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Gordon Ramsay Gives Jimmy Kimmel a Blind Taste Test
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on 4 years ago

Gordon evaluates Jimmy’s palate with a blind taste test.

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Gordon Ramsay Gives Jimmy Kimmel a Blind Taste Test


Sweswio . 1 day ago

My boy savage ass nigga

April V

April V . 2 days ago

dang a laughing Gordon is something you dont hear everyday 5:55

Dhanvin Jain

Dhanvin Jain . 3 days ago

Cringe flowing out


dawsyn . 3 days ago

Kirmo has to look at 45 degree angle just to see jimmy and Gordon 😂😂

Emily Frost

Emily Frost . 4 days ago

1:26 James corden


MaiWright . 5 days ago

That killed me how do you not recognize a strawberry 🤣🤣


ravidparx . 5 days ago

Gordon is always in a hurry

Mike Reamer

Mike Reamer . 6 days ago

I believe Ramsay has the best Cocain.

Charlotte Swaggy

Charlotte Swaggy . 6 days ago

has jimmy ever eaten food?

Alex Sparks-Bakota

Alex Sparks-Bakota . 7 days ago

I forgot Guillermo was supposed to protect Jimmy... wait I never knew that

Trusty Ghost

Trusty Ghost . 1 week ago

this was real bad

Maegan Barrett

Maegan Barrett . 1 week ago

Guillermo is so funny. I love the guy.

Logan 900

Logan 900 . 1 week ago

Why would Gordon give him a hot dog, do you know what those are made out of? Cause they're made of cows lips and assholes. Congrats Gordon you poisoned Jimmy Kimmel.

troubless sake

troubless sake . 1 week ago

Jimmy Kimmel: inhales Crowd: WOOHOHOOOH


starcader99 . 1 week ago

I honestly would like to try a blind taste test to test my palate even though I’m not a chef.

Fouad Yehia

Fouad Yehia . 1 week ago

Gordon talks so fast wow


BlackRadiance . 1 week ago

This was tooo easy!! The host too busy eating caviar & tartare to realize what cheddar cheese was 🍓🧀🍗🌭

Spundii GAMER

Spundii GAMER . 2 weeks ago

video starts at 2:12

Negatooskie Nugget

Negatooskie Nugget . 2 weeks ago

Throwback to when jimmy was actually funny and didn’t make fun of trump every 3 seconds


AngryGam3r . 2 weeks ago

I tried do taste test blindfoled and it was really Easy and not Hard at all


AngryGam3r . 2 weeks ago

I like Gordon but sometimes he is really annoying. He speaks so fast like he is in a rusch and condesenting


Kyle . 2 weeks ago

Such a refined pallet... Picks out hot dog and twinkie with ease but stumbles on cheese and chicken...


Deivis . 2 weeks ago

Omg i was so annoyed about Jimmy's taste skills, that this video feeled like century long


AYLA HUBBS . 2 weeks ago

He protecc, He attac, but most importantly, he say, " What is that?"

Brayden Blomquist

Brayden Blomquist . 2 weeks ago

When your binge watching Gordon Ramsay and NFL Super Bowl moments with Guillermo being funny this pops up on your recommended

Cutie Puppy

Cutie Puppy . 2 weeks ago

Who else thinks twinkies are wayyyy too sweet

Jeffrey Salvador

Jeffrey Salvador . 2 weeks ago

That chicken must have been bland


jackie . 3 weeks ago

Oh yeah yeah

Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen . 3 weeks ago

“I thought it was Turkey” 😂


intergalactic24 . 3 weeks ago

Lmao Ramsey looks like he is having fun and it's great,,

Brenda fucked your mom

Brenda fucked your mom . 3 weeks ago



xbravo3 . 3 weeks ago

He really shits on his Mexican midget slave don't he


legit123456 . 3 weeks ago

This was annoying AF.

Tristan Johnson

Tristan Johnson . 4 weeks ago

Even with Gordon there, the sheer douchebaggery emanating from JimKim here is nearly too much


titanxliljr . 4 weeks ago

Guillermo.... He protecc He attacc But most importantly... He protecc

luc Pfeiffer

luc Pfeiffer . 4 weeks ago

Too protect you

spidey the gaming boss 22

spidey the gaming boss 22 . 4 weeks ago

Yeah I prefer this Jimmy Who thinks so too?

Shelley Okeeweehow

Shelley Okeeweehow . 4 weeks ago

He's being just dumb now

Rutvij Baller

Rutvij Baller . 4 weeks ago

"it's a strawberry" *crowd goes woooo*

Estate Of Panic

Estate Of Panic . 4 weeks ago

I thought Ramsay was giving Surströmming too Jimmy

oh no, Høney

oh no, Høney . 4 weeks ago

Gordon and his "come on"s 😂😂

Lerzoos Lercoos

Lerzoos Lercoos . 4 weeks ago

🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇲🇽

Lara Kielnhofer

Lara Kielnhofer . 1 month ago

I found it cute how he found his little prank so funny 😂❤️

Top Kek

Top Kek . 1 month ago

Wait Kimmel has pictures of himself making the spaghetti HE’S NINO

Kyle Masters

Kyle Masters . 1 month ago


Lisa Gee

Lisa Gee . 1 month ago

Jimmy is gross man ... you can tell he is a huge glutton w no manners


Micah . 1 month ago

"oh my gahd, what is that?"


PINK BITCH . 1 month ago



Vision . 1 month ago

he is kinda jumpy at the start

Cademan Caden

Cademan Caden . 1 month ago

I wonder how GR would do with a blind taste test....

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