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Chaka Khan - I Feel for You (Official Music Video)


Published on 1 year ago

You're watching the official music video for Chaka Khan - "I Feel for You" from the album 'I Feel For You' (1984). Her cover of Prince's "I Feel for You" won the GRAMMY for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

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Comments :

Maria Corcoran

Maria Corcoran . 5 hours ago

Of course Prince!!! I was lucky enough to see him here in Brisbane not long before his untimely death.....I was on a natural high for days afterwards....soo dynamic.....so sad..

Maria Corcoran

Maria Corcoran . 5 hours ago

I saw her in Chicago many years ago....I'd never heard of her but was recommended to see her....WOW!!!!

Suede 100s

Suede 100s . 10 hours ago

This was The Land Before Trump. Hate on my comment all you want but you haters deep down in your souls know it's true.

Me Me

Me Me . 11 hours ago


MagicCurly the eagle

MagicCurly the eagle . 18 hours ago

I heard this song for the first time in my car the other day, I froze while doing the big eyes. This song bops hard.

Robert Lee, Countertenor

Robert Lee, Countertenor . 22 hours ago

How is this possible? They don't show Stevie playing the harmonica yet I knew it was him????

Design Team

Design Team . 2 days ago

Damn! this is the song that cheerleaders in my junior high school in Glassel Park, LA danced. the 80s have been the best music-wise till today.

Elizabeth Husted

Elizabeth Husted . 2 days ago

What a beat... such a classic

steve mitchell

steve mitchell . 3 days ago

When I play this song on my JBL D 130s...wow!!!

David Buckley

David Buckley . 4 days ago

Who else imagines themselves on rollerskatrs while listening to this jam!?


OLD SKOOL MUSIC . 4 days ago


Rocker- Barrel

Rocker- Barrel . 4 days ago

In this mad mad world im reachin for CHAKaaa 😎

Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams . 5 days ago

2021...Chaka Vocals bro are just awesome

John Schleich

John Schleich . 5 days ago

Shaka is very cute according to 80s or 90s. Helps me love black ladies of the time

Shaun Garaghty

Shaun Garaghty . 6 days ago

Awesome song and video. I haven’t seen Breakdance The Movie, in about 30 years. Shame Van Damme never made it from the film to the pop video. He really can’t dance🕺🏼 …..

Jimjiminy Jaroo

Jimjiminy Jaroo . 1 week ago


David obama

David obama . 1 week ago

The uneven punch literally pour because egg feraly hover near a rapid dad. bright, sassy galley


Moocowm00 . 1 week ago

I’m fat guy at 1:40


jeffw277 . 1 week ago

2:08: Ok, that's the woman from their rival break dance team in "Breakin'" when they first lose, right? Oh, and 2:36: the guy with the checkerboard hat is one of the guys from that rival team? Is this from the Soundtrack?

Saffy Reid

Saffy Reid . 1 week ago


Carl. Wright

Carl. Wright . 1 week ago

Hey I bet you she still fine as ever love you Chaka Khan

Carl. Wright

Carl. Wright . 1 week ago

Man when I heard that song then later on a watch that video while at a big old crush on Chaka Khan

Holsein Semoso

Holsein Semoso . 2 weeks ago

Wow! On fire Chaka Khan ❤️😍🔥

Vnayz Singh

Vnayz Singh . 2 weeks ago

Was in my early teens and all my older cousins would hear and dance to this song

Bobo Baba

Bobo Baba . 2 weeks ago

I love it. Greetings from Germany 😍

lil poohbear

lil poohbear . 2 weeks ago

I was "the stuff" dancing to this tune in the 80's...lol...good times


Trey . 2 weeks ago

Love this song 🎵

Igor Borges

Igor Borges . 2 weeks ago

I came after hearing the song on "Pose" soundtrack

Arcadio saberon

Arcadio saberon . 2 weeks ago

What I do feel for is the Millennials who weren't in their teens or early 20's, right around when this came out!

M Turner

M Turner . 2 weeks ago

Chaka is an amazing singer sing & didn’t have to make an ass out of herself like Beyoncé or those other clowns.

Rocker- Barrel

Rocker- Barrel . 2 weeks ago

This got me into break dancing. 😎

Cecilio Cabanting

Cecilio Cabanting . 2 weeks ago

Old school never die it's alive 2021

Youssef Bultheel

Youssef Bultheel . 2 weeks ago

A quel voix extraordinairement belle

Joe Mama

Joe Mama . 2 weeks ago

Stevie wonder + Melle Mel+ Chaka Khan+ prince= all time classic


高谷弘 . 2 weeks ago


Ro Ro

Ro Ro . 2 weeks ago

Melle Mel

Cesar Barrios

Cesar Barrios . 2 weeks ago

Salvameee Chaca Khaaan

Ladenna Young

Ladenna Young . 2 weeks ago

I really like the acoustic version that Prince song of this song. Thanks to people posting in the comment section. I found out he had a version of this song, and I love it.

Wayne Bass

Wayne Bass . 2 weeks ago

Still good even after all these years

Diana Wolf

Diana Wolf . 2 weeks ago

I Feel For You

Rakai hampshire

Rakai hampshire . 3 weeks ago

Old school waahoo


Killashsgsusush . 3 weeks ago

I use to dance dis shii when I was lil😂😂

Clive Williams

Clive Williams . 3 weeks ago

Oh Prince oh Chaka💗💗💗💗you have made my rainy Saturday full of sunshine ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ x x

Mysterious Phantom

Mysterious Phantom . 3 weeks ago

Naudia, I feel for you.

Paula Cox

Paula Cox . 3 weeks ago

Chak, Chak, Chak, Chak, Chaka Khan 🎵🎵🎵 The 80’s was Awesome! 😁

Chuck Ridenour

Chuck Ridenour . 3 weeks ago

That's Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica


Ally . 3 weeks ago

When music was MUSIC!!! 😫❤


StarScream7ZZ . 3 weeks ago

Chaka girl, you keeping me sane in these crazy times.....thank you

La Sh

La Sh . 3 weeks ago

No by

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