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Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London (Official Lyric Video 2020)


Published on 9 months ago

You're watching the official lyric video for Warren Zevon - "Werewolves Of London" from the album 'Excitable Boy' (1978). Happy Halloween from RHINO! 🎃👻🎶 Listen to more Halloween Monster Hits like "Werewolves of London" here https://lnk.to/HalloweenMonsterPlaylist

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RHINO . 9 months ago

Happy Halloween from RHINO! 🎃👻🎶 Listen to more Halloween Monster Hits like "Werewolves of London" here https://lnk.to/HalloweenMonsterPlaylist

Jamison Bartle

Jamison Bartle . 1 day ago

I don't have to worry about him cause I am a werewolf

Jamison Bartle

Jamison Bartle . 1 day ago

an american werewolf in london be like:


skateordie27xx . 3 days ago

Woo hoo!! :)

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan . 5 days ago

"and his hair was perfect". LOL.

the historical gamer

the historical gamer . 5 days ago

The song that everyone’s dad listened to in the car

Mike ?

Mike ? . 7 days ago

Often start playin' Kid Rock, then break into Sweet Home "bama, then end with werewolves 'o london.

Eb theDoc

Eb theDoc . 1 week ago

An adaptation: WEREWOLVES ON FACEBOOK I keep catchin’ Putin’s trolls, all over FaceBook I keep chasin’ them off, once again. I’ll admit that we’ve had some real fun online, Especially when we’re workin’ in the rain!Ahh-Ooohhh! Werewolves on FaceBook Ahh-Ooohh! Ahh-Ooohh! Werewolves on FaceBook Ahh-Oooohh! They’re harassin’ my lovelies, alla the time, Thinkin’ that that’s not a real sin? Fergettin’ that I’m a guy with a nasty bite Who gives Quietus with a grin! I don’t know how they’re dressin’, up in Saint Pete Don’t know if they know just how to begin Copin’ with an old codger and his sharp bastard-sword Who keeps swingin’ it, time and again! I’m sittin’ in, down at my corner bar And listenin’ to old dynamite guitars, Friends talkin’ up a storm, they will go far But them werewolves’ll go nurse all their scars.

Shannon Vanderhoof

Shannon Vanderhoof . 1 week ago

💥🌋ArAngA 🌋💥

Taboo Deer

Taboo Deer . 1 week ago

Sweet home Alabama is such a catchy song but I hate what its about, so I'm really happy this song exists, its honestly superior

Tareq AitHSAIN

Tareq AitHSAIN . 1 week ago

Scorsese knows his music !

Damo Hanson

Damo Hanson . 2 weeks ago

He could not only rock but give you a visual as well. RIP


TheDarkarrow7 . 2 weeks ago

The 100 brought me here


oli2929 . 2 weeks ago

This is Novak Djokovic anthem 💯🕶🚀

Edward Creter

Edward Creter . 3 weeks ago

Draw blood! Aaaaaoooo!

Bubblegum 1

Bubblegum 1 . 4 weeks ago

Damnnnnnnnn!!!! Every time I get into this Werewolf Song’s groove (I’ve LOVED for-like-ever) these funky-assed odour infused bitches from that [email protected] Lumé commercial be killing my damn vibe. This has nothing to do with this song but damn that’s got to be some serious funk for that bitch to be in tears! 😆😆😆WITF??!!

Jaxs E

Jaxs E . 4 weeks ago


sarah erfan

sarah erfan . 4 weeks ago

Dr colossus sent me here hahaha the hummingbird of Bengal!! Get onto them now!!!

Supersayian LH

Supersayian LH . 4 weeks ago

Who else looked this up bc of the regular show Halloween episode where pops turns into a werewolf

Darrell Whittaker

Darrell Whittaker . 1 month ago

Pat Finnerty sent me here....

XLostSoul X

XLostSoul X . 1 month ago

Y.A.K this from the 100 💪😎

Hunter Knobel Catholic Knight

Hunter Knobel Catholic Knight . 1 month ago

If I was a werewolf, I would use my powers for good as a Catholic


AiRwOlFe23 . 1 month ago

Much respect to Kid Rock, but I feel is the better version.

Anybody Steve

Anybody Steve . 1 month ago

I remember this song for as long as I remember it

jack flash

jack flash . 1 month ago

Police were on the lookout for a well groomed Werewolf who loves Chinese food and Pina Colada's. Could it be Keith???

Nick Bowden

Nick Bowden . 1 month ago

Fact: I used to think it's, Werewolves of thunder.

Karson Vanessa

Karson Vanessa . 1 month ago

The elegant dresser rhetorically file because play topologically guess unlike a private coin. literate, piquant croissant

ruqiyah farah

ruqiyah farah . 1 month ago

who is here from the 100


Somthinwrong . 2 months ago

OwOOOOOOO Werewolves of London

Larry Jones

Larry Jones . 2 months ago

Good song, but sounds like a rip-off of "Sweet Home Alabama."

sameera 271

sameera 271 . 2 months ago

The 100 season 02 E 16 this song .... 2 years later finally found it.that feeling ..

Robin Menard

Robin Menard . 2 months ago

This is all I hear in my head before a billiards match..

Frederick Dalpay

Frederick Dalpay . 2 months ago

Sweden CALLED..... Dey need New Amsterdam BACK.... Damn Limestone.... is Heavy.


TheMarmiteApple . 2 months ago

And I thought Syd Barrett had a whimsical way about him with his lyrical ballet.

Mark Rodriguez

Mark Rodriguez . 2 months ago

I love how you did this video. My real favorite song of 1978.


lxqch . 2 months ago

Here from that one regular show episode


derekthesec . 2 months ago

Loved this song very much


Oldschoolmusic . 2 months ago

I have loved this song for many years! I grew up watching Lon Chaney jr. as the werewolf and liked the movie werewolf of London I hated it when Warren Zevon passed away, way too soon. It was shortly thereafter I heard this son and play it constantly, especially during Halloween. RIP my good man

Frederick Dalpay

Frederick Dalpay . 2 months ago

Ya'll don't worry about the Where's de Wolf.... out in Vancouver we have ...... Porcupine pussyfooting around... Kick your London Benjamins.... back to Babbling On.

Tex Ritter

Tex Ritter . 2 months ago

Ever since Color of Money loved this song.

Tony S

Tony S . 2 months ago

Bloodborne be like

Odilia Achternaam

Odilia Achternaam . 2 months ago

Why isn’t this on the radio more often?


BxBirthday . 2 months ago

I first heard this song as a child, in the backseat of an old Thunderbird, going down dirt roads with my parents. I'm not sure if any of you know that feeling, but it was a different time.

ivanus sara

ivanus sara . 2 months ago

as a marauders stan this makes me scream

Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz . 2 months ago

Let me finish. Lee Ho Fuk's did not serve beef chow mein, but they had a portrait of Warren Zevon in their dining area.

Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz . 2 months ago

Lee Ho Fuk's was a real London restaurant. And they did NOT serve beef chow mein. But f

Anita Poteet

Anita Poteet . 2 months ago

My favourite : by, THE GRATEFUL DEAD.


TheRealDJCGame . 2 months ago

This is one of my favorite songs :)

Kitty paws342

Kitty paws342 . 2 months ago

This songs withstood the test of time.

Tommy Hemlock

Tommy Hemlock . 2 months ago

Why was this not used in American Werewolf In London? If the producers had commissioned a song for that film they couldn’t have been given a better one.

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