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My Experience Having A Panic Attack (ANXIETY)
Young Don The Sauce God

Young Don The Sauce God

Published on 2 weeks ago

Yo, this whole anxiety thing ain't no joke. My Experience Having A Panic Attack (ANXIETY) - Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God

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Lead Animator :
Eduardo ' Fez' Escalante

Storyboard Artist:
Matt D. Rice

Background Art:
Tanja Hass Nielsen

Comments :

Young Don The Sauce God

Young Don The Sauce God . 2 weeks ago

Make sure to watch my last animated story, it's one of my longest and favorite animations I've ever made, all just for you - https://youtu.be/fJbG22_PfKU

Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker . 6 hours ago

It sucks I had my first today


Hasti . 8 hours ago

Yo this guy needs some help for real

Duin Parker

Duin Parker . 8 hours ago

Hu. I just got a panic attack today at work felt like I was a bout to die but I LIVED BITCHES >:V

Stephy Teddy

Stephy Teddy . 12 hours ago

Sounds like Ego Death when you were calmed down. Which is why it feels like nothing matters


Sleekon . 12 hours ago

So is young don Christian or what cause he just accepted death I’m Christian and I’m scared to die can someone tell me

Joseph D.

Joseph D. . 13 hours ago

Almost to 2 million subs.


Mysterymanplayz . 13 hours ago

How buff you want your character to be Yes


V1BEZ . 15 hours ago

This dude is me

James Wemyss-Gorman

James Wemyss-Gorman . 15 hours ago

Yo you got tvj straight


TooMuchSauce . 1 day ago

10:23 👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Name Me

Name Me . 1 day ago

Who else came from tiktok

Dem Hood

Dem Hood . 1 day ago


Sergio Napoles

Sergio Napoles . 1 day ago

I have actually have anxiety


•Niaa_Beatzz• . 2 days ago

Dude you can create your own anime ✨✨

Armond L

Armond L . 2 days ago

See I knew it was coffe


Smartchie . 2 days ago

Who else here from TikTok? 👇🏾

Evade Cl1pZ

Evade Cl1pZ . 2 days ago

So like u had sharingan

Kristen Young

Kristen Young . 2 days ago

Drinking less caffeine is a natural way to reduce anxiety

Kristen Young

Kristen Young . 2 days ago

Told my parents I think I have anxiety They said that consultation was not something we do

juice wrld 999

juice wrld 999 . 2 days ago

Rip the coffee

Alex Miramontes

Alex Miramontes . 2 days ago

I knew it was the coffee 😂 before you said it , I was like 3 coffees ? 3 COFFEes

Children's Club

Children's Club . 2 days ago

Fun fact: Periods are the same as heart attacks,so girl are not surprised.

God Gamer

God Gamer . 2 days ago

1st is word 2nd is best


YGclutch . 2 days ago

yo, the news part killed me lol


SKetCHE SHot . 2 days ago

Soooo did u die? 😂

Cara Shaffer

Cara Shaffer . 3 days ago

OMG this is exactly why i stopped smoking the world needs to chill out before i start smoking again its making my anxiety wayyyy worse! ive never related to a video more then this one right now

Guevara Jeanty

Guevara Jeanty . 3 days ago


Lacey Barbee

Lacey Barbee . 3 days ago

Me: jeez this guy needs to lay off the coffee. It causes anxiety. (I for one can't have too much caffeine in one day for that reason) Also me: man, I could use some coffee right now


MisaGames . 3 days ago

Dang three cups of coffee?


WILD ROSE . 3 days ago

4:29 when he said maybe his Jamaican accent came out like if u heard it

Colin Lewandowski

Colin Lewandowski . 3 days ago


jasean griffin

jasean griffin . 3 days ago

When a person in dbz almost dies and then gets a senzu bean and gets a zenkai boost:

The Innovative Little Giant

The Innovative Little Giant . 3 days ago

Omfg fog this deadass happened to me... I was crying and everything but then I googled it and was still freaking out but it eventually passed. Ps I don’t drink coffee, but yay day happened to drink some... way too much of it too

[Elite] Panda

[Elite] Panda . 3 days ago

Started crying man 😭

Joey Mattingly

Joey Mattingly . 3 days ago

On Monday I was sick like I couldn’t walk up stairs . . . And I was fine the next morning

little spahget

little spahget . 3 days ago

Wow I'm really young and really suicidal and crap and I almost overdosed and tbh from your symptoms I think I had a panic attack and like I asked nobody's help and I dealed with it for 2 hours

Walter King 013

Walter King 013 . 3 days ago

God bless this man

Beauty ValinfoX

Beauty ValinfoX . 3 days ago

I think the reason why u wanted to die alone was cus u didnt want to see ur loved one's sad...?

Neo Politan

Neo Politan . 3 days ago

Worlds best Don 🤣🤣

Kids Fun

Kids Fun . 3 days ago

Lolll I was just like you I thought people who had anxiety were just WEAK and SPOILED lollll until I had a random anxiety attack for 0 reason and I was like hmmm nvm lemmie shut up bc I literally thought I was gonna die 🤣🤣 went to the ER and everything but I will say I’ll never go again bc I know I’m not actually gonna die and I never went to the doc after I’m not finna go for them to put me on some random meds

Student - David Henriques

Student - David Henriques . 3 days ago

Ure telling me that u got high with coffee 😂


Vmpkel . 4 days ago

Don looks like soluminatii

Tim Tamzzz

Tim Tamzzz . 4 days ago

yo this was posted on my birthday lol

40miles of art

40miles of art . 4 days ago


ArtyJonEEs Studio

ArtyJonEEs Studio . 4 days ago

Yeah. Anxiety and panic attacks are NOT caused by being "weak at life". It`s mainly built up by pressure or change. Mostly coming from other people, consumtion, or just yourself. At least thats just my experiance.

Fatuma Sheikh

Fatuma Sheikh . 4 days ago


Anime Nerd64

Anime Nerd64 . 4 days ago

I thought this is normal

yerdudefreddy ttv

yerdudefreddy ttv . 4 days ago

I don’t know but when I had panic attacks I didn’t care or notice I just passed through it like a fucking tank

soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 4 days ago

It’s crazy how many times this has happened to me. 😭it don’t feel good.

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