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Review: 7 Best Electric Scooters of 2019
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 1 month ago

We review the best electric scooters for adults and commuting, including Segway, Ninebot, Boosted, Unagi, and Zero 10X.
Boosted Rev- https://boostedboards.com/vehicles/electric-scooters/boosted-rev
Zero 10X (Coupon Code "TECHWEWANT" for 10% off)- https://revrides.com/?sca_ref=3958.azgVW4TZmM
Segway Ninebot MAX- http://shrsl.com/1ucsm. On Amazon: https://geni.us/ninebotmax
Segway Ninebot ES4- http://shrsl.com/1xceh. On Amazon: https://geni.us/segwayES4
Unagi One- http://shrsl.com/1vmb0
Macwheel MX1- https://geni.us/macwheel
GoTrax v2- https://geni.us/gotrax

Comments :

Yakauleu Aliaksandr

Yakauleu Aliaksandr . 10 hours ago

where is E-Twow booster GT?
Drone Dude

Drone Dude . 14 hours ago

What about the Hiboy Max?
California R

California R . 16 hours ago

How come you can't pick up batteries in the airport? So you can take it on the plane and like eco and large together. ❤
Justin B.

Justin B. . 21 hours ago

If you've ever heard of usa minimotors. Wait obviously you haven't or one of their scooters would be in this video.
Lass-in Angeles

Lass-in Angeles . 1 day ago

1. Don't play music when you talk. Disrespectful to viewer. We cannot hear voice over music. Review died for me right there. And don't inflict your brand of electronic horror on my ears please! 2. I could not hear the brand names you mentioned over the ghastly music. Put some text on screen so we can turn off sound and see it. My ears are hurting FROM THIS GHASTLY MUSIC! COULD NOT WATCH!!!!
tauseef shahid

tauseef shahid . 6 days ago

Price ?
Bro Brooklyn

Bro Brooklyn . 1 week ago

E-Scooter ESA 5000 EKFV 36 V. for 500$ / 25Km./h - 20. Km for beginners
Leon Labuschagne

Leon Labuschagne . 1 week ago

What about the Zero 10? I don't need the 10X..
Chill l

Chill l . 1 week ago

I have a Ninebot Max and Unagi Model One. I personally like the Unagi scooter better, because it look’s better, it is lighter, and it’s smaller. Overall it’s way sleeker then the Ninebot Max.
Anthony Arrigo

Anthony Arrigo . 1 week ago

I own the ninebot es4. It broke down on me twice in 6 months. The company had to send me a new one twice. SO I can't imagine how you could recommend this product

the1point . 1 week ago

You should try Aerlang H6-A, is definitely one of the best scooters in the world!

DaRandomizer863 . 1 week ago

So no dualtron? Noobs
Valenko Vale

Valenko Vale . 1 week ago

My xiaomi m365 pro ist 50 kmh
Marius Langfeldt

Marius Langfeldt . 1 week ago

eeeee..... and where is the best one E-Twow Boost V/GT??? What a crap review
Gap Vape

Gap Vape . 1 week ago

No one mentioned the king of electric scooter. Xiaomi m365.

Pogomix . 1 week ago

This music loves its self for being nothing.
The Unseen

The Unseen . 2 weeks ago

I envy you! In Germany we ONLY see the world's trashiest E-Scooters thanks to a law explicitly decigned by lobbyist to keep the (superior) competition (mostly from China) out. The E-Scooters sold here are so bad, you won't even see them in shops anywhere else in the world. It's like stuff from at least 5 years ago (technology-wise). Our corrupt politicians instantly passed a law which prohibits all e-scooters above 20 km/h (12 mph) max speed. Those below need an expensive certificate. Of course - this certificate can be denied (and hence the politicians can keep unwanted competition from their money-paying-lobbyists). In short: they got rid of all upstarting companies with superior technology, so that only the big money wielding companies can remain, unchallanged. Man I remember the time when corruption was rare and people didn't even believe that some politicians could be bought. Now everyone knows for a fact, that 99,9% of our laws only serve the companies... I really envy you at least having state-of-the-art e-scooters.
wiz kalli

wiz kalli . 2 weeks ago

Any thoughts on the hiboy s2 vs max? It's another budget scooter but more features and the reviews look good. Thanks.
General Ivan

General Ivan . 2 weeks ago

I'm interested in your views on the U-Scooter V, Wide-Wheel and/or the yet to be released Raine scooter that is on kickstarter right now.
Daniele Iannarelli

Daniele Iannarelli . 2 weeks ago

I don’t understand why no-one ever reviews the Zero 10, not the Z10X, the ZERO 10. Seems to me like an excellent class up from the Zero 9 and has near Z10X features but has the option of adjusting handlebar height and foldable handlebars.
Jay May

Jay May . 2 weeks ago

wheres the mantis?!
Captain Camera

Captain Camera . 2 weeks ago

All these scoots are crap Why not get REAL transports for review not toys. Try these models: Hollyburton P5 Rion DuraMax Weped ( chinese built)

TheChazas . 3 weeks ago

Ninebot Max, Speedway Leger, Emove Cruiser, Speedway V.
OJ Gaming

OJ Gaming . 3 weeks ago

Forewarning: DO NOT Buy Anything From GoTrax, you’d be better off with the MacWheel or M365
Yakub Yakubov

Yakub Yakubov . 3 weeks ago

Gotrax is trash, I bought it and get only problems. Used few times and battery doesn’t charge and show 3 of 4. It’s lasting 2-3 miles.
Samsun O.O

Samsun O.O . 3 weeks ago

DUALTRON THUNDER👍 avoid nan-junk
nik nikos

nik nikos . 4 weeks ago

Ray s

Ray s . 4 weeks ago

All junk i use to have a 2000w smoke all these piece of shits
Jia Hau Wong

Jia Hau Wong . 4 weeks ago

Where is UScooter or E-TWOW Booster?

DD . 4 weeks ago

Not so much as a review but more like introduction.
Jacob Pritchett

Jacob Pritchett . 4 weeks ago

Gotta correct you: Bird uses an Electisan, and Lime uses a custom design by a different company. While both have used Segway-Ninebot ES before, both have moved on to custom designs. Lyft and Spin also used ES, and they’re the ones who moved onto Segway-Ninebot MAX scooters.
Gamer DJ_Xd123

Gamer DJ_Xd123 . 4 weeks ago

For me i know its not here but i would choose the fastest version of the 8
Kevin Huynh

Kevin Huynh . 4 weeks ago

Recently brought the GoTax V2, on the first day the battery died when I was on 3 bars. Tried to start it up many times no luck. Waited a bit to see if it was an overheat problem, still no luck. Then I had to pedal another 2 miles to reach my destination. Got home and plugged it in. 3 bars showed up and I'm like wtf? Contacted their customer support, so far no answer in 2 days. Even tried calling them, no response. I would try and avoid the GoTrax V2 at all cost! I have read many reviews after I had my problem and it seems people are having similar problems too. Please do a review on the Xiaomi Scooter!
O Ebanks

O Ebanks . 4 weeks ago

Awesome info! Cheers from Costa Rica

TBONEraca . 4 weeks ago

There is a setting for 10x that uses full power at acceleration, default is set to medium and thats why the boosted is quicker of the line
sAmUeL hUAnG

sAmUeL hUAnG . 1 month ago

Nanrobot D5+?

D_ Gamer OFFICIAL . 1 month ago

For me m365 pro
Ronan Tetsu

Ronan Tetsu . 1 month ago

Where's the xiaomi m365 pro?

JinGoRay . 1 month ago

What is the retail price of Segway max? The max sells for 799 on Segway website, Is there any other suggestions for coupon websites?
Marc Springer

Marc Springer . 1 month ago

I got Unagi but the range is beyond terrible. I get 10km at very most. Usually closer to 8km

VOROMOTORS . 1 month ago

EMOVE Cruiser did not make the list? :(

gtone339 . 1 month ago

You guys forgot to review or add the Xiaomi M365 Pro here since that's a 2019 revised model of the original Xiaomi M365, thoughts on it? Here's my feedback on it: great acceleration, range, greater braking power & finally they added a LCD screen hehe! Will get the Ninebot MAX next year since it won't retail until 2020!😁🛴
Mohd Anis

Mohd Anis . 1 month ago

Nemesio Ciau

Nemesio Ciau . 1 month ago

The zero 10x is on a whole another level. It's in line with scooters like fluid free rides mantis and and the currus NF. These scooters are heavier and less portable. I would have thought twice before putting it on this list. Awesome review though 👍👏👏👏

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