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Hanging out with Chloe x Halle


Published on 5 months ago

When they're not rehearsing for some of the most impressively executed live performances we've seen this side of quarantine, Chloe and Halle Bailey really are just like you. That is, if you possess the diligence to be up and ready to work out before 9 A.M. We caught up with the sisters just ahead of the release of their new album Ungodly Hour where they showed us their daily fitness routine, as well as what Chloe has been building with Legos and what Halle has been reading ahead of her starring role in the forthcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

#ChloexHalle #UngodlyHour

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Comments :

mics on

mics on . 2 weeks ago

They are so cute omg. I want to hang out with them


CREEDO . 3 weeks ago


Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith . 4 weeks ago

*Damn, Chloe..*

Jana Brown-Griffith

Jana Brown-Griffith . 1 month ago

3:30 lolll I have oil on my books too

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 1 month ago

these girls beastly producers. so dope

Ana Beatriz Augusto

Ana Beatriz Augusto . 2 months ago

They look like princesses ♡ gorgeous and smart talented girls, love them

Ana Beatriz Augusto

Ana Beatriz Augusto . 2 months ago

I love them so much 😭


F DG . 2 months ago

love them so much!! Love Legos too! 💖💖💖

Khalilah Muhammad

Khalilah Muhammad . 2 months ago

They break the stereotypes of black girls and I love it. They are intelligent, classy and kind. They are naturally beautiful too❤❤❤❤

danielle moore

danielle moore . 2 months ago

You both are quickly becoming my favs... you're so talented, kind, funny, and down to earth, now I find out NERDS too! LOVE embracing intelligence! 💕🧠

that tried girl

that tried girl . 2 months ago

It’s the tennis court for me😂


MR_STRAPSAVI _TV . 2 months ago

omg that is so cool and I really feel inspired by them in so many different ways

norma creation

norma creation . 2 months ago

My only issue with them is, while its refreshing, im am BORED AF out of my mind at them and how safe they are.

Tara Moore

Tara Moore . 2 months ago

They are so pure 😭😭❤️❤️

A Layade

A Layade . 2 months ago

These ladies are adorable🥰

Shay smith

Shay smith . 2 months ago

I like how their music is playing in the back

Dafi Hale

Dafi Hale . 2 months ago

My ariel ❤️


crazyformyself . 2 months ago

i'm falling in love with them so easily


Brittany . 3 months ago

I would kill to workout with them; they look amazing !

JayVern Productions

JayVern Productions . 3 months ago

“How can you not love them “

Kalem Hosley

Kalem Hosley . 3 months ago

I love legos so much that I build my own things like I tried building trucks

Eduardo Sanchez

Eduardo Sanchez . 3 months ago

Omg I love them so much right now.

El Bee

El Bee . 3 months ago

I’m sure their parents are proud of them, they are gems ❤️

Kabungo Zimba

Kabungo Zimba . 3 months ago

Chloe voice is like beyonce


IDaniel . 3 months ago

What inspirational young women!


Magentakisses38 . 3 months ago

I love them without makeup, I think they look gorgeous without it tbh!

Klara Skorepova

Klara Skorepova . 3 months ago

1:06 Gurl, I got you, saame!

Nashima Wahengo

Nashima Wahengo . 3 months ago

Can i hv the black mermaid book plss?😂😢❤

Mimi Nka

Mimi Nka . 3 months ago

Hey Tennisha it's always good to see u.... luv u chloe x halle

Jeremiah Case

Jeremiah Case . 3 months ago

time to buy Legos & books! :-)

Dakota Hearst

Dakota Hearst . 3 months ago

They’re soo wholesome 🥺🥺I love them so much❤️. God bless them!


J Q O . 3 months ago

Late to this vid but thanks Halle for the book recommendations:)

Kel B

Kel B . 3 months ago

how fucking cute

Iriza Belney

Iriza Belney . 3 months ago

The epitome of wholesome 😭😍

Kris Pheonix

Kris Pheonix . 3 months ago

This is Beyonce if she had a twin that's crazy. Y'all are so amazing

savegepink gaming

savegepink gaming . 3 months ago

lol i love legos and i am a girl



Chloe is definitely #wifeygoals

Lourdes M Hernández

Lourdes M Hernández . 3 months ago

awww daveed gave her that book! i love them🥺🥺🥺

bria carrington

bria carrington . 3 months ago

I bought every single one of those books

Snow yung

Snow yung . 3 months ago

I literally love these girls 🥰

Shay Tee

Shay Tee . 4 months ago

Love these girls. So cute and talented 💙💙

Bob Mack

Bob Mack . 4 months ago

Love these girls, so smart so pure, love the legos and the fact they read, lost some points with Ta Nahesi Coates , I think he's a trash writer. But still love them.


JessUnpolished . 4 months ago

Aww they are too cute.

Katie Ryan

Katie Ryan . 4 months ago

I love these girls so SO much!!! There is something about their energy that always calms me and puts me in such a good mood. Not to mention their over all fabulousness and beauty!!


V L . 4 months ago

I can listen to Halle talk all day


myrka168 . 4 months ago

What are the list of books and authors?

Bae Bae The Sexy Scratcher

Bae Bae The Sexy Scratcher . 4 months ago

Hey ladies great stream stay safe

Ernest Gbarbea

Ernest Gbarbea . 4 months ago

I love them, really want them to win at all cost.

Mecca Xo

Mecca Xo . 4 months ago

Aww I love this. And I love the fact that Chloe loves doing legos lol

Expensive Taste

Expensive Taste . 4 months ago

Yall remind me of my aunties so much yall r so elegant

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