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Sterling Simms - Tell Her Again (Audio) ft. Meek Mill


Published on 8 years ago

Music video by Sterling Simms feat. Meek Mill performing Tell Her Again. (C) 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Tell Her Again on iTunes http://bit.ly/O2j3TH

Comments :

Gabrielle Gamble

Gabrielle Gamble . 2 months ago

Murder she wrote ( trigger finger) emoji.
Rayquan Wilson

Rayquan Wilson . 7 months ago

Still dumping dis jawn in 2019 😎
Tishan Mihaka

Tishan Mihaka . 8 months ago

Cee Money

Cee Money . 1 year ago

Samantha Jackson

Samantha Jackson . 1 year ago

This shit kinda sound Jamaican
srsly chanel?

srsly chanel? . 1 year ago

Yo ya'll dont get the scavenger hunt I was on to find this song lmfaooo
Sara Shields

Sara Shields . 2 years ago

Still listening in 2018😜
Leonardo Bonilla

Leonardo Bonilla . 2 years ago

I hope a comeback sterling
Its Båtmåň Tho

Its Båtmåň Tho . 3 years ago

Finally found this version 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙈
Yasmine Clagon

Yasmine Clagon . 3 years ago

I Love this song😍
Faith Daniel

Faith Daniel . 4 years ago

shania whiteman

shania whiteman . 5 years ago

Yoooo I'm still in love with this song 💯💯💯
Angrei Gordon

Angrei Gordon . 5 years ago

Yeah!!! I love meek

Smc♥ . 6 years ago

same thang i been saying
milica taggart

milica taggart . 6 years ago

the shit
Libertarian Prince

Libertarian Prince . 6 years ago

Sterling Simms need to make more joints like this!
Kathy Rivas

Kathy Rivas . 6 years ago

Michelle G

Michelle G . 6 years ago

somewhere in outer space...
Maeva Obertan

Maeva Obertan . 7 years ago

je surkiffff !!!!!
dancinghiphop metalqueen

dancinghiphop metalqueen . 7 years ago

This song is too good to have these kind of lyrics!!!! I like the sample of Barrington Levy in here!!! :)
tabria harrison

tabria harrison . 7 years ago

My ish 
adel neal

adel neal . 7 years ago

Denise Rackley

Denise Rackley . 7 years ago

its from levi barrington "murderer" from the early 90"s
Libertarian Prince

Libertarian Prince . 7 years ago

Where is the clean version to this song?
Kam Sarju

Kam Sarju . 7 years ago

Didn't know it was called Tell her again you know?Even though ive burnt this song from my iTunes
Keturah Robinson

Keturah Robinson . 7 years ago

nice reggae beat. dont like the concept but... WIND TIME
Gabby Garcia

Gabby Garcia . 7 years ago

kill it up ! love this sonq
Diega Whyte

Diega Whyte . 7 years ago

yup i luv it:)
April Sacks

April Sacks . 7 years ago

Its aa decent song . !

ChunkyBeckz . 7 years ago

Seems too fast for meek.
rayy guzman

rayy guzman . 7 years ago

Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery . 7 years ago

Took me forever to find the name of this song, heard like a month ago and loved it.... It's on MTV Jams now :)
Femme Fitale Fit Club TV

Femme Fitale Fit Club TV . 7 years ago

I LUV THIS SONG and btw im on my mom account
symone jordan

symone jordan . 7 years ago

arrd millz ... i see yu! :)))
Trishanna mcclary

Trishanna mcclary . 7 years ago

This is ma #1 song right now!
Nathan Moser

Nathan Moser . 7 years ago

Alejandra Rosales

Alejandra Rosales . 7 years ago

I love this song ❤❤
Kyle Jordan

Kyle Jordan . 7 years ago

i like the way he sings in this song
Denzel Smith

Denzel Smith . 7 years ago

Meek Mill Part Tho >>>>>>. Shit Was RIGHT! Ride Past Bitches With This Song On....U Gone Get A #
BadGal Kea

BadGal Kea . 7 years ago

this song makes me wanna go to Jamaica, lay on the beach and roll a big one with a dread lock brother named buh buh lol
Simply Latrice

Simply Latrice . 7 years ago

I love you all ok
Fiya Beats

Fiya Beats . 7 years ago

Tierra Forsyth

Tierra Forsyth . 7 years ago

thanks iheartradio for puttn me onto this fire ass song!!! lol
Derek Tsang

Derek Tsang . 7 years ago

only 68k views?
Redmer Tuinstra

Redmer Tuinstra . 7 years ago

I Like the original of the sample better! Barrington Levy (L), but it's good his music is still going strong in the form of more popular music! peace out



tahteebayy . 7 years ago

that beat. >
Ahista Benton

Ahista Benton . 7 years ago

This shit is hot!!!!

Cherishdalife . 7 years ago

Straight fire!! Im feeling this

Mara . 7 years ago

His voice is super sexy.

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