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Loma vs Lopez: Post-Fight Press Conference
Top Rank Boxing

Top Rank Boxing

Published on 1 month ago

Watch today's #LomaLopez post fight press conference featuring #VasiliyLomachenko and #TeofimoLopez and more fighters immediately following the event.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing is WBA/IBF bantamweight world champion Naoya “Monster” Inoue’s title defense against Jason “Mayhem” Moloney.

A three-division world champion and a consensus Top 5 pound-for-pound fighter, Inoue makes his Las Vegas debut and his fourth bantamweight world title defense against a man who is ranked in the Top 5 by every major sanctioning organization.

Inoue-Moloney and the co-feature Brodnicka-Mayer will headline an evening of boxing live and exclusively on ESPN+ beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT.

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Comments :

Old Soul Jay

Old Soul Jay . 5 days ago

Who’s the first guy?

maury darden

maury darden . 2 weeks ago

its crazy how people think lopez won

Scott Summers

Scott Summers . 2 weeks ago

Lucky for Lopez, Loma started throwing heat at 7th round. Decision was still bullshit tho.


LilBucketZ . 3 weeks ago

whos teos friend who passed away?

rafael chavez

rafael chavez . 3 weeks ago

There was at least 3 head butts that lomanchenko did that looked intentional.

Brian D.

Brian D. . 4 weeks ago

he was asked twice about haney, but I didn't hear a clear answer..


V I B E . 1 month ago

Teo Lopez vs Vergil Ortiz Jr?

Il Fionda

Il Fionda . 1 month ago

119-109 117-111 GOMORRA


bareknuckles2u . 1 month ago

This post-fight presser by Lopez was great! What an impressive guy!

Bully Commission

Bully Commission . 1 month ago

Lopez says “for what” about the rematch. He doesn’t want it because he knows what the outcome would be

Slippin' Steve

Slippin' Steve . 1 month ago

Proof that Lomachenko won this fight and was robbed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz1yWWZ3iYc&list=PL1-YSDGvfKi3C46Cxr35WVlD7k2VNYtnr&index=1


kirill . 1 month ago

corrupt judges! Lopez you have nothing to be proud of, this fight was sold

drgdfh fdhfd

drgdfh fdhfd . 1 month ago

Imagine making your biggest dream come true at only 23 ! Everybody talks about loma. Who is this Lomachenko ?


timtak1 . 1 month ago

I am a Loma fan but, this guy is so humble and down to earth. Perhaps to be this strong, Loma needs more than shoulder surgery. Loma needs to find God.


Savant . 1 month ago

So Loma didn't do a post-conference either? Man Loma looks horrible right now.

eduardo aguilar

eduardo aguilar . 1 month ago

I gave loma 1 round

Rxx G

Rxx G . 1 month ago

Easy money on the best pound for pound!

nazim musayev

nazim musayev . 1 month ago


Boss of the Bosses

Boss of the Bosses . 1 month ago

Kevin Iololi out with the old, in with the new! Take it personal.

Rashid Khalid

Rashid Khalid . 1 month ago

All those people calling his father isn't the right trainer person in camp well his son just doesn't beat a top fighter if the guy doesn't know shit. Well the man obviously knows his boxing and what's best for his son. It's also the mental support which his father fully provides and obviously he gets best training

Truth Teller

Truth Teller . 1 month ago

15:37 WTH! Someone's not a happy camper! Lol.

Boss of the Bosses

Boss of the Bosses . 1 month ago

The truth always comes to the light.

Boss of the Bosses

Boss of the Bosses . 1 month ago

Luv ya Champ Teofimo. Rock on my G! 🏆 U 'Already! NY

Anderson M

Anderson M . 1 month ago

Lopez beast!!! Latino heat 🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Life With Pops

Life With Pops . 1 month ago

Heads up to #thetakeover...

Dima M

Dima M . 1 month ago

well you say that Lomachenko chose the wrong strategy for the fight, then what startegiya beat Lopez to hit the air or in the block? Lopez got when Lomachenko allowed it and in General everyone behaves as if Lomachenko needed to show just a perfect fight and only but if not so then immediately give the victory to Lopez I'm sure that you know that Lomachenko won )but you gave the opportunity to teach Lomachenko how to lose ,but he did not lose and you know it, heh it seems to me that Lopez in case of defeat rozplakalsya or would go from the ring rozozlennym without congratulating the winner)no it's not the judges who are unable to objectively reason )I think there's money involved )what else can you expect from America this dirty country that causes all the troubles in the world)that's what dishonor is.


MrGoodpairofshoes . 1 month ago

Great win Lopez but there will be no rematch


こうさか . 1 month ago


Malakas Kumain

Malakas Kumain . 1 month ago

TEO VS. PACMAN 138 CATCH WEIGHT lets start that smoke.  "OLD vs. YOUNG , IM NOT TROLLING ,PAC CAN MAKE WEIGHT IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT, there is no big names there except pac. HONDURAS vs. PHILIPPINES

Fight Film

Fight Film . 1 month ago

Why is TopRank afraid to zoom in on Teo's face? Loma put a beating on this dude. Good fighter, Teo. He survived the onslaught, but the championship rounds were a dominant display of the aggressive sweet science by Loma.

Daniel BRUCE

Daniel BRUCE . 1 month ago

Good on yous

Artur Rivunov

Artur Rivunov . 1 month ago

You will go far mate! Dont let your ego get in front of you. But please, have another two bouts with Loma. You guys are the best.

Artur Rivunov

Artur Rivunov . 1 month ago

2 out of 3? Studied film well, trained well, Congrats! You should thank the bout with Loma as it improved your overall boxing style as a young boxer considerably compared to your previous easier bouts.

Ivan Cortes-Ortega

Ivan Cortes-Ortega . 1 month ago

Give the man his respect! Y'all were so quick to put Lomachencko on a pedestal.

Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez . 1 month ago

Hell of respect n well said teo....

john sun

john sun . 1 month ago

Liked everything , except his answer about the rematch...

Luis Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez . 1 month ago

Way to go Lopez, I've gained alot of respect for you based on what you said outside the ring as well. To me you showed true champion character. Much love and can't wait to see what the future holds in store for you

Zach S.

Zach S. . 1 month ago

I hope he stays motivated with all those belts around his waist.


MoveFreerunning . 1 month ago

How could Loma have thought his strategy was working? It's so disappointing that he didn't engage for half the fight - once he'd lost 6 rounds, it would have been a desperate scramble to make up on the scorecards. If you're the P4P best, you don't need 6 rounds to work out your opponent... and you shouldn't be scared to take risks. Mayweather is a genius in this way, he always does enough to win the rounds even though he's defensive. I'm not a boxing expert, but it just seems like a total waste... I was backing Loma all the way because the way he shifts angles and out-boxes his opponents is beautiful, but I think his father should be ashamed of himself. This strategy was basically self-sabotage.

Connor Highland

Connor Highland . 1 month ago

22:24 what's this pyramid thing papa lopez I talking about?


AFGHAN BOYS TV . 1 month ago


Jerry DeLoza

Jerry DeLoza . 1 month ago

Well if no one else will ask or say it, I will. Hope you got a pre-nump before getting married. Kidding, behind every strong man there's an even stronger woman. But yeah, his lifes about to change drastically, congratulations!

Oliver Leslie

Oliver Leslie . 1 month ago

Teo is a thinker - that is a great advantage in any field.

luis vargas

luis vargas . 1 month ago

Great closing statement

Vasiliy Belik

Vasiliy Belik . 1 month ago

Something wrong! It wasn’t Loma. Lopez did nothing. 4 belts in contract without revenge... Something wrong in all this story...

Gerrard Kilgrave

Gerrard Kilgrave . 1 month ago

Gvozdik: OUT Derevo: OUT Loma: OUT Usyk: GET READY

Bryan Hinojosa

Bryan Hinojosa . 1 month ago

I hope Lopez doesn’t try to run. Loma doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to not chase.

GGG Boxing

GGG Boxing . 1 month ago

Loma 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Александр Тищенко

Александр Тищенко . 1 month ago

It seems that his father gave to the judges strong latino american stuff

pandamonium hotboy panda

pandamonium hotboy panda . 1 month ago

Brooklyn shit.....they a fight anybody

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