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New 2019 Mac Pro Hands On 🙌🏼
Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison

Published on 5 months ago

First look at the new modular 2019 Mac Pro Apple just announced at WWDC. Is the new Mac Pro the machine that pro's have been asking for? The only question is how much will a fully spec'd Mac Pro cost.

Comments :

Naxzed NU

Naxzed NU . 2 days ago

They cancelled it

humble man

humble man . 1 week ago

Saving money to buy this in 2039.


AsumiLuna . 1 month ago

720p down scaled to 144p

Mouhamed Nour

Mouhamed Nour . 1 month ago

يجب على اليوتوب ان تقوم باضافة خاصية الترجمة للاستفادة من كل الفيديوات

claude da costa

claude da costa . 2 months ago

About if remove your chunky face and show the mac instead?

T S R Murthy

T S R Murthy . 3 months ago

If AMBANIs or TATAs or BIRLAs come forward to give me some money I can purchase this machine.

samsung 21126

samsung 21126 . 3 months ago

Or just use youtube to replace your tv lol

samsung 21126

samsung 21126 . 3 months ago

You could watch television on it if hit had hdmi i suppose you could buy a dongle for hdmi output

samsung 21126

samsung 21126 . 3 months ago

Thick like the iphone 4

Eric Willoughby

Eric Willoughby . 4 months ago

I have a theory... the price of that Mac Pro mostly comes down to the CPU cost. What if Apple wanted people to be outraged over the price, so that when they show their ARM based macs for cheaper, but do the same thing, people would jump all over it... in a good way.

andres usman

andres usman . 4 months ago

hahahaha ....... I finally found my cheese scraper that lacked inspiration

BlazingTank578 2

BlazingTank578 2 . 4 months ago

Pls compare it

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez . 4 months ago

0:00 nate gentile????

Jacqueline Soto Corona

Jacqueline Soto Corona . 4 months ago

uuuu que chulo ;3 ;3 ;3 ooof

Orson Cart

Orson Cart . 4 months ago

30k for a machine with this time-saving potential in the studio – it will pay for itself in the first week

Julien Willems Ettori

Julien Willems Ettori . 4 months ago

oh... only new keyboard

Julien Willems Ettori

Julien Willems Ettori . 4 months ago

new keyboard en mouse?! Cool

Subzero Arctics

Subzero Arctics . 4 months ago

Define "hands on"

Biswajeet Deka

Biswajeet Deka . 4 months ago

What happen to apple day by day. Their design team brings ugly products even upcoming iphone.

Mel Gross

Mel Gross . 4 months ago

A dell configured about the same as this one. Look at the box on the right: https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/desktop-and-all-in-one-pcs/precision-7920-tower/spd/precision-7920-workstation/XCTOPT7920US_4

Mel Gross

Mel Gross . 4 months ago

Constantly talking about the stand just shows that the understanding of what goes into a stand like that is lacking. Red, the video manufacturer, charges $500 for a small aluminum handle. Pro equipment is expensive. Get over it.

Alex Stavi

Alex Stavi . 4 months ago

or buy a new Dacia Logan with this money :))

Awsllo Awsllo

Awsllo Awsllo . 4 months ago

Can it run pubg Ultra graphic 60 fps ?

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper . 4 months ago

I may go back to Windows because Apple just priced themselves out of existence!!!!!!

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper . 4 months ago

$12,000 for the entry system is a rip off!!!

Ronny Schmidt

Ronny Schmidt . 4 months ago

Fühlt sich an wie eine BMW R 18.

Chris Grillo

Chris Grillo . 4 months ago

As an electronics tech, I have spent WELL far over 12k for my working setup... I can't imagine why people who can get by with a PC would even look or comment at this new MacPro... Sure, it's a free world, but it's not for Crysis , or Doom. It's a professional setup.

george park

george park . 4 months ago

what a waste of money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Good

I'm Good . 4 months ago

You know that display is amazing when people start calling for Jesus lol

Mohammed S.Ali

Mohammed S.Ali . 4 months ago

3:46 even Cristiano Ronaldo said it is expensive and you have to sell something (kidneys)

Mohammed S.Ali

Mohammed S.Ali . 4 months ago

999$ for a single touch ... in case if you don't have you gonna drop a kidney ... be careful


temskee . 4 months ago

Can you do hardware raid on nvme storage? I hope they sell fibre channel module for storage to hook this up on san switches

Malice Catastrophe

Malice Catastrophe . 4 months ago

I was abused as a kid and I would rather be abused again than to have/own an apple product


JCD . 4 months ago

Glad i've stepped off the Apple wagon, what a stupid company... asking this amount of money after basically screwing the prosumers for years and then come up with a 6K basemodel computer. Good luck apple!

Keagan Johnson

Keagan Johnson . 4 months ago

price is way too highhhhhhhhh...if yhey would lower it alot people would buy it

pc gamerz

pc gamerz . 4 months ago

Is that 6k. Footage no buddy are new Mac Pro can’t handle that yet

Van Gelis

Van Gelis . 4 months ago

not a tech guy, but why show 8k on a 6k monitor? are there no 8k monitors yet?


Mega . 4 months ago

Can’t add a camera? No problem, just add a notch.

Cristian Jomir

Cristian Jomir . 4 months ago

I can’t even afford the stand

Mahyar Mojarrab

Mahyar Mojarrab . 4 months ago

6000 for mac pro and 5000 for the screen and u must buy the stand for the monitor because the monitor is come without stand and price of the stand is around 1000 so its 12k$ system . dude buy pc . its better :)

Nickolas Lim

Nickolas Lim . 4 months ago

since when you drop your video quality!!

Aaron Zevallos

Aaron Zevallos . 4 months ago

is a are color trackopad and keyboard?


Yasr . 4 months ago

This shit aint for us normal people

Ray S.

Ray S. . 4 months ago

With all that ram, I can just see myself getting carried away and having 1500 Chrome tabs open.

Dave Classon

Dave Classon . 4 months ago

I hope upcoming iMacs follow this new monitor. I’d love a thinner bezel and rear cutouts for airflow on the iMac in trade for added thickness. Although, dust!


KAZUKI S . 4 months ago

What does ‘Cs’ mess? Cm?


MrAkarock . 4 months ago

I thought it was prototype but its final product. Aesthetically it's so ugly lol

Jacques Wainwright

Jacques Wainwright . 4 months ago

What does Jesus have to do with the display? Really!?

Robert Adams

Robert Adams . 4 months ago

The United States government is going to purchase $100 billion dollars worth of these computers from Apple for every government facility.


CesAlvz . 4 months ago

The Pro Display XDR is so expensive it doesn't even have built-in speakers or webcam and stand alone is $999

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