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Review: 7 Best Electric Scooters In 2020
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 8 months ago

We review the best electric scooters for adults and commuting, including Segway, Ninebot, Boosted, Unagi, and Zero 10X.
Segway ES4 on sale $450 - (use Coupon Code TechWeWant20 for additional 20% off!) https://bigbattery.com/product/ninebot-kickscooter-by-segway-es4/ref/17/
*Updated 2020 model* GoTrax XR $250: https://gotrax.com/products/gotrax-xr-foldable-electric-scooter/#a_aid=tww
GoTrax XR Ultra $300 (coupon code: TechWeWant50 - $50 off the Xr Ultra) - https://gotrax.com/products/xr-ultra-folding-electric-scooter/#a_aid=tww
Zero 10X (Coupon Code "TECHWEWANT" for 10% off)- https://revrides.com/?sca_ref=3958.azgVW4TZmM
Segway Ninebot MAX- http://shrsl.com/1ucsm. On Amazon: https://geni.us/ninebotmax
Segway Ninebot ES4- http://shrsl.com/1xceh. On Amazon: https://geni.us/segwayES4
Unagi One- http://shrsl.com/1vmb0
Macwheel MX1- https://geni.us/macwheel
Boosted Rev- *UPDATE FEB 2020* Unfortunately Boosted went out of business!

Comments :


tommyjj . 23 hours ago

Any scooter theft issues? Built in "find my scooter?" How to secure? Anyone know?
Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith . 1 day ago

I personally love riding this one. Goes 28 miles without needing a charge, gets up to 19mph and is fairly affordable! https://amzn.to/38mGvKP
John Besedic

John Besedic . 2 days ago

Boosted is bankrupt. No longer exists.
Valerio Frego

Valerio Frego . 2 days ago

Best elecrtic scooter in 2020 ? Low price , or dont know last km, kind of scooter , 10x is the only can be different from the rest of this scooters
ikechi music

ikechi music . 3 days ago

That beat πŸ’ͺ🏿

youngishpower3 . 4 days ago

Logic fans?? YSIV?
Soufiane Mazroui

Soufiane Mazroui . 4 days ago

I need buy one, but i don't know which good for top speed and good brand, someone help me please. Thanks
Yusuf Altug

Yusuf Altug . 5 days ago

Guys wich one should i buy? I was thinking about xiaumi idk can someone help me?
Nick J

Nick J . 6 days ago

what about Bird scooters? come on guys.
Cris. Hernandez

Cris. Hernandez . 7 days ago

Posted in 2019, made in 2019, 2019 scooters
Or Andrew

Or Andrew . 1 week ago

ofc the cute white one is the most expensive
Jeffrey Dacalos

Jeffrey Dacalos . 1 week ago

Sana may mag benta sakin ung aford ko ... πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

ThaiDYE . 1 week ago

Man I wish I saw the ES4 for $450. I paid 550 for a demo

trainw22 . 2 weeks ago

You forgot to include the Uscooter Booster Vwhich I think kicks ass among this group
Benjamin Holleufer

Benjamin Holleufer . 2 weeks ago


Yassine . 2 weeks ago

intressen in een step hier is de perfecte step klik op het link en geniet er van https://partner.bol.com/click/click?p=2&t=url&s=1086799&f=TXL&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bol.com%2Fbe%2Fp%2Felectric-scooter-ea-3-8-5-electrische-step-van-merk-hopper%2F9200000120223008%2F&name=Electric%20Scooter%20EA-3%208%2C5
Souf FC

Souf FC . 2 weeks ago

I’m in the rich people section of YouTube.
sonny salanga

sonny salanga . 3 weeks ago

i have the segway ninebot es3 from costco
Kelp Farming

Kelp Farming . 3 weeks ago

What are the Urban defense devices? You know, for when the "peaceful" mob goes apesht and you need to defend yourself.
Pascal 47

Pascal 47 . 3 weeks ago

What is the first one (name)
Jeffrey Cauchi

Jeffrey Cauchi . 3 weeks ago

7:00 I thought that's the Xiaomi... looks exactly like it!

Dom . 4 weeks ago

Is there a backpack or luggage for these?
Nada Belal

Nada Belal . 4 weeks ago

What about the DIDO F16... Have anyone tried it, is it suitable for a 12 year?
Emily Ye

Emily Ye . 4 weeks ago

I have a electric scooter in the month May and my stepdad is getting a bluetooth one so he can talk to friends while he is riding the scooter
Sandro Mezzancella

Sandro Mezzancella . 4 weeks ago

Aaron Mills

Aaron Mills . 4 weeks ago

Can you do a review of a electric scooter called Colorway on Amazon and also whats the difference between the Segway ES2 and the E22E
Aek Kaddour

Aek Kaddour . 4 weeks ago


TekTrendy . 4 weeks ago

Awesome review, good job :)
Simon Bridgman

Simon Bridgman . 4 weeks ago

Xiaomi m365 is still the best scooter hands down
Nerdy Mate

Nerdy Mate . 1 month ago

Check out my Top 5 Reasons to get an Electric Scooter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADJPYGV0WUk
Reimo Γ„rm

Reimo Γ„rm . 1 month ago

Skip to 1:10 for the actual beginning.
Ditch Dairy

Ditch Dairy . 1 month ago

My Max brakes way faster than this one, but I grab my brake to brake not to be romantic with it.
Bhop Hooligan

Bhop Hooligan . 1 month ago

this is viewbotted xd
Gigi Gigis

Gigi Gigis . 1 month ago

Nice nice good
the tessellater

the tessellater . 1 month ago

Please note: You are not allowed to ride a powered vehicle - other than an electric bicycle which complies with the EAPC Regulations - on public land in the UK. On private land, with the owners permission, is OK, but anywhere else, like a cycleway or the road, may get you fined, the vehicle confiscated and points on your driving licence. Ignorance is no defence.

Xxprogamerxx954 . 1 month ago

I have the gotrax and Xiaomi m365
Bandanna Tribe

Bandanna Tribe . 1 month ago

Click bait , this is 2019 reviews
Orange County

Orange County . 1 month ago

MacWheel MX3 is a piece of garbage. 5/20/20 what a fkg piece of shit. I ordered on Amazon from iMacWheel. Arrived 5/6/20. Rode it like 5 times. Flat surface around neighborhood. After 3 or 4 rides the motor started cutting out every 5 seconds. Took it to a place where i could ride 3 miles in a straight line, no hills & no turns. Motor cuts out every 5 seconds. Cruise control kicks in after 6 seconds on full throttle but then it just cuts out. every time. Then it doesn't start again. You have to wait 5 seconds, then try again. So I figure there is a loose wire or something. I emailed iMacWheel (btw they are in the fkg Czech Republic so good luck with that). They asked me to send a video of the MX3 malfunctioning. So I went out and shot a video of myself on the garbage MX3 malfunctioning. BTW it is incredible dangerous to ride a scooter with 1 hand on the scooter & a phone in the other hand. I am a surfer & snow boarder but it is dangerous to ride a scooter with 1 hand. But I did anyway. I shot a video of the MX3 Garbage TOY cutting out ev 5 seconds. I sent them the video. No response. So I tried it again a few days later. Motor keeps cutting out ev 5 seconds again. *** Then the FKG REAR BREAK FELL OFF ! Hey should I ride the MX3 & shoot a video for them with 1 hand & a malfunctioning motor AND no rear break ?!!? DO NOT ORDER THIS GARBAGE TOY PIECE OF SHIT , MACWHEEL MX3 SUCKS ASS Amazon is supposedly letting me return the garbage MacWheel MX3 pos toy for a refund. Will advise 5/20/20
Pamela Godfrey

Pamela Godfrey . 1 month ago

That music was EAR RAPE !

Rafanator . 1 month ago

nah thanks for the offer i got my razor
JeepdogsRCbikelife 1

JeepdogsRCbikelife 1 . 2 months ago


iWasB4You . 2 months ago

I have a electric scooter that goes 36.3KM/H. And it’s the best scooter in the world. No joke.
Darren Stewart

Darren Stewart . 2 months ago

X'd off this review, the music was the most annoying thing i've ever heard? Seriously? Why?

smokk1n . 2 months ago

Afgordable scooters @ https://neoscooter.com/
Slxxpy Jan

Slxxpy Jan . 2 months ago

Cool Thanks!
mark schuette

mark schuette . 2 months ago

don't forget about dog power- urban mushing made easy, safe and practical- www.dogpoweredscooter.com
Lee Herron

Lee Herron . 2 months ago

no offence but that list is crap my friend...
Johnny Groves

Johnny Groves . 2 months ago

Nothing for the Uscooter? The Uscooter rules.
Tanvi Desai

Tanvi Desai . 2 months ago

Me like scooters
Mark Andrew

Mark Andrew . 2 months ago

These things aren't compatible with pedestrians or road traffic. They fall somewhere in-between or should that be fail somewhere in-between. Good fun in the right place which is only on a dedicated cycle lane IMHO.

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