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The State of Halo Infinite
The Act Man

The Act Man

Published on 2 weeks ago

Halo Infinite has gone through some turmoil with the recent announcement that the game would not launch with Campaign Co-Op or Forge. The fanbase is understandably upset, but what else is there to be worried about? And is there anything to get excited for?

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Comments :

The Act Man

The Act Man . 2 weeks ago

This game's development has been a fucking roller coaster of highs and lows. But what do you think?

Noah Burch

Noah Burch . 48 minutes ago

I’m excited but nervous I have not as much expectations so I won’t overhype it

Joven C

Joven C . 55 minutes ago

I've kind of fallen out of Halo with Reach. Bungie retconning their lore in such a big way was what killed it for me. Not to mention the game itself was kind of meh.

Sunday League Niko

Sunday League Niko . 2 hours ago

Chief drinking a frappe in the thumbnail is beautiful


Aaaa . 3 hours ago

Wash ur face

Aaron Braun

Aaron Braun . 5 hours ago

Its funny. I periodically look up news for halo infinite and every time i decide to look i say to myself "I wonder what ill be disappointed with this time"


AmericanIdiot920 . 6 hours ago

No ones gonna blame me if I only pay for game pass for this at launch see if I like and decide if I wanna keep paying based on that right?

Bob Sauce

Bob Sauce . 6 hours ago

Multiplayer is insanely boring


Procrastinates . 7 hours ago

Just like SomeOrdinaryGamers said: "2021 is the year of videogame delays."

August Enthoven

August Enthoven . 7 hours ago

imagine not being able to finish a campaign story mode in 6 FUCKING YEARS


JADiaz10 . 8 hours ago

Don’t make a girl a promise… 😂😂😂


AliFOJ5 . 9 hours ago

I played the Infinite beta today and me being a Halo noob who has only played Halo 2 and 4, I actually really enjoyed the multiplayer. I think they can make this a great game if they balance it well. I think it was too glitchy and rough at some points but it can be fixed before launch so I have high hopes from Infinite.


Th3Hammer . 10 hours ago

This game sucks

Fazdolanguy Gaming

Fazdolanguy Gaming . 11 hours ago

I'm more upset about forge than I am with the lack of co-op I'm not that upset about co-op not being released yet cuz I have no friends, and that's the way I like it

David Vidal

David Vidal . 11 hours ago

“Halo Infinite: Incomplete Edition” 😂😂


Project23 . 13 hours ago

I work and develope programs its not hard to setup splitscreen they just want to make more people buy the game first then have it available, I've done 6 different games

the mad capper

the mad capper . 13 hours ago

cyberpunk is fine dude forget launch enjoy game for what it is now. [Edit] I also really dont like the feel of infinite's multiplayer, i honestly just care about the campaign atp. Maybe I'll feel differently when the full game releases but🤷🏼‍♂️

Cozy Apustaja

Cozy Apustaja . 14 hours ago

i still think this is just because they had to rebuild the game halfway through development once they noticed the criticism. I wouldn't be shocked for a halo 2 esque documentary to come out later detailing the clusterfuck


dojo45789 . 14 hours ago



andro . 17 hours ago

I miss when releasing games unfinished wasnt the norm


RandomBrosaphine . 18 hours ago

I love your personality and the way you use body language to convey interest or to be comical. Good view to get me in a good mood before work.


OneFastDash . 19 hours ago

Im never buying a game like this ever, where they half ass it for launch and release shit late dumb af


OneFastDash . 19 hours ago

Now i know why the multiplayer is free. They are trying the direction of Activision


Pillock . 20 hours ago

On one hand you remind everyone of Cyberpunk's disastrous launch, and rightly so, people need to stop hanging on every word devs & publishers tell us. Then you do an about face and give these guys the benefit of the doubt, just because it's a franchise you grew up with. "We don't want to ship things if they're not ready" sound familiar? "Cyberpunk will launch when it's ready" Their words mean nothing. Don't fanboy over this Actman.


Pain . 21 hours ago

Xbox Live

Liam L I A E

Liam L I A E . 23 hours ago

The gravity hammer really needs some works. Litterally no knockback


Matthew . 1 day ago

343 sucks

Brian Y

Brian Y . 1 day ago

All Halos provide the absolute worst multiplayer experience, the only reason y’all suck this franchises dick so hard is because of nostalgia, y’all need to learn to let things go so they can exist as happy memories. Stop reviving it in a zombie-like state, let it die with peace and dignity.

said rahal

said rahal . 1 day ago

Im fan of the campaign but that kind of MP is not in my list. Eventhough when playing the Beta i can say i really didnt like the game or see anything that makes it an outstaning game.

Kevin Reilly

Kevin Reilly . 1 day ago

[Insert remember the old days when games had everything in them comment]


DoubleKillGuy . 1 day ago

The amount of outrage by the community (halo waypoint) about forge and campaign is just mind boggling, but hey you get team skins!!! right?


Resonating . 1 day ago



Knockdown1551 . 1 day ago

Act man why don't you go back to the old halo games and do a livestream with three of your Buddy's on the couch or online.


klunymaster . 1 day ago

Give the Halo franchise to a more competent studio. 343i had its chance with 4 and 5, and it seems they still can’t get their sh*t together.

liam robertson

liam robertson . 1 day ago

What if marveled a Spiderman game with guns in response to halo infinite having a grapling hook.

Niklas B

Niklas B . 1 day ago

Me and my buddies always play the new halo games co op together... this bums me out i honestly think i will skipp this game.


Michael_828 . 1 day ago

So disappointing. I've been playing the flight, tons of fun and really nostalgic but man... no forge, no campaign co-op, no custom color combos, no dual wield, no elites, and the shitty battlepass unlock system. I am not going to give my money towards a product that isnt finished because I'm so sick of half assed games being released. I get it, we dont want another cyberpunk, but if we keep paying for games despite all the missing content, companies will never stop doing it. I'll definitely get the game, but it certainly wont be day one. Maybe after those 3-6 months when it's an actual halo game.

Hentai Genesis

Hentai Genesis . 1 day ago

you know what would be great? an evil within review.

Polygon Mil

Polygon Mil . 2 days ago

Developers: We're delaying [ insert-game ] so that we can create the best experience for our fans. Developers under Publishers: WE SHIPPING [ INSERT GAME ] Micro Transactions Available Day 1 @ Launch. Bugs & Glitches Will Be Addressed Post Launch.


ASBESTOS Fibers . 2 days ago

Why do you fools think this will be any different. It's 343. This isn't bungie, this isn't halo. They don't care about you, they are trying to attract children. Mcc has been broken since release and giving them credit for some minor improvements is not warranted because they only did it to bring attention to infinite.


Skootmeister . 2 days ago

Big deal, Total War Warhammer 3 got delayed. Then again I guess I’m just used to it. I will say this though, if Infinite ends up continuing that godawful story… combined with all this other news, heads shall roll.

James Hetfield

James Hetfield . 2 days ago

It's amazing to see how people standards got lower as the game got lower in delivering a ''100% complete game'' - ''No Forge nor Co-op at launch sucks but at least we will have it someday'' I am hopeless .

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings . 2 days ago

lol forge is boring af. halo 3 launched in 2007 forge 08/25/2008 But 343 is a shit company and should have been made by ID people who made Doom and Doom Eternal.


Toothy . 2 days ago

CO-OP does not necessarily mean split screen, multiplayer will still have split screen just not campaign, unfortunately that means no online campaign co-op, depending on your own point of view that could be better or worse



This game feels Like halo 4 but worse


FNL 4EVA . 2 days ago

So funny you all fell for it there great con artists selling not all the game and back to if broke we ok to rip major content. You all want it now defense too f that you people ruined quality game releases. They failed at there job AS usual like MCC but hey they make huge bank in sales and cut corners. You people easy cons he said other stuff too but you dont know what so you guess and praise. A unfinished game is a con you mock cyberpunk but future halo revenue prepping here is ok to give them a ok pass releasing partial game. Enjoy alpha testing you sheep.


FNL 4EVA . 2 days ago

Another unfinished game going retail also makes physical even more worthless. content as a service many devs talked about doing this over 5 years ago those articles got fandom defended by sheep... f ms and halo at this point plus halo died when bungie sold ip to ms...


PAIN ETERNAL . 2 days ago

the no dual wielding thing is just stupid it was always dumb but now with Infinite not having it thats just stupid as hell they want to make this the closest to the originals and dont add dual wielding.... even if your favorite Halo is Halo 3 and not Halo 2 Halo 3 had dual wielding also so why the hell would they still keep it out of the game....? It adds so much more to the gameplay no matter if youre on MP or Campaign or Forge etc. STUPID 343 just has to leave their mark of stupidity on Inifinite even after all the backlash from their past mistakes. The hasnt been a single 343 Halo game with dual wielding... Wtf...

E Weeb

E Weeb . 2 days ago

honestly, the few things that got me fucked up was: no energy swords color customization is flat and poor, locked to palletes instead of the normal color picker magnums have been replaced with these .45 acp feeling glocks this is just my opinion, but still. feels weird. love the new mobility options with the hook tho


Crunches . 2 days ago

I’m not even watching this video. If you wanna know. the Halo infinite beta is amazing on series x.

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