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Yankees spoil Red Sox AL East Title celebration with 9th inning rally
Forzano Productions

Forzano Productions

Published on 1 year ago

September 28, 2016 - Mark Teixeira's walk-off grand slam against Joe Kelly capped off the Yankees 9th inning comeback just minutes after the Red Sox won the AL East via a Blue Jays loss.

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Superbad11 . 5 days ago


Andrew Knight New Canaan

Andrew Knight New Canaan . 1 month ago

Amazing video! Yankees is my all-time favorite baseball team. Baseball is a wonderful game that I love to play. Know more on https://www.andrewknightnewcanaan.com/

Matt Napoli

Matt Napoli . 1 month ago

I miss Tex on the team. Definitely one of my all time favorites


HHHHHrt . 3 months ago


Khloie Martinez

Khloie Martinez . 3 months ago

Yankees are better then the Red Sox


Dave . 4 months ago

I never liked Mark Texieira. Always the "look at me, look at me" type of guy

SBStinger Gal

SBStinger Gal . 4 months ago

Red Sox suck huh? We creamed you this year. #YankeesSUCK!!

Isaac Lee

Isaac Lee . 4 months ago

Yankees walk-off grand slam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

werewolf dragonking

werewolf dragonking . 4 months ago

Fuck the Yankees 16-1

Sweaty N Ready

Sweaty N Ready . 4 months ago

Fast forward to the 2018 ALDS. Same thing nearly happened. Only this time, Kimbrel was able to get out of it .


張銘揚 . 4 months ago

Teixeira is better than stanton

El Patron

El Patron . 4 months ago

Good Riddance you sucked Teixeira. I never understood why the Yankees kept hanging onto this washed up has been.


Reef . 4 months ago

yo wtf this shit just almost happened again

Adalberto Matos

Adalberto Matos . 4 months ago

Mejor yankees


백원영 . 4 months ago

ㅋㅋ킴브럴 뷰웅신


Genesis . 5 months ago

We finally got revenge last night 😂. Pretty sweet.

Scott Aznavourian

Scott Aznavourian . 5 months ago

Ive never seen a yamkee team happier to finish fourth


FireStorm . 5 months ago

It may have went final but it didn't update the score to say that the blue jays had walked it off. so the red sox really didnt win the AL east

Thee Surge

Thee Surge . 5 months ago

should have took Kimbrel out

redman right

redman right . 5 months ago

he deserved it for that ugly ass pitching stance

Nate Burnett

Nate Burnett . 6 months ago

This wasn’t even from last year

JB Sports Radio

JB Sports Radio . 6 months ago

The Yankees didn’t make the playoffs.

Car/Truck/Bus Guy

Car/Truck/Bus Guy . 6 months ago



BIG CZ L . 7 months ago

Get outta my house Whose your daddy?

Harry Frezza

Harry Frezza . 7 months ago


олег Олегович

олег Олегович . 7 months ago


The Ghost

The Ghost . 7 months ago



CancerousMemes69 . 7 months ago

Greatest franchise of all time

Henry Bass

Henry Bass . 7 months ago

Red Sox lead 3 to 0 top of the ninth, NOT!!!

R. Lozada

R. Lozada . 7 months ago

Why did Mark retire like his was in his prime

M Rodriguez

M Rodriguez . 7 months ago

Pedro Martínez the father yankees


남궁건 . 7 months ago

I missing you T-rex.

Aidan Francisco

Aidan Francisco . 7 months ago


Hailey matias

Hailey matias . 7 months ago

Red socks are garbage need to sell the team

Hailey matias

Hailey matias . 7 months ago

Red socks are garbage need to sell the team

Andrew Nagy

Andrew Nagy . 7 months ago

They got swept by the Indians anyway . Fuck the Red sox


russ117044 . 8 months ago

The red sox arent real. They SUCK! Screw all of you!

Brody Emerson

Brody Emerson . 8 months ago

Yankees beat the Red Sucks any day

Marc rap

Marc rap . 8 months ago

Yankees are and always will be a bunch of dirt bags. Can't wait til the failed steroid test of the "gigantic" headed Arron Judge 😀


rleaman74 . 8 months ago



jrupp28 . 8 months ago

lmao fuck those boston fans behind home

Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody . 8 months ago

Don’t fuck with a team that has 27 champions!


KHayes666 . 8 months ago

The one time in ML History that the Yankees and Red Sox both win

Faustino Moreno

Faustino Moreno . 9 months ago

Teixeira is boss. Only player who went his whole career without a slump.

Gus Inc.

Gus Inc. . 9 months ago

2 Outs, bottom of the ninth... Red Sox thought they would easily win... welp R.I.P. Red Sox.

Ray Pellerin

Ray Pellerin . 9 months ago

I love how the Yankees celebrate meaningless wins after losing their division. It is hilarious how pathetic they are. Last season they lost the ALCS and bragged about it. Lol Yankees are a loser franchise.

Street Spitzley

Street Spitzley . 9 months ago

2:40 he’s like, you’re not winning. Sorry homie

Nicholas Westfall

Nicholas Westfall . 9 months ago

Funny ow they show this when they won the next game

Michael Castillo

Michael Castillo . 9 months ago

Ha the lost the second game anyway 5-0


Winser21 . 10 months ago

2004 ALCS You'll never live it down

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