscribed your channel and I am sure I am going to keep watching and learning with you!
Poosanisa Mapiloon

Poosanisa Mapiloon . 2 months ago

Happy New Year 2020. For me, my new year resolution is fluently in English.
Svetlana Zaric

Svetlana Zaric . 2 months ago

This kind of conversation is really helpful, specially because Kate do not know the questions, so her pausing before answering actualy relaxes us from high self expectation to speak fluently even when we do not have an instant answer. Thanks and all the best in 2020!
Luiz A Barros

Luiz A Barros . 2 months ago

Nice talks about 2019 to 2020. My goal to 2020 is learn a little bit more about stock market, my favorite bands remains the old one, like Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Doors and so on. My best movie was “ The Irish” ( De Niro was so great). And it is, wishing you a very lightning 2020. All the best.
Анара Сарман

Анара Сарман . 2 months ago

I would like to see live in concert Dimash Kudaibergen! He is the best singer)
stephane stephane

stephane stephane . 2 months ago

Your wife is charming ! And I agree with you, I also miss to be bored, due to the Phone. Best wishes
Raji Khamiss

Raji Khamiss . 2 months ago

i need some people to practice with him english . by the way i'm from morocco thank you
turnthepage 09

turnthepage 09 . 2 months ago

great couple. love you
Hi Isael

Hi Isael . 2 months ago

I really like your videos. :)
Safa Jacob

Safa Jacob . 2 months ago

I like question bcz I can’t ask questions
Cristina Guaita Pardo

Cristina Guaita Pardo . 2 months ago

Happy new year from Valencia! I really enjoyed your conversation. Both are lovely people. Keep up the good work, I am very grateful for that ... See you in the next video. I'm always looking forward the new one!

Slawo . 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Poland 😏
Andres Gonzalez

Andres Gonzalez . 2 months ago

I really love this kind of videos because always learn something new
Koray Boztepe

Koray Boztepe . 2 months ago

what a lovely video it was like the most convenient video I've ever seen it contains a bunch of expressions like ticking over those Phares and expressions will stick with me for a while and I'll use them as much as possible in every appropriate situation thank you, jack and his wife I don't know her name sorry you're really doing precious job here I'm grateful more than I can ever say

EDUARDO AMADO . 2 months ago

happy new year, from Brazil
delfilorena gus

delfilorena gus . 2 months ago

Hi!! it was great to understand this conversation. Happy New Year!!! I hope this year pass my exam of english
Sunny Rising

Sunny Rising . 2 months ago

Kate and Jack, you are such a lovely pair!
DBK Baires

DBK Baires . 2 months ago

I would love to retry jazz dance, my last time, 19 years ago.
Nermen Nermen

Nermen Nermen . 2 months ago

Jack . You are the best teacher in the world 🌎. Thanks 🙏 thanks 🙏 thanks 🙏 so much 🤴🏼you are different . Because everyone can message you and take utility
Usama Ali

Usama Ali . 2 months ago

Is anyone wants you to practice English with me
سلطان المطيري

سلطان المطيري . 2 months ago

Hi Jack, I am one of your followers from Mars, and people on Mars love you so much, and so happy that your wife returns to your videos. 🌹

BirBey1909 . 2 months ago

Too long video 😲 not so good ,, 10 or 15 minut video better
Jose Ramon Cabañas Armesilla

Jose Ramon Cabañas Armesilla . 2 months ago

It was a funny and interesting conversation. I enjoyed listening to you, but I need to learn and study more vocabulary. Anyway Thanks, both of you. See you.
Mihai Bodrug

Mihai Bodrug . 2 months ago

Wonderful New Year ahead,to Fluency channel!Thank you.I found it interesting.
Cihan Yaşa

Cihan Yaşa . 2 months ago

Kate and Jack , happy new year! The real conversations are really the best way of improving English. Please go on like that
Salohiddin Hoshimjonov

Salohiddin Hoshimjonov . 2 months ago

Perfect conversation 🤗🤗
Thanh Hiền

Thanh Hiền . 2 months ago

Hello Jack ! I'm a new subscriber . I am from Vietnam . Happy New year! Thanks for your great help ! 🌹🌻🌹
gertrudis ramirez

gertrudis ramirez . 2 months ago

Happy New Year!
Надежда Литвин

Надежда Литвин . 2 months ago

Happy New year! Joy and love.
Mat Lindell

Mat Lindell . 2 months ago

About the musical artist she responds:”there is so many”.Isn’t that wrong?she should have said “there are so many”,shouldn’t she?
Leandro Dacosta

Leandro Dacosta . 2 months ago

Thanks for this real conversation I really like it Cherrs from Brasil 👐
so la

so la . 2 months ago

I love your conversations ❤❤❤😍😍 thank youuuuuu thank you 🙏🏼
alberto bozzetto

alberto bozzetto . 2 months ago

You probably were faking that idyllic feeling between you two, anyway you look stunning and it is amazing listening and watching two sweethearts. A sweet way to begin the year. Good job and thank you so much indeed.

1953emo . 2 months ago

Hello Kate and Jack. Here is my New Year's resolution: Stop setting them. This is the only one I am able to accomplish. It works fine for some years.
rudolf blaha

rudolf blaha . 2 months ago

hello jack. i wish you and kate a happy new year. my this year resolution is to become the best english speaker in slovakia
quanhui zhong

quanhui zhong . 2 months ago

happy new year
oni Gonzalez

oni Gonzalez . 2 months ago

B a s u t o n

B a s u t o n . 2 months ago

Hi, blessed new year forward for you both
anderson aganett

anderson aganett . 2 months ago

I loved her voice. It's so pretty
Ma Onmaraung

Ma Onmaraung . 2 months ago

Happy new year from Myanmar
Iris Gonzalez

Iris Gonzalez . 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Venezuela 💕
g D

g D . 2 months ago

Happy new year from Angers France! Guys you are really good, The way you are chatting is perfect. It's simple we can easily catch the spirit you have, carry on like that for 2020. Kate my resolutions for 2020 are simple. Since 2016 I changed a lot of things in my life. I lived 3 years in UK, worked 10 years in hospitality and when I returned in France in 2016 I stopped to work in catering. Now I can enjoy life because I don't work between 50 and 70 hours a week. I can do a lot of things for me just because I have the time. So for 2020 I want to carry on like that. Since 8 years I stopped using mobile phone because for me it was lose some freedom. It was not difficult because now it's not the mobile phone who tell me when I must do something. I do when I want to do it. It's easy to talk with anyone for me because I have a computer and a phone not mobile but a phone where I can call anyone in Europe without extra tax. I like cooking and make people happy so in the coming years I will work on it. I don't know perfectly how but it's important that people understand food is healthy and making is proper meal is important. Since few years I started to buy less things but better quality. I think it's important to invest because my wage is not as good as it was when I was manager in gastronomic restaurant that's why I say invest. I am waiting my new shoes made by french company near Angers, his name is Joseph Malinge you can check the website if you want. I will encourage everyone to do the same, it's not about money it's about conviction to buy everything locally. I will carry on to look your videos because learning english was something impossible when I was teenager and years after years I am getting better. It's long it's as you say Jack you have to do it every day but when you see your progression you are happy. Ho Jack thank you to take time to read messages, I am sure it takes you a lot of time not everyone will undersand but me man I know so thank you. I wish you the best for 2020 simple things just happiness.
Dato Vardosanidze

Dato Vardosanidze . 2 months ago

Happy New Year!
Marie Deborde

Marie Deborde . 2 months ago

Happy New year to you and your family. I'm very glad to see Kate again, she is so nice, so cheerful; her accent, different from yours, help me to get my ear done. And then, I agree with bombabombanoktakom, following a real conversation (even if you speak both slowly) is an interesting challenge.
Stefanie Chong

Stefanie Chong . 2 months ago

Blessed New Year to Kate and Jack! 😍

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