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Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino

Published on 1 week ago

Which Halloween costume was your favorite? Do you have a dog?
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I had so much fun #Making all of these #Halloween #Costume ideas! I'm going to be spending Halloween at home this year and decided to dress up with my two French Bulldogs, Blueberry Muffin and Coconut! Here are Ten Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Dog! Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween. It's my favorite Holiday!

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Comments :

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino . 1 week ago

I hope you enjoy today's video! Which costume was your favorite? Do you have a dog or pet? What kind??? 😊🐶🐶💕

Alexis Gonzalez

Alexis Gonzalez . 2 hours ago

I hate coconuts but coconut the frenchie is an acception

Sharvari Kulkarni

Sharvari Kulkarni . 2 hours ago

I miss cookie 😭

Sunflowers Are amazing

Sunflowers Are amazing . 2 hours ago

not only was that Hagrid impression TERRIBLE, but your British accent was even worse.... hahahaha

Shawn McIntosh

Shawn McIntosh . 3 hours ago

i hav a cat

Chloe Heavey

Chloe Heavey . 3 hours ago


Kristen Coviello

Kristen Coviello . 5 hours ago

The family one was the best with Winnie the poo

Isobel Veronica Fuller

Isobel Veronica Fuller . 5 hours ago

I loved this 10 costumes ideas video. I prefer the one from Legally Blondes.

Shaivi Acharekar

Shaivi Acharekar . 5 hours ago

Blue can you sit? Blue: sure.... gimme a sec *gets out of basket* *sit*


Kaitlyn_kait . 6 hours ago

Coconut is not a puppy anymore :(

Rebecca Sellers

Rebecca Sellers . 6 hours ago

me and my dog are going to be uncle iroh and appa from avatar the last air bender

rajni dhanda Dhanda

rajni dhanda Dhanda . 7 hours ago

Rosanna Pansino is such a good role model !

Rocky Roblox

Rocky Roblox . 8 hours ago

Where is cookie

Leena baley

Leena baley . 9 hours ago

Do you have 3 dogs

Vicky and Nel Vicky and Nel

Vicky and Nel Vicky and Nel . 9 hours ago

Blueberry muffin and coconut are so cute 😁. Love your videos Ro 🌺

Olivia The Unicorn

Olivia The Unicorn . 10 hours ago

My favourite costume was winnie the blue and family

Kada Kirkwood

Kada Kirkwood . 11 hours ago

the pink one with the shads you look like ariana granda

Daniel Bergersen

Daniel Bergersen . 12 hours ago

There sweetheart dogs!!!

Đanđełiøπ Aaana. ε:

Đanđełiøπ Aaana. ε: . 13 hours ago

Yer a wizard Harry I'm a whhhaaaaa??


Jordan . 14 hours ago

I did not realize Ro was into fitness until recently. Her body is goals in the pink dress. I need her to do an an and oblique workout!

Kate Martin

Kate Martin . 17 hours ago

toothless and hiccup from how to train your dragon

Kate Martin

Kate Martin . 17 hours ago

a dragon and dragon slayer

Tyra Bohnas

Tyra Bohnas . 18 hours ago

Actually it’s Yale Harvard’s enemy that has a bulldog

Melody Hollen

Melody Hollen . 18 hours ago


Camila Villa

Camila Villa . 19 hours ago

me: having a cat that rejects all costumes my brain: do i still watch this dog video? me: ShOrEe

Kaylee Johnson

Kaylee Johnson . 20 hours ago

Awwwwww your pets are so cute

Kucinggila 1

Kucinggila 1 . 20 hours ago

Anjay 12 subrek anjir

Tiffany Fu

Tiffany Fu . 21 hours ago

More coconut

Alexys Donisi

Alexys Donisi . 21 hours ago

If only cookie were here with us she makes everything so much brighter and Cookie and Ro are like the perfect combo for happiness and cookie lights up the room as well as Ro if only she were here but she is here...... in spirit. (PS: I would put emoji's but I don't know how to no a computer)

Leslie Hawley-Cunningham

Leslie Hawley-Cunningham . 22 hours ago

My favorite costume was the Pupachino, but I also liked the Scooby Doo one because it's a classic. I have two dogs, two beagles.

Maria Barrales

Maria Barrales . 22 hours ago

wheres cookiyour your outfits ofhall0ween where s cookie

Honey Mashrique vlog

Honey Mashrique vlog . 23 hours ago

Blueberry muffin and coconut little Papachino's how adorable the fact you named them food how adorable

Carley Gatlin

Carley Gatlin . 23 hours ago

Bruce berry muffin 🎶🎶

Rachel Ann

Rachel Ann . 23 hours ago

the video was great but did anyone notice that she cut her hair but it looks good short to so

Maria Barrales

Maria Barrales . 23 hours ago

where s cookiercus

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones . 23 hours ago

you are the best

Nydia Uribe

Nydia Uribe . 24 hours ago



shannonweigand80 . 1 day ago

Did you see how her hair change log to short.

Sparkle And friends

Sparkle And friends . 1 day ago

My parents surprised me with a papillon puppy (I made a video on it) her name is Milly, she is 9 weeks old 😊🌈✨

S Simplay

S Simplay . 1 day ago

May cookie rest in peace

S Simplay

S Simplay . 1 day ago

Coconut is soooo cute like cookie and blueberry

Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson . 1 day ago

Did you cut ur hair its sooooooooo nice its like meeeee hehe

sophiemae proctor

sophiemae proctor . 1 day ago

I just turned 92

Laiba Faiz

Laiba Faiz . 1 day ago

I feel like I want to eat her puppies just because there cute lovable and they have name of food

edyta galewicz

edyta galewicz . 1 day ago

I love number 8 and i have a dog and 4 cats

Galaxy 123

Galaxy 123 . 1 day ago

Hi Rosanna, School has been starting so i could not look at ur latest video. I am going to look at them at night. Your my fav youtuber and you always make me laugh^^😄😄😄😄☺☺☺

Anne-Marie Brisson

Anne-Marie Brisson . 1 day ago

My favorite is the winnie the pooh and my least favorite is non.. omg my 2nd favorite is the Dorothy one

Neve Coghill

Neve Coghill . 1 day ago

Were is cookie

Laiba Faiz

Laiba Faiz . 1 day ago

Poor coconut

Anthony Shephard

Anthony Shephard . 2 days ago

that moment wen u r eating coconut ice cream

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