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My IKEA Desk Setup - Your Questions Answered!


Published on 3 years ago

Lots of questions about my IKEA desk setup hack...here is my breakdown!
•Karlby Desktop: https://goo.gl/22hw36
•Furniture leg stands: https://amzn.to/2KCFYaq
•IKEA Alex Drawers (Amazon): https://amzn.to/2Lelruf
•Alex Drawres (IKEA): https://goo.gl/QCtbYK
•RGB Light strip: https://amzn.to/2KLK3Ke
•Monitor Mounts: https://amzn.to/2IxKtmf

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• Aputure LED Light: http://amzn.to/2bum0C9
• Rhino Slider: http://amzn.to/29vcKt0
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Comments :

Caleb Roberts

Caleb Roberts . 5 days ago

3:57 my heart broke when I saw the PSP…


Streev . 1 week ago

Bois your better off getting a proper gaming desk. They don't sag and they are premium af.


LemonsAreSp1cy . 1 week ago

Is the counter top just sitting on the risers? Or is it stuck in.

Jessica Nguyen

Jessica Nguyen . 2 weeks ago

Can you link what kind of support beam we can get for the counter top at ikea?

Dustin Rust

Dustin Rust . 2 weeks ago

i bought a 38x80 solid no panel door for $25. gotta cut it to 32x80 then sand it a little bit and paint it. then i bought a 12x72 white shelf for $15 at homedepot for the monitors to sit on using the legs in this video. For the bases ill use 2 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood and create boxes similar to the IKEA Alex drawers. just need the plywood and the legs from amazon then finish and put together.

Steven james

Steven james . 3 weeks ago

@ 2:43 i hope you have bought some new driver bits as you just mashed that screw head and driver bit


Vyxo . 3 weeks ago

Frank really do be lookin like a 5 year old child with a bear 😂😂😂😂😂😂


cottondai . 1 month ago

Thank you youtube algorithm for showing me this video on the desk setup.


AkaSenT0 . 1 month ago

What screws did U use for the risers size and kind of screws


boomertsfx1 . 2 months ago

Just flip the desk top every 6 months to counter the sag!

BigD Reviews & How Tos

BigD Reviews & How Tos . 2 months ago

Your math was off $400 was the total cost... Not $300. You broke it down right so it was easy to know what you meant. Just nice to see as math in my head is not my strong suit :). At $400 it is a bit of a decision, at $300 tho yes you would have to agree that at $300 it's a definite deal.

Hung Kel

Hung Kel . 2 months ago

Can I have the size of the table please?


LTR GAMING . 2 months ago

Thanks for the video I just started building my Man Cave and I needed ideas how I should build my desk


TEAM WRLD . 2 months ago

Is the Ekbacken countertop big enough for a pc and space to play games on keyboard and mouse


pepedropo20 . 2 months ago

Good idea!! What is your white audio system?


SunnyDev . 2 months ago

Thanks FRANK!!!

Miagi Fodder

Miagi Fodder . 2 months ago

Why does everyone get those naff looking drawers

P yKay

P yKay . 2 months ago

RandomFrankP, how tall are you?

Luis Olazabal

Luis Olazabal . 3 months ago

How bigger the desktop size?

chris bain

chris bain . 3 months ago

how did you mount your book shelf speakers to the wall what mounts did you use ??

Mehmet Şenol

Mehmet Şenol . 3 months ago

The legs really look disgusting above the alex units.such a tasteless choice

John Smiley

John Smiley . 3 months ago

if you put a cleat on the wall it won't sag also holds it to the wall


simonater . 3 months ago

1,94 rn lol


chxd . 3 months ago

0:01 0:02

iamthe rjp

iamthe rjp . 3 months ago

WAIT!! IS THAT a lumbar support pillow on a Herman Miller embody $1,500+++ dollar chair 😱😱😱😱 creaking sounds and now I see a lumbar support pillow.. Definitely not buying 🤣🤣


Kevin . 3 months ago

may I ask what size drill bit did you use to drill the holes for the legs?

Curtis K

Curtis K . 3 months ago

I am thinking about getting this set up, except I don't want to mount my monitors on the wall. Instead I would like to get a clamp on mount for the back of the table top. Do you think this would be too much weight on the desk considering that the top is not bolted down?

Laura Hovis-Martin

Laura Hovis-Martin . 4 months ago

Did you use wood screws or drill holes with a washer and nut into the Alex drawers?

Diogo Gonçalves

Diogo Gonçalves . 4 months ago

Awesome setup as expected. I've build something like it but I found out that it's a little high for me (being me 1m83) and just getting my arms a little tired. I think I'll just try to cut the risers half and check if it works better


illuminyati . 4 months ago

Do you think I can put legs underneath the ikea alex drawers for the elevation instead of inbetween the counter top and drawers?


ruby0617 . 4 months ago

u look like andy from toy story


diamondcow11 . 4 months ago

Anyone know how he secured the the furniture legs to the desk top?


Entertainment . 4 months ago


Kyle Scully

Kyle Scully . 4 months ago

I absolutely love the set up.. but there is no way this is cheaper than a regular desk..

Luka Jovanović

Luka Jovanović . 5 months ago

220 + 120 + 20=300

Quick Flik

Quick Flik . 5 months ago

Is the wood counter top like 100% wood or does something els fill fie inside?


Chad . 5 months ago

You have a $1,700 chair and a particleboard desk...


Giorkuii . 5 months ago

damn i fuckin love you (no homo) i've been looking for dsomething like this for months i ordered all the parts and i cant wait to get them!!!!!!!!!

MR memoo

MR memoo . 5 months ago


Kaleb Layt

Kaleb Layt . 5 months ago

What type of chair is that?


Jimbiff . 6 months ago

What size karlby did you get? I’m wondering if I can get a smaller one to stop the bend?

Haithem K

Haithem K . 6 months ago

U talk too much

Pat Wilson

Pat Wilson . 6 months ago

The light strips in the description are HORRIBLE I ordered them and they cant even go one solid color or even go white. Thanks frankp...


yevzor . 6 months ago

whats the height from the floor to the top of countertop

Emilio Torres

Emilio Torres . 6 months ago

How tall are you?


Frack . 6 months ago

When your 23 year old desk from office depot that you got when you were in 2nd grade finally takes its final shit. For being all particle board this thing has lasted.

Jason DiLaurentis

Jason DiLaurentis . 6 months ago

Wow I am very surprise after 2 years it doesn't bend.


Human . 6 months ago

This set up i way to high for the average length person. The desk drawers alone are 70 cms high. Add the furniture legs with another 10 cm and you have 80 cms from the floor. That is ergonomicaly to high.


LetsGoBrandon . 6 months ago

why does your 1,500 dollar herman miller embodied chair.. need extra lumbar support?


EricNotEstrada . 7 months ago

Nice setup! Do you think that 5 adils legs will support this countertop?

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