Published on 9 months ago

Atlanta's #EarthGang and Chicago rapper #MickJenkins recently swung by The FADER's offices to play a game of Would You Rather, revealing a fondness for Michelle Obama tattoos and the idea of a Dave Chappelle-fronted Soul Train reboot in the process. During their time on the couch EarthGang suggest swapping lives with Elon Musk "just to see what he has in the crib" but reject the idea of following him to Mars. Mick Jenkins, meanwhile, wants to revisit the week he and his fiancée went to Mardi Gras. Plus, find out why opinions were split on your grandma rapping every time she sees you.

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Comments :


MF DOOM . 1 day ago

She is a dude. Her gay husband even called her Mike twice. Watch her dance on Ellen, you can see her balls swinging. Why would the first "black" president be gay? There is more going on here than meets the eyes

Francis Tavernier

Francis Tavernier . 6 days ago

“He (Nick Cannon) is the safest man on television.” That didnt age well.

506 lem

506 lem . 2 weeks ago

this is lowkey the funniest interview ive ever watched

Local Vision TV

Local Vision TV . 3 months ago

these niggas thoughts are wild. id love to smoke with them


1AndOnlyPurpleclark . 4 months ago

2:47 Well that didn't age well

linguistic sounds

linguistic sounds . 5 months ago

¨i saw some titties tho¨

jakob pickens

jakob pickens . 6 months ago

Too bad Michelle is a man

Dani O

Dani O . 7 months ago

Farm to Table. Lol!!

blkk j

blkk j . 7 months ago

“Gramps gotta rap like Lil Keed” 😂😂😂

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 7 months ago

wow this is like made for a muchdank edit haha

David Rausch

David Rausch . 8 months ago

mick seems so god damn chill like damn i need to hang with this dude someday


Miguel . 8 months ago

Hah mick throwing up forks at the start


CuddyTG . 8 months ago

Damn imagine switching lives with Beyonce and Jay Z come in tryna fuck 😂😂😂


omgitsjeannette . 8 months ago

this was wayyyyy too fucking short lmao


NativeStorm . 8 months ago

Could y'all imagine Mick Jenkins and Jay Electronica linking on a track? That would be some crazy vibes right there

Chris Styles

Chris Styles . 8 months ago

Favorite rapper, and favorite group. Love that they fuck with each other.

Dollface Couture

Dollface Couture . 8 months ago

Detroit Show was Amazing!!! SO glad I took the day off work to see it!

Vizual Warrior

Vizual Warrior . 8 months ago

There ain’t NO REASON y’all couldn’t get a bigger couch for these dudes bruh 😭😭😭 got big ahh Mick Jenkins on this lil ass couch. Dude is like 6’4 or some and then got Johnny V and Wowgr8 added to this. They look uncomfortable as hell 😂😂 stiff af

balle stein

balle stein . 9 months ago

Micks voice sound like that slowed+reverbed effect without being slow

Marc Mosley

Marc Mosley . 9 months ago



MasMusicRCRDZ . 9 months ago


Donny The Producer

Donny The Producer . 9 months ago

NPR: Tiny Desk Fader: Tiny Couch


Fabi . 9 months ago

act all woke and wanna open a stripclub piss off


88kingk . 9 months ago

" I be really tryna make a different experience with a strip club" . . . "Oh fo sure ...... acupuncture" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Elias Garcia

Elias Garcia . 9 months ago

I don't think I would ever trade lives with anyone


Prototype8 . 9 months ago

Earthgang and Mick Jenkins on the couch together??? 3 of my favorite people in the rap industry right now.

Nacho Bowl

Nacho Bowl . 9 months ago

Mars feel like upstate NY I'm dead.

Jaison Taliaferro

Jaison Taliaferro . 9 months ago

🤣🤣he said “all my strippers is chiropractors” 💀💀

Shakira Sasha

Shakira Sasha . 9 months ago

“Farm To Table” is hilarious. I love Mick so much. 😂😂


Mr.J . 9 months ago

Yooo imagine if they brought soul train back and anderson .paak did come down on there...

Keon Brown

Keon Brown . 9 months ago

Lol where the frick is Saab(Saba)

Onaje McDowelle

Onaje McDowelle . 9 months ago

lmaooooo Farm to Table I’m crying

Poe Mello

Poe Mello . 9 months ago

I'll never forgive myself for not going to see them in Tampa when I had the chance. That's absolutely ridiculous


kei . 9 months ago

nigga on the right annoying as fuck dawg

Kattree 213

Kattree 213 . 9 months ago

Sharks with laser beams on there heads...🤣🤣🤣 ok Doctur Evil, this strip club finning to be lit

Matt Treez

Matt Treez . 9 months ago


Gabe Peters

Gabe Peters . 9 months ago


Jacob Crawford

Jacob Crawford . 9 months ago

Who else high af still thinkin you gotta scroll down to the comments

retaf -k

retaf -k . 9 months ago

Min: 7:17 Bruh he dead...the moment fuckin Mick dropped his head behind I just lost my shit laughing

Camron McMillan

Camron McMillan . 9 months ago

Mirrorland was FIRE!!!


iG3ntl3man . 9 months ago

Come for Mardi Gras next year

Manny Gotdahits

Manny Gotdahits . 9 months ago

yooo im trippin im so exited to watch this

Kali Holliday

Kali Holliday . 9 months ago


Jaqurious Smith

Jaqurious Smith . 9 months ago

Lol nice one mick

Shinobi Toby

Shinobi Toby . 9 months ago

Everything we love about Mick Jenkins and Earthgang that isn't music related. Love it

Micky Hopson

Micky Hopson . 9 months ago

Acupuncture strip club.


mcredx5 . 9 months ago

Lmao jim halpert lookin at the camera w/ some ass behind him


HIGH VOLTAGE . 9 months ago

This interview is 10/10

Yamutha Faqa

Yamutha Faqa . 9 months ago

That couch too small for 3 niggas in jackets


HIGH VOLTAGE . 9 months ago

I’m definitely trynna smoke with these guys😂

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