Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger help give us some confidence and explain why being defiant and different makes you a rare breed.

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Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger On Why Being Defiant and Different Makes You a Rare Breed

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


Comments :

Avenue Nights

Avenue Nights . 1 month ago

Great interview! Keep fighting and being defiant Sunny & Ashleigh. X A X

Ja'quavious Moor

Ja'quavious Moor . 1 month ago

Yall was hatimg onn 6-9 but yalll show feml off haaaaard

Ja'quavious Moor

Ja'quavious Moor . 1 month ago

Yo breakfast Club is trash now

Millennials Repping Culture

Millennials Repping Culture . 1 month ago

As a comapny who is just starting out with similar conditions this video is awesome!!!

Hart to Heart Media

Hart to Heart Media . 1 month ago

These ladies worked with our company and was the pivotal point of our success. Congratulations Sunny and Ashleigh!


TheDutchVegaShow . 1 month ago

the bfast club should learn from these views and comments.. we don't want pale faces up there b.. these OUR platforms.. tell these bitches to go to elvis duran..

Thr 33

Thr 33 . 1 month ago

White People live in The Ghetto, why do yall have a problem with that

Tahla Ntshakaza

Tahla Ntshakaza . 1 month ago

This is weird BC content, kudos to them for taking advantage of their privelage, selling half cooked ideas and making it sound interesting.

Passo Edits

Passo Edits . 1 month ago

are they wearing white face, or do they pander to black's so much they got on a black radio show. i mean they dont pander enough cause i never seen these two before.

daniyal Ali.

daniyal Ali. . 1 month ago

Her message in the interview is litt. She seems better than a psychologist. The book is a self-helping book to motivate people who suffer with anxiety and a passage for anyone to be free with them self. People generally are beyond slick or some people are beyond nice. We all have to find a way to cope without having people profile us because allegedly u were the one person in mc Donald’s louder than anyone else. We have to separate the fear of polices and unite with them. To them, we’re random people but if we became people who talked with each police community in our neighborhood, they would definitely treat us with human respect. The first step is to always have a smile on and talk so the other person is comfortable. The second step is to be polite because no1 profiles a bad person good, unless there is something reallly wrong. And this should be the rule/law to humans every where “ ask people if u can joke around before u say something to offend them” . There are rare great life role models like Trevor Noah, our 105.1 DJ, Nick Cannon and I wish there were a lot more for everyone but these people live with good principles and they all have one thing in common They know to never let anyone’s hate affect them because the whole point of being friendly is to always be welcoming and understanding the other persons point of view. Even if u don’t understand, you should try. Always be open minded. It’s less stressful to be positive and open minded.

Goin Somewhere ll

Goin Somewhere ll . 1 month ago

Ol girl look like ol boy from the old episodes of Degrassi Jr high

Obama Son

Obama Son . 1 month ago

I hate when white ppl say ghetto it’s like they’re saying nigger to me



So much white privilege in this video. I'd say most black americans are a rare breed! That's why white society is so fearful of them and has constantly worked to destroy any attempt toward economic and political power. Any attempt at us evoking that this strength, leads to our expulsion from access to white capital. These white women are preaching something WE ALREADY BEEN DOING. Black adverting agencies cant even get access to contracts to advertise to black people even though we do it best!

s02 Pzychotik

s02 Pzychotik . 1 month ago


Jomo Jenkins

Jomo Jenkins . 1 month ago

Brilliant interview, great guess


TheoKabala89 . 1 month ago

Good interview, but I did wince when she used the word ghetto.

Trey Diggz

Trey Diggz . 1 month ago

Man, not gonna lie these are some ugly broads. No wonder they’re LGBT 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

unknown user

unknown user . 1 month ago

Well it's nice to see people have the audacity to claim such brutal immortality. Surely the last will be first in this game you are trampling over. 🔥🔥🔥💁🏽

Ki’ Renee Productions

Ki’ Renee Productions . 1 month ago

Dj dumbass 🤦🏾‍♀️


Mr.Marnez . 1 month ago

White privilege...hard to be a rare breed when systems are there to support you. Let a darker-skinned person step out like we usually do, the same disruption would be deemed aggressive.

Big Money Heavyweight

Big Money Heavyweight . 1 month ago

Nah get these folks outta here where god at i wanna see god not no devils

Paige Cammack

Paige Cammack . 1 month ago

Envy You Need To Get To That PodCast Sir Or Gia Needs To Start Doing Some Episodes By Herself....I Miss Y’all

Creator Of Fashion

Creator Of Fashion . 1 month ago

This shit will only work for white people so why is a black and Hispanic radio station pushing this b.s. as if it will work for us

Thomas 2005

Thomas 2005 . 1 month ago

We are all "Rare" ......what a beautiful thing 💎💎💎.

gopro donnie78

gopro donnie78 . 1 month ago

We was in THE GHETTO! Right in the middle of THE GHETTO! Did I tell yall we was in THE GHETTO?

Calico Jones

Calico Jones . 1 month ago

So you get two fat lard ass racist demons on your show ...”ghetto” really... wtf ...gtfoh with that bullshit ...

Adrean Cotton

Adrean Cotton . 1 month ago

My wife and I was forced to pivot and become rare breeds, when she was diagnosed with Lupus and several hospitalizations, that we we're forced to leave the cooperate world and start our own business, with just one sewing machine and a computer. That was three years ago and haven't looked back since. Our style was made for the rare breeds.

Bad Taste

Bad Taste . 1 month ago

Sounds like they’re talking about Trump, he’s one of a kind.

In the KNOW with Tony Reeves

In the KNOW with Tony Reeves . 1 month ago

More young people should really listen to what these young ladies are saying. So many times there are people who think outside of the box or look at life and opportunities in such a unique way but then they are forced to have to conform because someone does not see the world the way they see them. And the fact that they came up through the royal South and expanded from there is also a good example of what it means to grow from a place that’s outside of a major metropolitan city. Great interview.


Digital☆Megami . 1 month ago

I haven't watched yet, but who in the name of white Jesus?

Chris Foggie

Chris Foggie . 1 month ago

Dj Envy needs to take a class on interviewing

Library Card Holder

Library Card Holder . 1 month ago

Why is the word ghetto aka (where black people live)so loosely rolling over her tongue?

Ree The Don

Ree The Don . 1 month ago

It's not that they didn't have anything of value to say. It's the way this information has been filtered through what is unbelievable privilege (even with everything they have faced personally as self-proclaimed "rare breeds" and lesbians--who are still White women in America who had the luxury to move their business into the "ghetto" an option for cheaper rent, and not because they have no choice or inherited a legacy of oppression and marginalization that keep them there. They talked about how horrible it was living in this high-crime area because it affected them personally...(As two White women who grew up in higher income homes and neighborhoods). The had the option to leave, or not volunteer to live there in the first place. A luxury. When asked why they stayed where they chose to go, they answered because the neighborhood was cheap AND they had a family member who owned a property. Again, what privilege! Great, but recognize it. Own it. Be grateful. They really appeared to conflate struggle with struggle. As though the same rules apply for everyone who dares to dream. They do not. I felt there was no understanding of intersectionality outside of their personal hurdles. Moreover, their attitudes seemed almost entitled juxtaposed against that lack of awareness. The blind spots with these two made the messaging moot for me.

Bianca B.

Bianca B. . 1 month ago

Loved this interview!!! As someone who loves marketing, they gave amazing knowledge!

bobby cole

bobby cole . 1 month ago

Amazing interview...I gotta do some research on this women, I love inspirational folks

Kwame Horton

Kwame Horton . 1 month ago

Who is the decision maker of these bueno


BrownsugaKO77 . 1 month ago

"Office in the ghetto", eye roll........ and I'm out....

jaymie justice

jaymie justice . 1 month ago

Does anybody know who that guy is who's always sitting behind DJ envy 👀?


hueykhalidX . 1 month ago

“Ghetto”? GTFOH.

Kingsley oche

Kingsley oche . 1 month ago

These ladies inspire me💪🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Michael Angelo

Michael Angelo . 1 month ago

What’s the town in South Carolina???


geneiuspower . 1 month ago

charlemagne is right - you cant be a nigga and be a rare breed - you get . . .


geneiuspower . 1 month ago

nowadays people pay people to think creatively for them

Shaquel Williams

Shaquel Williams . 1 month ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this interview-rare breeds

Killer of White Supremacy and Coons

Killer of White Supremacy and Coons . 1 month ago


Ice Hollywood

Ice Hollywood . 1 month ago

If this was 2 man up here talking about how they only have man on the stuff everyone well go crazy ‼️

elton thomas

elton thomas . 1 month ago

DJ Envy is a rare janitor.

Christian El

Christian El . 1 month ago

This was a good interview really liked it.

TheVoice Of A Young BlackMan

TheVoice Of A Young BlackMan . 1 month ago


Me Xavier

Me Xavier . 1 month ago

I like how she looks at DJ Envy and says: "Charlemagne's a rare breed."

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